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Character Re-Introductions: Chadley

by pikachu315111


Welcome to Character Re-Introductions, a spinoff series of my Character Introductions series! While in Character Introductions I interview newly introduced characters to the site, in Character Re-Introductions I interview an already established character who had recently came back to everyone’s attention. This time I'm interviewing the Zafara with a dreamy smile and former Game Master who hosted this year’s Daily Dare: Chadrick Woolsworth Tuffington IV, better known as just Chadley.

Chadley made his debut in Year 15 (2013), when he was made co-host of that year’s Daily Dare with Abigail. AAA (and Lulu) had gone off to Camp Wannamakeagame so Abigail invited the most popular kid in their Neoschool, Chadley, to take AAA’s place in that year’s Daily Dare. While initially smitten by Chadley and his smile, Abigail soon found Chadley’s self-centered ego was too much and sent out secret Morse code messages asking AAA to come back. And came back AAA did, taking control of Daily Dare back from Chadley. Chadley tried playing it cool and refusing to let go of the controller, but a robotic arm punch from AAA’s hovering gaming chair sent Chadley flying across Roo Island and into the sea. But this year, Chadley came back. With AAA having graduated Neoschool early and admitted into Brightvale University (studying Game Creation 101), Chadley took control of Daily Dare once more and claimed to be the new top Game Master. With help from Lulu, Abigail exposed Chadley had cheated to get his scores, removing his title as a Game Master. But what happened to Chadley after this? I take a trip to Roo Island’s youth detention center to find out.

"I may have lost the title of Game Master,

but I still have the most dreamy smile *smiles*"

Arriving to the youth detention center, I showed them the letter from Chadley I had received. They guided me to the visiting room and I sat at one of the booths. Moments later in the opposite room, a Green Zafara arrived with a guard and sat at the other side of the window. He flashed me a smile, confirming it was Chadley.

Hello Chadley. Before we begin, I’d like to thank you for this interview considering your current situation.

"And you may be very thankful, for I only talk with top reporters. But what do you mean by my current situation? Oh, you mean being assigned to attend this detention center? I guess you could call it a situation, but I see it as just another place to become the most popular Neopian of. And it was either coming here or being frozen, and though my smile would look great permanently affixed to my face, I wouldn’t be able to share my charisma if I couldn’t move around. *smiles*"

And what a shame that would be... but wait, you only talk with top reporters? While I appreciate the compliment, didn’t you hold a press conference when you declared yourself the next Game Master and invited every newspaper, magazine, and reporter you could?

"That was a press conference, I was talking to everyone, not one on one like we are now. When I’m being personally interviewed I only talk with reporters who have credentials and won awards. The best for the best. However, after the whole cheating debacle and being assigned here, I hadn’t gotten as many interview requests I once did. Aside from a few newbie reporters, in the past month you were the only reporter with some form of reputation that asked for an interview so, itching to get my story out, I settled with letting you do the interview."

Gee, thanks. Before we get to that cheating debacle, I would like to ask how you view yourself. What does Chadley think of Chadrick Woolsworth Tuffington IV?

"Chadley thinks he’s great. *smiles* In all seriousness, I’m a complicated Neopian with many nuances. I’m popular, so popular infact that I often feel I’m by myself. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, when you’re as great as me even being by myself feels like you’re on top of the world. But back to my point, because I’m by myself on my pedestal I see things from a different point of view, up above everyone else. And what do I see when I glance down you may wonder? Well aside my adoring fans, I see those who aren’t. If you can believe it, there are those who aren’t swayed by my perfect smile! What a travesty, these poor Neopians are robbing themselves of a chance to appreciate the gift that is me! So I have taken upon myself to go through great endeavors to make everyone know how great I am. You are all very welcomed."

Right... And I’m guessing it was one of these "great endeavors" that resulted in your cheating?

"Well it all started back at the first Daily Dare I hosted. That dweeb AAA went off to camp and so little Abigail invited me to take his place as Game Master. Back then Abigail was smart, she was a member of my fan club, and she knew me being Game Master was the perfect opportunity to spread my adoration. I did a great job as host, maybe a bit too great. You see, sometimes when you stand near greatness you get the misconception you’re also great. That leads you wanting more greatness and turning on the Neopian who actually is the great one. This was the fate that befell poor Abigail, being my co-host was just too much for her and she got jealous. Though as an odd twist, instead of thinking herself as the best it was for some reason AAA she thought was and secretly asked him to come back early from camp. I assured AAA everything was alright, but AAA was one of those Neopians who I said never let themselves be dazzled by my smile. I mean, dweebs need someone to look up to, right? Well, while I tried remaining calm and cool, AAA viciously attacked me and sent me flying into the Roo Island sea. That’s when I knew what I had to do."

What did you have to do? What happened after landing in the sea?

"I realized I created a monster. With my popularity, Daily Dare skyrocketed into the public conscious. As I said, greatness overwhelms the great-less and now both the Avinroos and their cousin were wielding a force they did not understand. I knew to restore balance I needed to take back Daily Dare and knock down the Avinroo family a few pegs. After getting picked up by my family’s yacht I spent years planning my return, watching and waiting for my opportunity. During this time I decided to home school, painfully robbing my classmates of my presence but for the greater Neopia I had to make that sacrifice. It was also then I discovered a problem, my plan was so great that it would take two of me to accomplish: one to handle the preparations for Daily Dare and another to do the actual playing. There was no way I could change the plan, I needed to find a way to either clone myself or make one of the tasks easier."

So that’s when you decided to cheat? How did you come across the way to do so?

