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Gregory goes fishing

by _interrupted_


      Gregory the Gelert loves nothing more than preparing a delicious picnic, which is of course filled with his favorite treats. A Cheese And Pickle Sandwich or two, an assortment of Candies from across Neopia and what can only be described as a lifetime supply of Neocola. This marvelous grub is carefully placed in a beautiful basket, that any Gelert would be envious of. This picnic is truly perfect for a day of fishing, Thought Gregory. Which everybody knows Gelerts love to do.

      Now Gregory isn't particularly gifted when it comes to fishing, although he knows the basics, a decent fishing rod – check and plenty of bait – check. Now all he needs to do is dig out the classic Fishing Made Easy novel, which he knows that somewhere amongst all the clutter sits the dusty book that will inform him of how to snag the great treasures that hide deep below the water ripples and make him a famous angler... or at least a good one.

      He stumbles around trying to find the book, never have you seen such a sight! Finally his paws grabbed hold of it, very tightly. There is no way he's dropping this and losing it again. Gregory then sits on a small wooden stool which is positioned in a way that gave him a beautiful view of the garden and wildlife that scurries around. This is a splendid way to spend the afternoon, So he began to read. After countless sighs and a few head scratches, Gregory puts down the book and with a smile stretched across his face, it's clear to see that he is now confident enough to give fishing ago, with that being said he quickly clutches the picnic basket handles along with his fishing rod and dashes off, with fishing and fish like things imprinted into his brain.

      When Gregory arrives by the river, he is eager to have a snack. He lays out a blanket and places the picnic basket down, he hurriedly ingested the delightful treats he had earlier made and guzzled down the Neocola. Now that he a full stomach he is truly ready to try this fishing malarkey. As he grabs the fishing rod, he realizes with deep regret that he had indeed forgotten the bait. What a silly Gelert! He thought and with the quiver of his lip, it is plan to see he is upset. Luckily at that very moment a stranger passed by who saw Gregory's sadness.

      "Hi there, is everything ok?"

      Gregory was startled by this voice, but managed to reply. "Hello, not really. I seem to have forgotten fishing bait."

      "Oh I see, well that’s not a problem." Replied the stranger as he rummages around his rucksack. "here it is, just what you need."

      The stranger Passes Gregory an oval green and white tin. "Open it" Ordered the stranger.

      So he does just that, and to his surprise inside the tin lay bait!

      "Thank you!" Cried Gregory as he smiled. "How very thoughtful of you, can I give you anything in return for this great gesture?"

      The stranger laughed, "I could have gone for some Neocola, but I see you have already drank it all.

      Gregory's face changed to a lovely shade of pink, "I have, Neocola is my favorite drink."

      Again the stranger laughed as he started walking away. "Wait!" Shouted Gregory. The stranger stopped in his tracks and turned around to see the friendly Gelert with a confused look on his face. "May I ask your name, so I can thank you properly?"

      "Sure, my name is Lewis the Lupe." Replied the stranger.

      "Well... thank you once again Lewis." Gregory exclaimed as stranger, now known as Lewis disappears into the shadows of the trees.

      Gregory could not believe his luck!

      He quickly forgot the sadness he felt, and began to prepare the bait for the rod. With an almighty swing the line met the water and Gregory had finally commenced fishing. This is life thought Gregory as he kicked back and enjoyed the peace, nothing to worry about, nothing to hear except the water running down stream and the birds tweeting away.

      A while had passed with no luck of a catch, what was he doing wrong? Others had told him to be patient as sometimes it could take a long time. But surely not this long Gregory hoped. He was just about to give up when out of the blue something pulled at the line... could this be it?

      The answer is no!

      He had reeled in a giant bath plug, what on earth is a Gelert meant to do with a giant bath plug he wondered. This is not something that he expected, a breadfish, a cudefish or any other fish would have done. But instead he is loaded with a plug, a pretty large one at that. What a day it had been, he was tired and fed up so he decided to pack his belongings and head back home, after all he had a crossword puzzle he was itching to complete. As he gathered all of his items he turned back to look at the river, "I wish for just once, I could do something right." Cried Gregory as a tear fell from his left eye and ran down his cheek.

      He started to walk home feeling glum and a little embarrassed, he had bragged about how he was going to be famous and catch the mystical Neopet Eating Carp, but instead has only this junk to show off.

      Gregory heard a noise in the distance, its sound like crying therefore he had to go check it out. He started a fast walk that turned into a run, when suddenly he came to a holt.

      "LEWIS" Shout Gregory with confusion. "Why are you crying?"

      "There is a leak in the school roof, and you see we don’t have the funds for it to be fixed." Said Lewis With great sadness.

      Lewis continued "The children can not play and learn until we manage to get it fixed."

      Now Gregory wanted to help out in anyway that he could, but how can a Gelert be so helpful. He had no riches to buy a new roof nor had to skills to fix it.

      "I know!" Yelled Gregory, with excitement and glee as he pulls at his basket.

      "I have this, a giant bath plug. It’s a little rusty and old, but I'm sure it will fit the roof and hold off the rain."

      "Oh, well this is just perfect. It will do nicely." Replied Lewis.

      The pair gathered help and together they managed to get the plug onto the school roof, the children were ecstatic and showered Gregory with cards, gifts and candies.

      "hip hip hooray for Gregory!" Sang the children as they began to run and play.

      This friendly little Gelert is now talk of the town about how he saved the school with his junky find. Gregory though the day couldn’t get any better as he turned to go home, but in that instance a certain Lupe shouted. "Thank you kind Sir, you will go down in history. These children need school to learn and grow. We are truly grateful for all the help you provided."

          To this day Gregory and Lewis are still friends, and often meet at the river to talk about life and how it would be different if it wasn’t for the giant bath plug.

      The End.

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