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The 6 Best Stores for Food Restocking

by jubileek


One thing every Neopet needs is food. Food is good. The number of food stores in Neopia is the greatest number out of all shop categories! With such a large variety of dishes available, it’s sometimes difficult to decide which of those meals is the best for your Neopet. And once you pick the food you’d like to feed them, you might wonder how you should purchase it. From a user shop? From the auction house? Or should you wait (possibly for eons) for that specific item to show up at the money tree to snatch it from there? Instead of those expensive and/or boring choices, you should look for that item in its designated shop. And once you find that item, you might notice quite a few other items that you may not want for your Neopets. Those items are likely wanted by another Neopian for their Neopets, though. And once you start buying those items to sell to other Neopians, you’ll never want to stop! Probably.

Do you love restocking as much as I? Or as much as the next Neopian? I guess it’s hard to say if you’re not us... regardless, if you love it or if you’ve never tried it, read on to learn about the best places in all of Neopia to restock foods!

Fresh Foods

This store is often recommended as a good store to restock in for beginners - and for good reasons! It usually has about 50 different items stocked at a time, and altogether there are almost 2500 different meals to buy. The cuisines stocked at this store encompass all of those on Neopia; no other store has burgers, cakes, fruits, soups, ice cream, and drinks sold together. Okay, maybe a few others do, but that’s besides the point.

If you’re lucky, you’ll find an unbuyable item! Fresh Foods stocks over 100 of them, and you could gain a million Neopoints or more off of just one. Most unbuyables stock one at a time for exactly 10,000 Neopoints. Definitely jump on one if you see them. Since unbuyables are difficult to come upon and require speed (extremely fast speed) to purchase, if you miss out on one, I suggest going for Neggs priced over 3,000 Neopoints instead. The original food shop of Neopia provides diverse offerings and many opportunities for high profits, so head on over today!


After searching for berries or visiting Turmaculus, you should visit the local market. It’s not the most sophisticated establishment in Neopia, but it’ll do. Merifoods is home of potatoes and breads galore. And special eggs.

Anyone who loves Draiks knows that you create one via a Draik egg. Those eggs are purchased at Merifoods, and even though the initial cost of one is quite high relative to the cost of many other unbuyables, the payoff is much higher. Draik eggs sell for up to 1.5 million Neopoints here, but an Ice Draik egg resells for about 4.5 million Neopoints. Not too shabby! Notably, though, nearly all of the other items sold at Merifoods are not very fruitful. Additionally, they’re pretty sad to look at. Probably sad to eat, too.

Faerie Foods

While this shop doesn’t have as large a number of unbuyable items as some other shops (it only has 15 as of time of writing), it’s definitely very aesthetically pleasing to browse. Its total inventory is about 215 items, so it is easy to quickly learn which items are the most lucrative, especially compared to Fresh Foods, where you may never know all of the inventory!

This store is fun because of the bright colors and the fact that there’s wings on everything. Kale with wings? Faerie veggie burger? Flying Neggnog? Don’t mind if I do. I will say that despite the many items that yield only small earnings, a number of items resell for 50,000 or more Neopoints. Go for mushrooms, except those of the Battle, Negg, Snow, and Tooth Faeries. And if you’re simply tired of all of the flightless breads and soups of the other food stores, stop on in to Faerie Foods.

Tropical Foods

Similarly to Faerie Foods, this quaint groceteria situated on Mystery Island is full of vibrant fare. And hard-to-pronounce names. Also, it’s difficult to imagine what a lot of the foods taste like. An Ugnot or Owabit sounds good, I guess... but that’s what Mystery Island is for, right?

A majority of the foods that stock for over 6,000 Neopoints here will generate gains of at least a few thousand Neopoints! Pay special attention to Doughnutfruits that are colored or patterned (so not made of dung or snot or rock) for the largest monetary gains. The Hasees are definitely getting at something with their love for Doughnutfruits. If you’re in the mood for forcing some Neopets to try unique foods, Tropical Foods is the shop for you.

Super Happy Icy Fun Snow Shop

The perfect place to get a refreshing treat from during the hot months of summer, the Super Happy Icy Fun Snow Shop (sometimes called SHIFSS) specializes in ice lollies, Brucicles, Chia pops, and snow-covered eats. Ever wanted a snowy rack of ribs? Me neither, but maybe someone does, and SHIFSS is the place to purchase one for those noteworthy folks!

And speaking of Chia pops, this store stocks magical Chia pops, which turn your Neopet into a Chia. Magical Chia pops, along with Fountain Faerie quests and the Lab Ray, are one of only a handful (so three) ways to get a fruit or vegetable Chia. As a result, magical Chia pops are particularly profitable - albeit rare. Even if you’re not into peach Chias, or durian Chias, or any kind of produce Chias, other Neopians definitely are. Magical pea Chia pops are especially popular, as pea Chias are avatar pets. Nab a magical pea Chia pop and you’ll gain nearly 10 million Neopoints! Quite the pretty penny.

Exotic Foods

With the discovery of Shenkuu came the discovery of a multitude of new petpets, medicines, and foods. The most important category of new items, the foods, are sold at Exotic Foods. Merchandise at this bazaar is devoted primarily to myriad types of sushi, dumplings, and noodles.

Although very few unbuyables can be found here, the bulk of the inventory allows for you to at least double your investment. Furthermore, the total number of items sold is less than 150, making this another shop whose best investments are easily memorized. Look out for the Neopet-shaped sushis, which stock frequently yet give proceeds usually upwards of 3,000 Neopoints.

Tips for Food Restocking

As a general rule, items that cost 10,000 Neopoints most likely have high resale values. Oftentimes they are unbuyable. Items that cost 5,000 usually result in nice profits too. Items that cost 2,500 may sound like a good idea, and sometimes are, but be weary of buying all of the 2,500 Neopoint items as your instinct when restocking!

In slower-stocking stores--all of the stores mentioned here except Fresh Foods and Merifoods-- you might have time to check the price of an item on the Shop Wizard to see if it is worthwhile to buy for reselling prior to purchasing it.

Remember to stray from purchasing items whose user shop prices have now deflated due to their designations as prizes for dailies, such as Negg Noodles, which stock for 10,000 Neopoints at Exotic Foods but only resell for about 1,300 Neopoints.

Good luck in your food restocking endeavors!

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