"Actually I was originally going to go with the cloning plan. I mean, come on, two of me? How great would that be! But upon picking through my father’s sources to see if there was any scientists who could do that, I came across a report which led me to getting in contact with someone that let me just enter a score for any game without needing to play it. Now that I didn’t need to play any of the games I was able to focus on just the preparation. *smiles*"

Mind filling us on the details what the report of your father’s said? Actually, why did your father have a report that led you to a cheating device? Who are your father’s sources? Who was the contact that gave you the cheating device?

"Whoa now! I would watch what questions you ask if I were you! (Chadley smacked the desk he was sitting at with a fist, his smile turned to an angry sneer. But upon seeing my shocked face, or maybe it was his reflection on the window, he quickly reverted back to his signature smile) Um, sorry about that. This interview is about me, right? Not my dad. I would say if you want to know about dad than go talk to him, but he’s really not one to talk with reporters. Any who try he shows a ring with an "S" on it too and they quickly turn away. Got it?

... Got it.

"Well, visiting time is over and I guess that means this interview is too. Guards, show him out, or do I need to get my father?"

As Chadley got up and walked away a shadow of a Grarrl guard hovered over me. I got yanked out of my chair and practically pushed out the door of the detention center. I had a feeling Chadley wouldn’t be up for a follow-up interview tomorrow and didn’t want to try, between the guards and what I just learned about the Tuffington family. I think it’s time I moved onto the second part of my article: getting quotes and opinions from those who know Chadley. Now I could have just asked AAA, Abigail, and Lulu; but I thought that would be too easy and wanted to hear more varying opinions on Chadley. But with that said:

Abigail (Game Master, Co-host of Daily Dare, & former Chadley fan)

"Really? After this and the other Daily Dare with Chadley do I really need to tell you how I, my brother, and Lulu feel about him? I guess we are the only few Neopians who aren’t charmed by him, well at least not anymore. Look, I am not going to judge you if you like Chadley, but if you do let me just warn you to never meet him. I used to like Chadley, Lulu too, but then I asked him to co-host Daily Dare and that’s when I really learned who Chadley was. That confidence comes with a large ego, if it had a gravitational field everything would orbit around him like he thinks it does. AAA never liked him, somehow he knew. I wonder what clued him in. I think it began after the first Games Master Challenge, when AAA first introduced himself to all of Neopia. After that he got popular, enough for Chadley to notice and they had a private conversation. At the time I thought AAA was so lucky, I even got annoyed when he didn’t get me an autograph, but thinking back AAA seemed real sour afterwards. Well, more than he usually is. I think me and Lulu has some investigating to do, bye."

Princess Fernypoo (Pro Cheat! player & high ranking member of the Chadley Fan Club)

"Oh poor Chadley, it truly does take another aristocrat, such as myself, to understand how he could have resorted to such a drastic decision. Do not mistake I or those of us in the Chadley Fan Club, we know what he did was wrong. However, the media and descended class citizens have been unfairly ruthless against him, going as far as even saying he may not be as charming as his smile. The very thought gets I in a tizzy. I ask you, aside from cheating, what else wrong has Chadley done? Has Chadley every hurt anyone? The answer to both is "no". Chadley is concentrated on himself, some throw around the word "egotist", but it’s not from naught. Chadley is a Tuffington, and not just any Tuffington, a Woolsworth Tuffington. His family are aristocrats, his ancestors having served as dukes and counts in royal courts. He has appearances to keep, and it’s difficult to keep up appearances when you have a family of jesters trying to make you look like the fool. All he’s trying to do is use his charm and smile to garner respect, and as a side result, make Neopians happy. Is that so wrong?"

Cheat Monster (Punisher of cheaters)

"DO NOT CHEAT! I EAT CHEATERS! *I ask why he didn’t eat Chadley than, at safe distance away* ... The boy’s father has the ring, his punishment shall be carried out by another. *With him calmer, I asked for his thoughts on Chadley since he volunteered to be quoted*" I have no opinion of the boy, ESPECIALLY AFTER HE CHEATED! I just wanted to get the message out. Cheaters take away trophies from honest Neopians. Cheaters create excess NP and items throwing the economy into chaos. Cheaters care nothing but for themselves. THEY MAKE ME SO ANGRY! *The flames around him increase in size and intensity before calming. I ask if he has personally been wronged by a cheater* I am the anger of those who work hard to only be knocked down by a cheater’s arrogance. I am the sadness of those whose goals were crushed or pushed back from a cheater’s greed. I am the irritation of those who had to deal with a cheater’s negligence. And I am the justice of cheater’s being caught and punished. I. AM. THE. CHEAT MONSTER! *Not sure where else to go with this, I ask about his opinion on the card game Cheat!* WAS THAT A JOKE? DO YOU FIND THIS FUNNY? CHEATERS TASTE THE BEST BUT THOSE WHO ARE DISRESPECTFUL ARE SECOND ON THE MENU! *As I run away I feel the intensity of the Cheat Monster’s flames surround him before vanishing giving his final words* DO NOT CHEAT!

Think I’m going to stay away from interviewing monsters of elemental or theological construct. That ends this edition of Character Re-Introductions! I can now confirm that Chadley is as egotistical as everyone, or at least his critics, says he is. Though it seems there is more to the Tuffington than we see on the service, not that they’re about to reveal it. We also got a hint where AAA’s rivalry with Chadley might have started, the opinions of his fan club who stand by him, and a reminder not to cheat from the Cheat Monster. See you next Character Introduction, until then play honestly and play safe!

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