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The 10 Best Backgrounds under 20k

by unplan


The 10 Best Backgrounds on a Budget

Have you ever wanted to begin a gorgeous customization but only have 20k to your name? These are the best backgrounds for under 20,000 Neopoints. Some people can be intimidated by the high price of backgrounds, or simply don't know where to start looking. The items I have chosen could give you the perfect base to what ever customization or theme you are going for and can be a great start to building up your Neopets' closet.

Chocolate Ballroom Background:

First up for your edible Neopet is the Chocolate Ballroom Background. Who can resist those delicious whipped cream headed Neopets these days? It can be very difficult to find a customization for these pets on a budget! Ringing up to only 8,000 Neopoints, this background is the sweetest deal for your chocolate pets! Try not to take a bite out of the collums though, I'm lookin' at you Grarrl.

Mysterious Forest Clearing Background:

If you prefer sunshine and nature like I do, this background will complement your outdoorsy pet. It has everything the pet who loves a quiet spot in the woods would want. Paired with a Stately Tree Foreground (only 70 Neopoints!), you have the beginnings of a quality customization. Coming in at about 11,000 Neopoints, this beautiful scene is a versatile steal.

Scenic Mountain Top Background:

Any Neopet who loves the chilly weather will appreciate the view from this mountain top. Complete with northern lights and a frozen lake, you can't go wrong with this icy view. At less than 3,000 Neopoints, this background won't even put a chip in your bank account. Be sure to put on a sweater though, you don't want your pet to catch NeoMonia, I can't say for sure that a Warm Green Blanket is this affordable.

Soft Rain Background:

Who doesn’t love autumn? The leaves changing, the rain, and HALLOWEEN! Any pet who likes to jump in the pile of leaves you just raked would be honored to be pictured on this pathway. I bet it goes straight to a pumpkin spice latte, and at 8,000 Neopoints, you can still afford one! Be sure to bring your Buzzer Umbrella if you don't want to get your hair wet!

Dark Secret Background:

Um, did I mention HALLOWEEN? It can be very hard to find a good looking spooky background on a budget but that didn't discourage me from trying. You certainly won't need your sunglasses here. This background captures everything dark, just look at that haunted house. For your creepy pet, even a Darigan pet, this background is your best bet at barely 12,000 Neopoints. Fortunately the only thing that isn't scary about this is the price! Maybe a Lit Candles on a Stream Foreground would complete this look, and help you see better.

Crumbling Ancient Castle Background:

Another creepy theme but with a fall feel, this background is best for the pets that aren't quite ready for graveyards and total darkness yet. This background is for fallen royalty, or just because you love fall colors, look at those shades! Thankfully, despite the castle being in ruins, this background is a gorgeous option for only 5,000 Neopoints!

Lily Pad Background:

The water and the trees make this a great choice for another outdoor adventurer. Your pet would love the hike up to this scene, I'm sure. This background would be an excellent choice for those pets that love the water, but don't have gills. Who likes to get their hair wet anyway? All the beauty, and you don't even have to teach them to swim. This is the cheapest one yet for only 2,500 Neopoints! Beautiful scene at a beautiful price.

Mystery Swirl Background:

Oh sweet underrated maractite pets, how unfortunate it is to be so hard to customize! This background perfectly compliments all of the colors of maractite without the price tag most of them have. With the gorgeous teals, blues, and greens of this background it is most definitely a mystery why it's only 19,000 Neopoints. Yes, this is the most expensive background I have chosen yet, also the prettiest. As I said above, it can be so hard to customize a maractite pet. Sometimes the blues aren't right, it's not teal-y enough. I know. This background is the ultimate budget choice for those beauties. If you have a good imagination it could even be an excellent choice for a maraquan pet, looking at it you could certainly believe it's under water!

Scenic Tyrannian Background:

You would think with the Battle of the Obelisk Tyrannia would finally get some more love. They are strong. They are fierce. They are brutes. It's hard to believe that after two wars Tyrannia could still be so beautiful! Until now these Tyrannian warriors have been in boring, plain, brown backgrounds. It will only run you 5,000 Neopoints to put your strongest battle pet in this background. You can teach everyone that even the oldest places, and warriors, can be beautiful too!

Secluded Bench Background:

I know what you're thinking right now.

"Another nature based background? Come on unplan, be more original."

But it's hard for me to believe this background is only 5,000 Neopoints! Who doesn't love walking around in the evening, this would be the perfect place to walk to. You could even have a picnic here if you wanted to. Whoever made this background gets an A+ from me, because they even strung up lights! This is one of the most versatile backgrounds I found in your price range, any pet could be seen sitting on this bench. Reading books, enjoying nature, anything you can think of can be put into this one! Even the fiercest Darigan pet would look right at home. I definitely saved the best for last.

It can be hard to customize on a tight budget, and it can be even harder with an obscure pet. If you pair these backgrounds with foregrounds, wigs, dresses, even garland sometimes, you will become a pro customizer in no time!

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