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Top 10 Omelettes from Tyrannia

by aplacplac


Hello I’m Glutonus Glutao one of the best food critics of all Neopia, well at least my mother thinks so, but without further ado I’m here to talk about omelettes, why omelettes you going to ask? Well to celebrate Tyrannian Day, one of the best delicacies from there are the omelettes from the Giant Omelette. And did you know that even if you have a pass vip to eat everything you can’t pick more than one a day without Sabre-X jumping on your head? But even with this little problem I already eat every single omelette from this amazing place, every flavor is delicious, if you ignore the Rotten Omelette, and this is my top 10 of the best flavours of omelettes from Tyrannia:

Number 10

This omelette is the most common on this list and that you can get from the Giant Omelette, the Plain Omelette, even with this common name this omelette still a good delicacy and I highly advise to start with this one if you are going to explore the many flavors of omelettes that Tyrannia have to show to you, because after this delicious omelette everything is going to be more tasty.

Number 9

You want an omelette? But not the Plain Omelette? You want something tastier, but that you don’t going to feel guilty to eat it? Well the Bacon and Broccoli Omelette is here to show you how to start a good day with a balanced breakfast, with it’s ideal mix of the two ingredients you can’t go wrong with this one.

Number 8

This one was probably suggested by your vegetarian friends to you, and this time this really have a good savor, Veggie Delight Omelette is an explosion of delicious flavors and will let you wanting more. After all it is the perfect mix of vegetables in an omelette.

Number 7

This omelette I will only recommend to pets that are tough and love spicy food, still I going to give you a tip: don’t eat everything with one bite take your time and all the time have a jug of milk next to you. The Hot Tyrannian Pepper Omelette can numb your mouth and tongue with each bite, but is so good! It’s hot flavour will only make you want more, and more milk. And it makes a great challenge in the night with friends, see who can eat more without asking for water.

Number 6

This one is literally a surprise I already eat many times and it never had the same taste, but I never was disappointed when I ate this omelette, the Fresh Fruit Surprise Omelette is something without comparison is sapid and it never repeats it’s flavor and texture, and every time are different fruits, but always in the right amounts.

Number 5

Who already ate Juppies know their tasty and sweet flavor and you have no idea how right their mix with omelette is, the Juppie Omelette is great in fresh days and I advise to eat with a warm tea to raise its taste.

Number 4

This one still surprised me to be this high it got on the list, but amazing flavors can came in the most simple ingredients, the Carrot and Pea Omelette can look savorless, but have a phenomenal taste, the combination of carrot sweetness with the pea and omelette is perfect and will let you wanting more in no time.

Number 3

This omelette is for pets who love meat, and I’m one of them, the Meat Feast Omelette is great every meat is in the right point and the mild omelette is just the perfect mix with the strong flavors of each meat, is almost like is having a fest in your mouth in each bite. And you can mix it with the BBQ Sause Omelette.

Number 2

Another omelette that first seen to simple and bland, but it's delicious, the Cheese Omelette at first is not going to surprise you with it’s presentation, but after you eat it you are going to try everything to get yourself another one, and in no time you will understand why this is one of the favorite omelettes in Tyrannia.

And before we go to the number one I want to recommend some of the omelettes that didn’t make into the list, but deserve your attention:

Ugga Melon Omelette is super sour, but you need to try it at least once;

Cheese and Onion Omelette even that it have more ingredients I still think the common Cheese Omelette is better;

Ham and Cheese Omelette is the same it’s good, but I find the original better;

Tomato and Pepper Omelette is a little hard to find, but the taste is great;

Honey Blossom Omelette this one is for pets that have a sweet tooth, is super sweet but is great in the afternoon;

Chocolate Omelette like you can be wrong with chocolate and this one is delicious.

Number 1

And now the most incredible and delicious omelette from all Tyrannia is… The Clay Omelette! Ha! Can you imagine if it was this one? No, this I don’t even advise to eat as a joke, is terrible and takes days to remove the taste from your mouth. The real number one is the Little Fishy Omelette, strange right? When I first saw it I too didn’t gave much thought, but after I savor it I still can’t put my finger of what it remind me, but it’s so good and tasteful, you need to eat at least once in your life. One of my cook friends is trying to see if they can replicate the flavor and see if it can work in other recipes, still with no luck and I think they’re going to go more far if they didn’t eat every sample.

And this is my top 10 of omelettes from Tyrannia, but who knows when new omelettes going to show up and I will need to remake this list? But for now who cares, now I hope you have a great day and an amazing Tyrannia day. And reader what is your favorite omelette? Did it make on the list?

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