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Lup - Search for power.

by jp_jones


      Loneliness can be more frightening than death.


          Leader of an association of pure magicians, Lup had an affinity with the magic of darkness where he controlled his powers almost perfectly. His kingdom had fought a war for centuries against the neighboring kingdoms that wanted to take their lands, Lup and its group composed of three more mages, decided to fight until the last vestige of their spells. Through their infiltrated spies among enemy forces, they discovered who was the main enemy, a powerful Paladin (front-line warriors capable of casting spells on their swords instead of their wands). His name was Excull. As the battles grew louder, the group drew nearer and nearer to their enemy.

      On a gray and rainy day, with lightning flashing the battlefield, The Magicians and the Paladin finally met and began the fight that would mark the lives of many, even though they were less in number, the Paladin was a tall opponent capable to repel most of the spells cast by the mages and also to retaliate with spells of the highest level. When already weary of the fight and losing hope every second, one of the mages had the plan to use a prohibited spell that could make the Paladin suffer to the Magicians, and the struggle to close. But such a spell demanded a sacrifice, the essence of the conjurer. Of the four, Lup was chosen even against his will and would have to be quick because if the Paladin could perceive the plan of the magicians the chances of them winning would be null. When each stood at one end forming a square around the Paladin, all cast the most powerful spells they could and at that time, Lup would cast the spell and end the battle. But Lup had an ankle for life, wanted to live to the end of time, to study magic, to understand everything about her, to become part of her and a mere slip of fear, Lup could not conjure the spell and put his friends at great risk.

      One of the friends seeing that the plan had not gone as expected and in an act of desperation conjured up the spell, there was a huge explosion and then a blackout, after days of unstoppable fighting finally the Paladin was defeated. On the side of the magicians, one of the wizards had also suffered.

      After years and years of isolament research, she had discovered a way to become more powerful to protect the weakness and that was then her goal. After ceaseless nights and countless attempts, among them many failures, Lup learned of the power of the Gray Faerie, a power which even the Faerie herself did not know, and this became her obeying.

      After sending many servants in search of the power of the Faerie and all failed, she decided that she had to go directly behind the Faerie. A rumor had it that the Faerie always helped the lost and wounded Neopets and that was her idea. Transforming into a helpless and lost Neopet, choosing a trail that was reputed to be haunted by the most evil beings possible, Lup became a small Draik and pretended to be lost. Shortly after there was the Gray Faerie who, with her sweet speech, comforted the little Draik, as Lup had already planned. Lup told the Faerie that he needed some of her magic and help to save his mother who was sick and he gave a wand to the Faerie. The Faerie at first distrusted the unusual request but as its nature was to help, decided to give in and help the little Draik. What the Faerie could not imagine was that the wand was enchanted and sucked all the magic of the Faerie to the point where it made her lose consciousness. Since then, even without her powers the Faerie still does everything in her power to help others. The other magicians saw the pure egoism to be powerful, decided that the punishment for him would be the imprisonment in an impenetrable barrier, where he would stay for the rest of eternity.

      But what they did not realize was that Lup was already on another level of power in magic matters, his body was nothing more than a simple cocoon to all his power.

      After achieving the power of the Gray Faerie, Lup decided that his goal would be to create a new world, a world where only the strong would survive, where only those pure magic would exist (and resist).

      He went on his journey for many years, defeating all who opposed him with great ease, after all, he had become the sovereign of all magicians. He had become the Supreme.

      Only the existence of Lup shook countless worlds and realities. Lup was able to merge with pure magic and become such a powerful being that it would shake even the pillars of reality.

      With a great deal of power, he became able to create a reality where he would call home.

      Even with success in creating his new world, he knew that he was not totally perfect, he lacked what he felt by magic, Love.


      Although considered the greatest of all evil, Lup knew that his intentions were always good, he sought to create a home so that those who had no ability to fight could always be protected and not suffer prejudice because they lacked magical abilities.

      Knowing that not all would believe in their purpose, Lup decided to do everything by himself, his goal was to merge his old reality and his own world so that a new world would arise and be a place where all were equal and treated with respect and, above everything, could also feel loved.

      After channeling all its power and sacrificing its physical body, Lup with enormous effort manages to fuse both worlds, giving rise to a place that he would call Neopia.

      He sacrificed much of his power by becoming only the shadow of what had once been to give life to this new place even if his legacy was forgotten, he would know that one day, after countless struggles, he gave way to this beautiful place.

      Many say they have seen a transparent being with a captivating smile and some tears in their eyes, also say that when they feel the presence of this being, they feel a comfort and a great hope and stay in the fight for their dreams.

      Those who claim to have seen it describe him as a transparent being who exudes magic, piercing eyes and capable of fear even the most courageous.

      A solitary and melancholy soul, Lup wanders in this world seeing that despite going against many of his friends and companions, has managed to create the most beautiful thing. So that everyone can live in harmony and peace.

      His touch brings hope and his aura of peace.

      Lup has already inspired myths, folklore and even legends told by many generations, so it is impossible to separate the truth from fiction.

      "A sovereign must never put into action an army motivated by rage; A leader should never start a war motivated by anger.

      Fight for those who cannot!

      Fight for those who give us hope to fight."

      - Lup.


      The End.

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