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Battling Von Roo and Coffee Love Part 2

by wellthatsfantastic


      The night air was brisk with the chill of winter lingering. Brujyh stamped his hooves and exhaled, his breath fogging the night air and drifting upwards where the clouds threaten to collect it and add it to their mass. Brujyh’s hair drifted off his head as a blast of wind came shrieking through the trees. The dimensional Peophin was perched on a boat in the wharf of Roo Island. The sun was fully down and the moon shone brightly in all it’s glory. What had caused Brujyh to be out at such a late hour? Well none other than Count Von Roo.

      “You need that avatar. You’re doing it for the avatar, you want that avatar.” Brujyh muttered quietly to himself as the wind whipped the ropes from the sails all around him. He ducked his head as leaves came flying at him. This was spookier than the time he went to visit Edna. At least then he had met a new friend. He wondered again about the wisdom of not bringing either his sister or the young Draik that was his best friend.

      “Too late for that now.” Stamping his hooves again to shake out some of the chill he checked the time. With a half an hour to spare Brujyh slipped from the boat, no more than a shadow. “This place looks so much scarier at night.” He said glancing around at the overly large buildings that made up the pier. He squared his shoulders. “I’m the conquerer of the Snowager, the peril of Edna, the thorn in the side of King Skarl. There’s no reason to be afraid of some Count.. who only wakes up for an hour at a time. I mean seriously talk about beauty sleep.” Brujyh was well aware he was muttering to himself again but the talking calmed him down.

      By now he had made it the interior complex of the game center. Roo Island was well known for being the epicenter of all games and the towers which looked so colorful and welcoming during the day were shards of stalactites and hiding spots for the most terrifying of Halloween pets at night. Brujyh’s over active imagination cast monsters where there should be none and even the trees’ howling their song caused the Peophin to shrink in on himself.

      Passing the Merry Go Round, Brujyh noticed that no one had bothered to turn off the music. Joyful and happy during the day it was a haunting tune at night. The unis that were affixed to it seemed ominous. “That’s just your over eager imagination Bru” the Peophin said to himself. He wandered over to pat a uni painted in the faerie color just to prove to himself. A figure leaped out at him and Brujyh reared back with a not so tough scream.

      “Oh my Sloth!” The figure said between wild laughter. “You should have seen your face!” Brujyh gathering his wits about him looked down at the ice Draik lying on his back gasping for air.

      “Hail!” Brujyh cried out and slapped the younger male with his tail. “I swear to Fyora that I almost .. I almost…” He shook his head, his blue locks going every direction and huffed out a breath.

      Prince_Hailstorm, Brujyh’s companion and closet friend, rolled onto is claws and feet before standing up still trying to catch his breath. “Pure genius.” He proclaimed, his purple eyes twinkling with mirth.

      “Pure evil is more like it!” Bru exclaimed. “What are you even doing here?”

      Hail linked an arm through Bru’s “Why do you think? Every brave hero needs a trusty side kick! So my noble friend of wit and courage. Where are we going?”

      Brujyh rolled his eyes and pointed to the tower cast in relief by the glowing moon. “I’m off to see Von Roo. You can join me or go home.” He said noticing his friend stifle a yawn.

      “Nah, I’m good. You’ll just owe me a coffee from the Coffee Shop when we’re done here.” The young Draik retorted.

      “They’re not even open right now” Bru said and pulled his friend along in the opposite direction.

      “But when they do open!” Hail exclaimed, covering another yawn behind one icy claw. The two set off crossing the bridge that separated the area near the Merry Go Round from the Dice-A-Roo Tournament Hall. Brujyh cast a wishful look at the closed hall for he still needed the Dice A Roo avatar. One avatar at a time. He thought to himself.

      The two went up to the tall tower. Brujyh grinned at Hail then knocked on the door.

      “Who dares disturb my one hour of peace!” An ominous voice called out the window.

      “It is I! Brujyh of Maraqua! Feared by the mighty Snowager, the bane of Edna’s existence… the errr” Brujyh called out.

      “The waiter who messes up your order at Kelp” Hail added quite chuckling.

      Brujyh frowned in his direction. “Wow super helpful Hailstorm. I messed up like three times.”

      The door in front of them creaked open. Von Roo stood there in his cape and pink cybunny slippers, holding a cup of coffee which had “Do I look like I rise and shine” written on it. Hail laughed again. “Coffee is love, coffee is life right?” He asked inclining his head.

      Von Roo looked him up and down. “Did you want a cup? I’m always happy to entertain a coffee connoisseur. Come on in.” Hail, beaming, led the way into the tower.

      “What can I do for you two anyways? I mean sometimes I get visitors but no one ever just comes for coffee. They all want the avatar.”

      Brujyh began to speak up “well actually we are here for….” Hail smacked his hoof under the table.

      “Coffee it is!” Hailstorm exclaimed smiling widely which should have looked friendly but the sharp teeth made it look more menacing.

      Von Roo eyed the two again. “Perfect, how do you take your cup?”

      Brujyh eyed the clock ruefully. “It’s 12:49. I’ll kindly pass on the offered coffee… but if you’d just be willing to roll the..”

      “Two creams and three sugars!” Hail said, talking over his glowering friend. Von Roo again eyed the couple dubiously but did indeed spoon out the Draik’s coffee order.

      The three settled back against the chairs, Draik and blumaroo drinking their coffee happily. “Well sir, since we are here, would you be willing to do my friend a favor?” Hailstorm asked their host.

      Von Roo smiled “Ahh and here we are. You want to dice?”

      Brujyh smiled “Yes! Please!”

      Von Roo eyed the time. 12:57. “Well very well. Let’s roll.”

      The dimensional Peophin tossed the dice. “Yes, a 5!” He did a happy dance in his chair. Hail finished his coffee and set the mug down.

      “Don’t get too happy. I haven’t rolled yet.” Von Roo said and tossed his die.

      All three had their eyes glued to the table as the die spun on it’s end before finally.. yes stopping on five as well.”

      Brujyh looked up at him. “So.. we roll again?” he asked with a yawn.

      Von Roo chuckled “Not at all. It’s 1:01. Time for me to go to bed. Do you have any idea how hard it is to stay up for a whole hour a day? Come see me tomorrow and bring your coffee loving friend too!” Von Roo left them sitting at the table. Brujyh with a look of utter disappointment and Prince_Hailstorm with a bemused expression on his face.

      “Well I’m always down for more coffee.” Hailstorm smiled over at his friend.


      The End.

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