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Tea-licious: A Guide to Neopia’s Fine Teas

by panda_girl555


If you thought tea could only be found in one Neopian land, think again! Although Roo Island is home to the beloved Coffee Shop, tea is a cherished beverage found throughout Neopia. From Mystery Island to Meridell, each land lends its own flavor to its unique tea and tea-flavored delicacies. No matter if you are a tea novice or have brewed and tasted hundreds of teas, this guide has something for everyone. This tasty tour of Neopia’s teas is sure to quench your thirst. So if you’re tired of drinking your usual Chamomile or Earl Grey Tea, go pack a suitcase and get sipping!

Altador: Sun Tea

There is nothing particularly exotic about this drink, but the Altadorians can brew one delicious cup of tea. Rather than boiling tea leaves, as tea is traditionally prepared, cold Altadorian spring water is poured over the leaves and set out in the sun to steep. This creates a richly flavored beverage with none of the bitterness that sometimes accompanies a tea. Make sure to try a glass in Altador--you won’t be disappointed!

Brightvale: Grenanna Iced Tea

This beverage is infused with the flavor of fresh grenanna, a Brightvale fruit. Although slightly bitter to those who are not used to its taste, slices of ripe grenanna are a great addition to this refreshing tea. Make sure to stir the tea before drinking so that all that fruity flavor doesn’t get stuck at the bottom of the glass. Grenanna iced tea is the perfect tea to drink while studying some of Brightvale’s vast collection of scrolls--just don’t spill any on the parchment!

Darigan Citadel: Spiked Dariberry Tea

This tea is as sharp and spiky as the residents of Darigan Citadel. This drink is perfect for those who like their tea strong. For this tea, citadel-grown dariberry is mixed with bold flavors like pepper and licorice; it’s sure to tickle your throat on the way down. Every tea aficionado should try this tea at least once. If you ever are in need of a kick of caffeine (or just a kick!) this is the tea for you.

Faerieland: Faerie Tea Bowl

If you make a trip to Faerieland, be sure not to miss a faerie tea bowl. This piping hot drink is rich, sweet and satisfying. The beverage resembles a cross between hot chocolate and tea, but it’s something you’ll have to try for yourself to truly experience. When you are done with your drink, be sure not to dispose of the handcrafted pink and purple mug. It’s a lovely piece of pottery that would look perfect on a Neohome shelf or as a planter for a seedling in your Neogarden. Or perhaps first for a refill of tea?

Lost Desert: Ummagine Tea

Everyone’s favorite desert tuber is now available in tea form. Don’t let the drink’s vibrant purple hue throw you off: this tea has just a hint of ummagine. Although you may be tempted to reach for an iced tea when traveling in the Lost Desert, the warm, light flavor of ummagine tea is a staple for ‘pets who reside in the desert. This tea provides a burst of energy to help make it through those sweltering desert afternoons. This tea pairs particularly well with chewy and sweet dried ummagine.

Meridell: Iced Illusen Tea

This delicacy is named and modeled after one of Meridell’s most famous denizens. This tea is crisp and refreshing, and is as nice to look at as it is to drink. One sip of iced Illusen tea and you will be instantly transported to the lush wooded Glade. If you happen to be helping Illusen with a quest, why not try a tea? It’s perfect reward to celebrate your success, or a tasty consolation prize if your quest didn’t go as planned.

Mystery Island: Islandberry Tea

If you’re a fan of fresh fruit and Island flavor, you will definitely enjoy this tea. The islandberries native to Mystery Island are juicy and sweet, and the perfect flavor for a tea. Served in a clear mug, this drink has lovely layers of red and purple. Feel free to enjoy the complementary flavors of each layer, or swirl the layers together to enjoy them at the same time. Don’t forget to eat the the juicy berries that garnish the mug. Next time you’re relaxing at Mystery Island, skip those cloyingly sweet beach drinks and order an islandberry tea instead. I promise you won’t miss the mini umbrella!

Shenkuu: Green Tea Custard

This custard is a staple snack and dessert for many Shenkuu residents. Garnished with fresh mint, this custard is sweet, creamy and infused with the essence of green tea. The tea used to make this treat is grown, picked and dried right here in Shenkuu, so you know it’s of the highest quality. Stop by one of Shenkuu’s many teahouses and you’re sure to find this on the menu. (The portion is quite large, so bring along a friend...or your appetite!)

Terror Mountain: Green Tea Slushie

The green tea slushie is made with the finest of Terror Mountain snow. While tea is most often served hot or iced, it’s unusual to get a brain freeze while sipping tea, unless you’re drinking a tea slushie. This drink has a lovely frozen texture, while still keeping the slight bitterness and all the green tea flavor that you know and love. If you’re a fan of slushies and a fan of tea, do yourself a favor and try the two together.

Virtupets: Green Tea

Is it a tablet, or is it tea? The pick for Virtupets pushes the boundary of what is considered tea. This space station drink proves that tea does not always have to come in a mug or a cup. Breaking open the capsule reveals a refreshing beverage of green tea. If you’re feeling more adventurous, the capsule itself is edible and will dissolve in your mouth for a unique sensory experience. Make the journey to the Virtupets Space Station for a drink that’s out of this world.

This is only a small sampling of the delicious tea and tea-related items available across Neopia. I hope this guide has encouraged you to break free of your usual black or green tea and inspired you to try some of the many flavors of tea that Neopia has to offer. Happy tasting!

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