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A Day at the Trading Post

by spooky_pie


      On any given day there are thousands of Neopets and There owners searching for that one perfect item at the trading post. What do your Neopets do after they wander off to explore on their own. Do they browse looking at every glorious object; Weighing every glorious purchase.


      The chia held the Neopoints to his chest. It all came down to this. After hours of toiling. After hours of waiting it was finally time.

      The trading post was a place of many temptations, on the Chias last attempt he had been distracted by the food. He had been weak then and bought himself an unbuyable pizza. This time he would be strong. He walked up and down the aisles searching. Only that one item would make him complete.

      Then right when he was beginning to tire he saw it. It was beautiful. It will be his. He haggled with the trader his Chia heart beating in his chest.

      They shook hands. Maybe he had paid too much. No that didn't matter all that mattered was the object in his hands.

      He went and sat down in a quiet section of the trading post. He put the object in his mouth and drank. He didn't even taste the liquid.

      The change stated in the bottom of the Chias belly. It was tingly and a little uncomfortable. It was worth it he told himself, it was worth it. The words became a mantra. He closed his eyes.

      Then Poof.

      in an instant it was over. The Chia was now a blue berry.

      He giggled it had finally happened. The new blueberry Chia went home, Happy at last.


      The Skieth walked down the aisles of the trading post like she owned the place. Her tail was swishing in an angry manner and she nearly Knocked over a Draik who was haggling with another Neopian. The Draik glared but soon went back to her transaction.

      The Skieth didnt know what she wanted yet but she had ten bottled faeries and a lot of Neopoints for trade.

      She traded some of her fairies on a lot of 6 Plain omelettes. The Skieth didn't like plain omelettes. its not an omelette unless there is chocolate on it she would often tell her fellow Neopians. She didn't understand the queasy looks on their faces. Or she wouldn't if she noticed there looks, which she didn't.

      She decided(while shaking a bottled faerie) she would cook dinner for all her friends the Skieth decided with the most fancy chocolate omelettes they had ever eaten.

      Now for the problem where to find chocolate???

      “The only way to find them is to look”. She said to the dizzy faerie in the bottle.

      She started with pet shaped chocolate. A milk chocolate Korbat was her first trade. The lot came with an old copy of the Neopian times and a space faerie doughnut. The skieth was impressed when she discovered she had not read that issue before.

      The Neopian times exploded in purple smoke before she was finished with it. A quick scan before you read in detail is apparently not allowed. The smoke went up her nose and she sneezed out the purple smoke on an unsuspecting Chia. The Chia sent her a look that said he wasn’t happy, but didn’t start anything.

      She found a person trading a lot of chocolate but they wanted pure Neopoints and the Skieth still had a couple of faeries who needed new homes. She moved on. The next lot with a lot of different chocolate had a big sign that said RESERVED FOR SPOOKY_PIE. She tried to haggle the trader but they were adamant this was for Spooky pie and no one else. That wasn't fair. Spooky pie and the chocolate trader were dung brains.

      Finally, she found the perfect lot six different chocolates. One for each friend! She gave her little bottled faeries and a few hundred Neopoints to the trader.

      That night six Neopians came together over chocolate omelettes. Only one enjoyed it.


      His brother’s birthday was today and The Korbat was broke. He loved his brother and didn't want to disappoint him. The Korbat only had his favorite faerie Kau plushies to trade. He was okay with trading the Faerie Kau plushie this was for his baby brother he was worth it. Still he would miss her.

      He flew around looking for something perfect. He looked for something worth his most treasured possession.

      So, there he was. One tired Korbat. One Kau. No Neopoints. No idea what to buy.

      He flew from stall to stall, getting increasingly frustrated. The Kau wasn’t worth much the Korbat had found. The news had devastated him. He had cried when he found out.

      Then, out of nowhere- the Space Faerie came and gave him 2043 Neopoints. A random event. He looked up at the setting sun. No stars yet. He yelled his voice filled with emotion. “THANK YOU.” Then quieter. “you don’t know what this means to me” The space faerie didn’t reply just continues flying to the sky.

      The Korbat had never had a random event. Once some ghosts tried to steal from him and take his hard earned Neopoints. The Korbat fought them. They still took his Neopoints to the money tree, but they had to work for it. At the time he was angry, now he was proud of how he didn’t give up. The Korbat wouldn’t give up now either.

      He marched up to a lot and traded some of the 2043 Neopoints he had just received. He got a slice of birthday cake. He put it in his backpack. Then he picked up a packet of birthday candles and a dancing Neocola can.

      With the gifts to his brother in his backpack the Korbat leaves the trading post. He is happy he didn’t have to trade away his beloved Faerie Kau Plushie. He is even happier that he gets to see his brothers face when he gets: the birthday cake, and candles, and the Neocola can.


      Looking at wearables with her friends was fun but she did it for them not herself. The Mutant Lenny wasn’t bothered by the fact that most clothes didn’t fit her. There were other ways to customize.

      Customizing did look like fun. She was the only one among her friends and family with no customization. Maybe she could find a nice trinket to pose beside her in her profile picture.

      The Mutant Lenny decided to by herself a back ground. She took some Novas, dark ones, super ones all kinds of Novas. The mutant Lenny also took a couple thousand Neopoint in case she needed to up the offer.

      She took off. large vulture like wings beating beside her. The trading post is on Mystery Island and it was both less and more then she expected it to be. Memories not as perfect as she would like.

      The Mutant Lenny lands and pretends not to notice as several Neopians shrink back from her. It hurts, that they are afraid of her. She doesn’t look like other Lennys. That is fine. She doesn’t want to be like other Lennys. She has strength she has power.

      She sees backgrounds at stalls and spends several hours browsing for the perfect one. She doesn’t find it. Or rather she doesn’t find it for the price of Novas and a couple thousand Neopoints. Disappointed but at the same time pleased.

      After all there are many ways to customize.


      The End.

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