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History of the Best AC Prizes

by earthiness


The first Altador Cup (AC) event began in the summer of 2006. Since then, the AC has been an annual event where users are able to pick from 18 teams and play their hearts out in order to achieve awesome prizes.. I mean, support their teams. But it’s no secret, the more you play the more points you’ll have at the end of the games to spend in the prize shop! However, not all prizes over the years have been something to write home about. To help you weed out the cruddy items, this article highlights to best prizes from each AC, rather it be for the price, functionality, or nostalgic reasons. (Note: for my top prize picks I only pick from AC shop exclusive items. So although something like a darigan paint brush is indeed a nice prize, I will not be discussing it here).

The prize shops for the first two Altador Cups were fairly sparse, comprising mostly of cheap keychains and only a few higher sought after items like stamps or a paint brush.

AC I: Yooyu

Although the first Altador Cup did give us a roughly 20 mil stamp (Altador Colosseum Stamp), my prize nod has to go to the Yooyu. This nostalgic petpet just screams AC, and although numerous color variations were released in the future games, nothing beats the original.

AC II: Angry Techo Garden Gnome

Again I decide to forgo a stamp prize so I can showcase something slightly more old-school and fun.. an angry gnome. Fans of the games will remember the Angry Techo Fan as quite an annoying character, always shouting and waving his arms. So to see the menacing techo dressed as a garden ornament is quite a fun disposition for him.

AC III: Experts Guide to Slushie Slinging Book

The prize shop for the third AC was even more pitiful than the prior ones, unless, of course, you love flying discs and slushies. However, this was the beginning of the AC wearable jerseys (which have continued to be released in future games). Although the jerseys are a nice team item, my best prize has to go to a book. There were two books in this year’s prize shop, but I opted for Experts Guide to Slushie Slinging Book because it teaches you to “sling slushies without sloshing”, which is just plain fun to say.

AC IV: Reusable Altador Cup Grocery Bag

The fourth shop bought us a support poster for every team, and a yooyu in four new basic colors. But the best prize from this year? The Reusable Altador Cup Grocery Bag of course. Since I am a customizer, I do tend to appreciate nicely done wearables more so than other items. And this versatile bag is great for a beach theme, party/gift look, or shopping customization. So many great possibilities!

AC V: Slushie Slinger Waitress Wig

Prize shop number five introduced us to a slew of snowglobes and a couple new jerseys/wearables. My nod for this year, again, has to go to another wearable- the Slushie Slinger Waitress Wig. The deep orange color is gorgeous, and sure to go with numerous outfit combos. The fit is also really lovely, on most species (just don’t try it on a blumaroo or draik, it fits their ears oddly). Lovely, multi-species, NP wigs can be hard to find, so this is a must have for any customizer.

AC VI: Altador Cup VI Commemorative Stamp

Almost halfway through the prize breakdown so if you’re in need of some coffee about now you’re in luck! The sixth prize shop can offer you a mug, from every team, to put that coffee in. This year’s shop also introduced some pretty new wearables and a couple new books as well. But, finally, I have decided to give the best prize to a stamp, the Altador Cup VI Commemorative Stamp that is. It’s arguably the nicest commemorative stamp from all the years (it just looks so shiny!), and it also happens to be the priciest item in the year six prize shop.

AC VII: Altador Cup Throwing Star

Need a little something to spruce up your nehome? Then you’re in luck, because this year saw the introduction of team pillows galore! (note: sadly they can’t actually be used in Neohomes as they are categorized as gifts, but perhaps you could use the Yooyuball Goal Bed instead). Along with the pillows, the usual suspects show up again this year, some nice wearables, a book, stamp, etc. To mix it up I decided to go with a battledome weapon, but not just any weapon.. the 13 icon Altador Cup Throwing Star (oooh, ahhhh). Although the price for the star is a bit steep now, compared to some alternatives, it’s still a decent weapon for the Neopoints. It also has a 9/10 rating on JellyNeo’s Battlepedia, so it must be good.

AC VIII: Neopet Trading for Beginners

The prize shop for the eighth AC games gave up a bundle of adorable, plumpy, yooyu plushies for every team. iIf plushies aren’t your thing, perhaps you can indulge in the Stadium of Food, or poke someone in the eye with the Stone Foam Finger. But my top prize pick again goes to a book- Neopet Trading for Beginners. This is the first non-ac related item I have chosen so far, but it’s a nice snapshot of Neo history (even though trading pets was introduced years earlier). This book promises to be a “great source for beginners and veterans alike”, and as a past Neopet trader, it seems like a vital resource a great deal of people could use.

AC IX: Infectious Smile of the Shootout Showdown Goalie

Prize shop number nine was the first one to bring us wearables for every team (even if they are theme-limited shields). This prize shop also bought us such gems as the Unsettling Fan Made Artwork of Lyvon Cibaire and the adorable Terrified Harris Plushie. But, surprise, my top prize goes to the wearable: Infectious Smile of the Shootout Showdown Goalie (say that ten times fast). Usually the only way to change your pet’s mouth is via their mood (sad, happy, sick), so any wearable item that can alter facial expressions is a great item to have in your closet.

AC X: Altador Cup Tricycle

Year ten prize shop was a bit, well, sad. Numerous items were not prize shop exclusive (or even AC related). Yooyuballs for every team were released in this shop, but as the title suggests they were balls (toys), and not yooyu petpets, which makes them a lot less fun. The most “AC” item in the shop, however, was undoubtedly the Altador Cup Tricycle. If your pet rolls up in this glorious big wheel they are sure to make all their friends majorly jealous.

Honorable Mention: Traditional Altadorian Gyro --

Although not prize shop exclusive, and thus can’t be named a “top prize” for the article, this little gyro was probably the best investment of the entire prize shop. With a rarity of 92, it’s a great item to be used in the Charity Corner event(s). And, bonus, the gryo was only ONE point in the prize shop, which means savvy investors could have purchased thousands of them with their plot points.

AC XI: Yooyu Knuckle Duster

Looking for that perfect chestplate for your battle look? Then you’re in luck, because prize shop 11 introduced AC armor for every team. A few other nice AC wearables such as the Yooyuball Racket and Altador Cup Team Pennant Dress were also introduced this year. Surprisingly, however, I have to give my nod to a battledome item, the Yooyu Knuckle Duster. The duster didn’t cost a lot of prize points to obtain, nor does it cost you a lot of NPs to buy now (if you happened to sit this AC out). And at 14 icons a use, this little item is well worth it.

Well, there you have it, my opinions on the best AC prizes thus far. Hopefully in years to come we will experience a plethora of more amazing items that we can “write home about”.

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