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How to Care for your Petpet Rock

by hopeandjoy


Congratulations on being a new owner of your very own Petpet rock. A rock Petpet comes from the land of Tyrannia and they are pretty unique to come by, so consider yourself lucky. A rock is a great Petpet friend to have and will be a great companion for your Neopet. I have put together a few tips on how to keep your Petpet rock happy and healthy, and if you follow this guide you should have an amazing relationship with your rock for ages and ages!

1. Name your rock

Picking a name for your rock may be a difficult task especially because there are so many names out there! Make sure you choose something that really fits the personality of your rock. Names like “Rocky”, “IgNeous”, “Magma”, “Sedimentary”, “Pebble” are some great names if you are taking the more literal approach when naming your rock. Fear not! You can get creative and go crazy and name your rock something like “Daisy”, “Max”, or “Jasmine.” If you don’t like the name you end up choosing, rocks are very good listeners and will adapt to a new name quickly.

2. Take your rock on walks

Wherever you go in Neopia, take your rock with you! A rock loves to see and experience the world and can fit right in your pocket. Take your rock with you to Moltara but make sure you don’t accidentally drop your rock in the magma pool! Your rock also loves trips to Faerieland to see Queen Fyora. Your rock will be your good luck charm when spinning The Wheel of Knowledge or any wheel in Neopia. Your rock will also love visiting Roo Island and taking a ride on the carousel with your Neopet. Rocks also love days at the beach in Mystery Island, as long as they don’t get lost in the sand!

3. Wash your rock

Sometimes if you travel too much with your rock he or she can get a bit dirty. Do not fear! Simply purchase some soap, I would recommend coconut soap, honeysuckle soap or lavender soap, but any soap from the Grooming Parlor will do. Put your rock in a small basin with water and wash him or her with the new soap. Rocks also love to take bubble baths so don’t be afraid to add bubbles! Just dry your rock in a towel afterwards. After one wash your rock should be very clean and ready to go on your next adventure!

4. Paint your rock

If your Neopet is getting bored with a plain grey colored rock, there are a lot of great color options to paint your rock. If you want something simple a rock can be painted blue, green, pink or purple. If your Neopet really likes to ROCK out, consider painting your rock disco and your Neopet will have its own disco ball! If your Neopet really loves the late King Coltzan, painting your rock Lost Desert will really show appreciation for the King. You can even paint your rock island, but make sure you don’t get your Petpet confused for a regular codestone and accidentally give it away when training! A Halloween rock is also a great choice for Neopets that want a Petpet on the scarier side. All options will make your rock have a great personality to go alongside your Neopet!

5. Take your rock with you to the Neolodge

If your Neopet needs a vacation in the Neolodge, don’t forget to bring your Petpet rock with them! A pet rock will never say this, but they love being pampered too! A pet rock can be quite lonely if you leave him or her alone while your Neopet is staying in the Neolodge. Your rock Petpet loves going swimming and being in the Jacuzzi, so spend some extra Neopoints getting the required amenities for your Neopet and their Petpet rock. They will have the best stay in the Neolodge and make memories forever!

6. Play your rock some rock music

Rock Petpets love rock music, so consider taking your Petpet rock to the concert hall in Tyrannia for a rock concert. A favorite of most rock’s Petpets is Stick and Stones who play on every 10th and 17th of the month. Don’t miss out on these concerts! If you’re lucky, you may even get a special avatar while you’re at the concert and then you will really be able to showcase how much you love your rock. It’s a rocking time with your Petpet rock!

7. Give your rock its own pet

If you think your Petpet rock is getting a little bit lonely, a Petpet rock would love to have a companion and get its own Petpetpet. Your pet rock will love its companion forever and never let their new friend go, so don’t be worried that your rock will lose its Petpetpet. Any species of Petpetpet will work for your pet rock; they are not picky when it comes to new friends! If you don’t want to commit to buying a Petpetpet, going to find your pet rock a piece of shiny obsidian will do the job! Rocks love to have deep conversations with shiny obsidians and they will be chatty for days.

Remember; NEVER ever zap your Petpet rock. A rock wants to stay a rock forever and does not want to end up a pile of soot! Protect your rock and don’t take them to the Petpet laboratory. That will just scare your rock! Your rock is very happy being a rock and does not want to be soot.

A rock is an amazing Petpet to have and doesn’t require any food and will live purely off air and water, so be sure to take your rock out so it can get proper nutritional needs. With proper care, your rock will live forever alongside your Neopet and they will never get lonely. This is a commitment that your rock will never let go, so if your Neopet is ready for that type of friendship, consider getting them a rock! I hope this guide helps you take care of your new friend. You will truly have a great relationship forever.

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