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Pretty Kitty’s Adventures: A Trip Back Home!

by pandacat838


      Hey remember me? Why, I’m none other than the most adorable Kadoatie here in Faerieland, or at least Jenn, my owner, certainly says so (hence the name Pretty Kitty, right?). Oh you, stop giving me that perplexed look, if we’re strangers now, we certainly won’t be by the time I’m done telling you about the latest and greatest thing in my life right now. Jenn and I are planning a trip back to my hometown --- none other than the ever lovely Neopia Central of course. Let’s start off with all the great things to do in Neopia, featuring nothing less than the story of how Jenn and I first met, shall we?

      The story goes that when Jenn was a little girl, she owned a quaint but cozy Neohome on the outskirts of Neopia Central and eagerly engaged in the festivities around town. There was never a dull moment, between watching ambitious Neopians run back and forth between the bank and the auction house, to laughing at the poor Neopets fighting over donations at the money tree, chatting with the shopkeepers from the Neopian Plaza, and occasionally splurging on a book from the wise blue Nimmo in that bookstore stuffed from ceiling to floor. Her favourite place however, was the Rainbow Pool, where she would blissfully watch as Neopets took a splash, before emerging with a brand new look. Each Neopet was special and unique, but what remained unchanged was the sparkle in their eye as they walked away. Of course, I’d like to argue that her favourite place of all --- as much as she might deny it --- was well, that burger shaped shop where she was sure to be found stuffing her face on most days, nights, and did I forget afternoons? While other Neopians were running back and forth between the Neopian bank and the auction house, I’d bet she was running between the bank and the food shop! Shh, don’t tell her I said that or else I might not get the Happy Anniversary Negg she’s been hiding in the cupboard!

      Now, I suppose I should move onto the best part of the story --- where I make my grand entrance! Well, as you might have expected from someone with close to no sense of direction, it wasn’t long before Jenn, in search of the burger shop, took a wrong turn too many, and ended up in front of none other than the petpet shop! I’m not sure if it was my fortune or hers in that she finally decided to walk inside and sheepishly ask for directions back to the most identifiable shop in town. Needless to say, she was immediately captivated by my appeal, and how absolutely angelic I looked with my sparkling blue eyes and lovely blue fur to match.

      “Pretty Kitty,” the shopkeeper had said, saving me the need for any formal introductions. “Suits her really, inside and out.”

      I still remember the look she gave me upon hearing the description, one eyebrow raised, expression stern, as if she was skeptical of the shopkeeper’s words (they would prove to be true, in case you were wondering).

      “Pretty --- on the inside? By that, you must surely mean pain in the neck, like the ones in the Kadoatery!”

      Yet behind it all, I could sense the beginnings of a smile, soon erupting into a laugh that even reached her eyes and made them sparkle with delight.

      I smiled back, and that was that. No amount of my late-night wailing (that’s after 11pm NST, or any time the lights are off, just in case you were curious), would be able to dissuade her from calling me her own.

      She paid a pretty penny for me – Jenn claims that she survived on Trifle Mix, Mushy Peas and Blandfish for the next 3 days afterwards (while I ate my fair share of chia pops, neggs and kadoatie biscuits), but hey, I was r99, the rarest and prettiest petpet in town, and that meant I was worth every Neopoint and then some.

      Of course, we’ve had our fair share of disagreements. For one, Jenn’s visits to the Kadoatery were now few and in between. Totally reasonable, right? Why would she want to feed a Kadoatie there, when she could just feed me instead --- she didn’t need any more trophies when I was the best trophy there was (not to mention that she already had what, 268 feeds to her name?).

      There was also the incident with the Warf next door. Once again, not my fault, since that silly petpet just wouldn’t stop barking. Chasing me was all his idea, and why was his owner complaining over the fact that he was too slow and I was too smart to be any real competition? And to think that he was a top candidate for Warf Rescue team!

      This is probably where Jenn would chime in about how much it costs to own the prettiest kitty in town, but really, it’s not so bad! I do need to be fed 3 times a day, and at least once a week, I’d like a special treat, nothing fancy just maybe --- a Happy Anniversary Negg or two, a Tigersquash Custard, a Starry Cupcake or I’ll even settle for the good old Illusens Family Recipe Cake. Slightly higher rarity stuff, but worth it when it’s for a petpet like me, and it….it doesn’t add up to be all that much, does it?

      Oh right, there’s also well, let’s call it Neohome maintenance costs. The lights need to be on, all the time. Not exactly an issue in broad daylight, so it’s only after sunset where…where I’d like my surroundings to be bright, kind of like how I brighten up the days of everyone around me. Yes, the lights must be on all the time, or else you’ll receive a kind and gentle reminder in the form of friendly wailing.

      Okay, okay, I know what you’re thinking, but we get along fine, I promise. It definitely could be a lot worse – I mean, at least I wasn’t one of those Kadoaties who mew incessantly until someone pays Jenn to take me away. I know some manners, thank you very much, and plus, I look nothing like a Mutant Kadoatie!

      “Pretty Kitty, are you ready?”

      Oh there’s Jenn calling for me, better not keep her waiting, right? It sure was fun telling you how we met, but there’s a trip waiting for me and I sure wouldn’t mind a visit to the food shop myself (rumor has it that’s where Containers of Purple Liquid stock!!).

      “Pretty Kitty!” Her voice was more urgent this time. “Are you still sleeping? I thought you were a Kadoatie, not a Plumpy!”

      Ugh, there she is again. She always seems to think I’m either eating or asleep, but honestly I think that’s just her. If anything, I’d much prefer to be a Devilpuss, and I don’t think they sleep much at all.

      “I’ll be there in a second --- just give me /one/ second!” I mewed sweetly. The trip of a lifetime, and there was no way I was going to miss it (not that she’d dare to leave without me!)

      And look, we’re off --- Neopia Central, here I come!

      First stop…

      First stop? First stop?



      (One Container of Purple Liquid please!!!)


      The End.

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