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Altador Cup (Q&A: Team Moltara)

by rivera_ice_princess


Just when we thought that our trusted reporter, Shen was done for the day. An unexpected phone call was made to our private line; only a selected few know our private contact information. Imagine our surprise when we recognize the familiar fiery voice. Aldric Beign himself, speaking to us; requesting our very presence to his beloved city. Our trusted reporter, Shen wasted no time in heading towards the heart of Moltara…. though, we probably should have mentioned the heat….

Shen: Wow, it… uh.. really is a hot place, isn’t it? (flapping noise) We were notified later that Shen had picked up a souvenir from Altador, an Altadorian Fan.

Beign: Yeeaahhh… (laughs) Sorry about that. Anyway, it’s great to have you here. My team and I were so glad that you could make it here on such short notice. They’re going to show up a bit late; they’re helping out with cave maintenance right now but, hopefully you’d be able to ask a question or two when they get here.

Shen: Oh, sure. No worries.

Beign: Is there anything in particular that you’d like to ask me? Please, ask away!

Shen: Wow, straight to the point.. solid. So Beign, I’m sure you’re well aware of the fact that despite your team’s rather small fan base, there is an insane amount of love for your team. For example, I’m quite sure you’re well-informed of your team’s given nicknames, excluding Harlis Neyhbol?

Beign: (laughs) Yes, yes, I do, as a matter of fact. I think it’s kind of funny that we’re each named after muscle parts but, (chuckles) it keeps the fans happy. It’s kind of weird, but I feel as if it brings us closer together somehow.

Shen: That’s great. So, regarding your former teammate, Mor Gollog aka “Abs”. He left the Magmas right after AC VII and joined Team Tyrannia for AC VIII, and became a part of “The Forsaken Five”. The Five were the champions of the Cup for that year, and the Magmas placed last. Did that hit a nerve for you and your teammates?

Beign: Oh, that was actually a great year for us too. I mean, sure.. we placed last. But, we got to see one of our friends succeed. Winning the Altador Cup is a dream that I think every player hopes to achieve. And we couldn’t have been more proud of our ol’ pal Mor.

(It is at this point where Aldric Beign is joined by his teammates; Harlis Neyhbol, Tulah Kisner aka Ylana, Vere Polnicek aka Quads & Zax Bannet aka Biceps, who are subsequently brought up to speed.)

Shen: So, branching out from my previous question. The following year after Tyrannia’s win, the Magmas placed third overall in AC IX; the highest placement so far for your team, whereas Team Tyrannia placed fourth. I mean, you can’t make this stuff up. This ACTUALLY happened. So, what happened exactly that led to that huge leap?

Neyhbol: It must have been due to my fantastic passing skills, excellent reflexes and my two good hands.

(laughter fills the room)

Neyhbol: In all seriousness, it was teamwork; 100% teamwork.

Polnicek: Definitely, I couldn’t agree more. Teamwork and motivation. I mean, who else trains with lava fountains and granite boulders for the Altador Cup? We were very determined that year to show the other teams what we were made of. We trained hard, and it paid off. Yes, we didn’t win, but we certainly showed the other teams that we belong in the tournament.

Shen: Wonderful. However, as much as it pains me to say this…. The Magmas placed 17th in the last two tournaments. I mean, to have an upset like that… subsequently after that third place win. Did something during those two years? There have been reports that mention your (Kisner) …quick frustration as the cause of the heavy losses. Also, there was speculation regarding the return of your (Neyhbol) condition that… sort of, defeats the purpose of your position. (Neyhbol was reported to be suffering from a disorder that prevented him from saving goals in the past, before he signed with Tyrannia)

Kisner: (sighs) I do have to admit that, that is one of my greatest weaknesses. However, I feel as if this year, I’m more put together; I’m more confident in myself.

Bannet: I agree, I have been training extensively with her (Kisner), and the both of us have been covering each other’s weak points and enhancing one another’s strengths during the games. I mean, we’ve covered plenty of ground. So hopefully, we would be that dynamic duo that makes a difference in the games this year.

Neyhbol: Unfortunately, I was healthy and very well during the last two tournaments. So… I’d have to chalk up my terrible performance to uh,… bad luck? Also, bad saves on my end as I play more inconsistently when my nerves kick in.

Shen: Great to clear things up. Moving on to my next question: Who would you say are the biggest contenders for this year’s Magmas? Who should they be on high alert to when it comes to the games?

Polnicek: Honestly, I think all of the teams out there are pretty great contenders. We all train well, we put in a lot of time and effort. But I guess, if you’d really have to put a name on it…. I’d say… Kiko Lake, for sure. They’re so unpredictable that you just... don’t know what might happen during a game! (laughs)

Beign: I’d say last year’s winner. They’re pretty feisty. And hey, if Mystery Island could break the winner’s curse, that would be great for everybody.

Kisner: I’d be on the lookout for Roo Island.

Bannet: Hmm, I’d say… Terror Mountain, you never know… luck might be on their side this time around.

Neyhbol: Team Faerieland for me, they represent the underdogs. And who doesn’t love a good underdog winner?

Shen: Right, we reach the end of our session and our final questions. What are you expecting from this year’s AC and also, what should we, as the fans expect?

Beign: We definitely want a repeat of AC IX and hopefully this time, we’ll make a formidable impression to the other teams. For the fans? Hmmm… Definitely expect a lot of fight from the Magmas, don’t expect us to go down too easy without a serious battle. We’ll do our very best and hopefully, our fans will love us no matter what. I promise, we’ll try our very best, to make you proud.

And just like that, Aldric Beign was rewarded with a fiery gleam of hope in each of his teammates’ eyes as they beamed at his words in awe. Will Team Moltara make a mark in this year’s Altador Cup? A leader that has so much passion and support for his team and teammates, can surely awaken the strength in their souls to rise above the challenge. Stay tuned for more updates!

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