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Wardrobe Guide for the Acara Aquatic Festival

by applebella


Wahoo! The day has come! As an Acara enthusiast, the Acara Aquatic Festival is my favorite day of the year. Not only is it a wonderful day to honor these adorable pets, but it is also a day of fabulous clothing and items, both old and new. For such a prestigious festival, it may be overwhelming to some owners who are wondering how to dress their Acara, but fear not, for I have created a lovely wardrobe guide! With so many options, there are so many different ways to dress, but hopefully this guide will point you in the right direction, depending on the unique personality of your own Acara!

For the fancy Acara who wants a full ensemble

We all know this kind of Acara - they’re beautiful and they know it, and want to flaunt it, especially on their very own day! You can’t get away with a simple foreground or new shoes with this type of Acara - they require a full outfit that is fit for royalty. There are several options, but below are some of my favorites:

Acara Festival Gown + Acara Festival Ribbons + Acara Festival Sandals - no mixing and matching here, these items are part of a beautiful set, allowing your pet to shine in shades of blue. Don’t forget a pretty background to go with it! I suggest something simple, to allow the outfit to shine today, but with such a fancy Acara, they may even want that to be extravagant as well.

Royal Girl Acara Gown + Royal Girl Acara Hat - reserved for your Acaras painted in this color, this outfit is a must wear on this day. Not only does it fully match the color they are painted, but it is such an exclusive color that wearing the traditional dress shows off just how fancy your Acara is. If you fabulous, fancy Acara happens to be a boy (and a Royal Boy at that), use the combination of Royal Boy Acara Robe + Royal Boy Acara Necklace + Royal Boy Acara Crown, and he will look dapper and feel even better!

For the simpler Acara, excited about celebration, wanting to do something a little extra

Is your pet the type who loves to play outdoors, throwing caution to the wind, not always worried about what they are wearing? That’s another wonderful personality traits of some of these Acaras! Still, it doesn’t stop them from wanting to dress up a bit for their special day. Going the extra mile with an outfit for the Festival can be fun, but giving this pet something too extravagant may just stress them out. It is important to keep the outfit simple enough to stay true to their own personalities, while adding a bit of glam to help them feel special. Therefore, a few options I recommend are:

Fashionable Acara Outfit + Fashionable Acara Sandals

Golden Acara Headpiece + Lovely Acara Dress

Fashionable Acara Wig + Tasseled Acara Long Coat

Notice how these are not full outfits - your Acara will not feel unlike themselves, weighed down by several pieces of clothing. Any of these combinations will look lovely, while avoiding the stress of overdoing it.

For the Acara with a bold personality

Not only does your Acara like being the center of attention, but they like to make a statement. A traditional dress and headpiece won’t do for these pets - you have to think outside the box! While many of the pieces of clothing available to Acaras are the traditional dressy attire you’d expect out of these beautiful creatures, dig a little deeper and you’ll find the most perfect, show-stopper outfit that is unlike anything their friends will be wearing. If you’re looking for something unique to hold true to your Acara’s personality, I’d start by trying the following combinations:

Trendy Acara Jacket + Trendy Acara Shirt + Trendy Acara Trousers + Trendy Acara Shoes

(If your pet is looking to take it to the next level, add Trendy Acara Glasses for a complete look)

Suave Acara Wig + Sleek Acara Jacket + Sleek Acara Trousers + Tasseled Acara Boots

Finally, for the Acara who wants to show off their color, but perfectly accessorize

Acaras have fabulous color options to begin with, and many owners (and pets) take pride in the color they’re given. Whether it’s a simpler color like Purple or Orange, up to more elaborate colors such as Halloween, Maraquan, or even Woodland, these colors help to express the Acara’s personality. On such a special day like the festival, many Acaras want to wear new clothing from head to toe, but others want to remain true to their color and just accentuate its brilliance with accessories. Keeping in mind that, depending on the pet’s color, not all of these accessories may work, take a look at my suggestions of the best accessories that will give your Acara a touch of elegance and charm without taking away from its natural beauty:

Fashionable Acara Bracelets + Fashionable Acara Purse

Lovely Acara Necklace

Acara Fur Cap

Blonde Acara Wig + Purple Acara Umbrella

Sleek Acara Shades

No matter what personality type your Acara is, remember that it is their special day and their time to shine, so listen to what they really want. It is important that we make them feel fabulous while also honoring their true personality - their individuality is what makes them so great! While I have given many choices and combinations of outfits, keep in mind there are so many more clothing options out there. Many options are not specific to Acaras (like the ones I mentioned above), but can still look very stylish and fashionable! And while I covered the clothing aspect, remember that backgrounds and foregrounds are also great ways of individualizing your pet - just make sure they aren’t too ornate and take away from your pet! Rule of thumb: The Acara should ALWAYS be the center of attention. If you’re looking to add even extra for your Acara, don’t forget to look into banners, string lights, things to hold, and little friends. Is your Acara feeling nervous about the festival? Maybe they’d like a Baby Faellie Plushie Friend to join them! Does your Acara want to look powerful? Have them hold a Staff of Justice! The options are endless.

I’m looking forward to seeing all the creative wardrobe choices you and your Acaras make for the day. Take lots of pictures and share your creation with Neopia!

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