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To collect or not to collect

by water_park1993


Collecting items is fun, especially when your budget can handle it. There are thousands of items to collect in the whole of Neopia! Items which contain a word that you like such as ‘asparagus’ or other items, more random, such as items which solely come from Shenkuu This article is dedicated to guiding you through the fantastic world of item collecting. It is so lovely spending your Neopoints, so let's spend it on something fun! Sit back, grab some popcorn and read the guide to become a Real Collector!

Getting and spending your Neopoints

Those round, gold, clinking things...

This is the first and arguably the most difficult step. Everything is based on these; Neopoints...Are you low on coins? Do your pockets need dusting? Then you should play some games! A great way to earn Neopoints is to set a goal of, let's say, 60,000 Neopoints per day. That way, in five days you will have 300,000 Neopoints to spend on items you want to buy! Try to play different games, so you don't get bored very quickly. There are various guides to become better at games, so you can get easily gain 3,000 Neopoints from each game daily. Give them a shot; they are worth it. Are you bad at games? Or are you just too tired of them? Then another great way to earn Neopoints is restocking. It might be hard at first, but afterwards, restocking will be both profitable and fun. Try to go for unbuyable items, but of course, any good restock means a good profit! Site competitions are also a good way to roll in the Neopoint! Competitions such as the World Challenges for games, or creative contests, such as the Poetry Gallery, the Art Gallery and Storytelling. Enter lots of them in order to win prizes, which can sell for Neopoints afterwards. If you are talented then use your skill for your opportunity! (And then who knows? Maybe you will become an Art/Poetry gallery or Storyteller regular). Why don't you take a look in your Safety Deposit Box? I am sure you will find some items, even items that are now rare and unbuyable, that you can sell. Site events and Tarla be your friend here. Keep the awarded prizes for some time, and the sell them off for more! Remember, slowly and steadily gets there first!

Turning your Fandom into a collection

Surround yourself in the things you love!

Deciding on your theme might be the second hardest part in the whole 'Journey to become a Collector'. So many theme ideas pop in your mind, that you have no idea which one to choose. Why don't you just sit back and think? You can try thinking of things that make you who you are on Neopets. You might be a complete Kadoatie feeding addict, who has a goal to feed 1337 kads. But after all that, what? One of many hobbies you could take on is collecting! How does creating a Kadoatery-themed gallery sound to you? Galleries are a perfect way to express yourself! Or if your tastes lean toward just that one particular item, you could even decide to just collect just that, a hundred times! See, if you really want 1337 Kadoaties all of your own, you should go for it! Setting high, achievable goals for yourself is the perfect way to keep yourself focused! Let's just think again... What's your nickname? Is it 'Honey'? Then why don't you consider starting a gallery with 'honey' items? You don't like the idea? Let's think of something else... Is your favourite game 'Crisis Courier'? Then why don't you start a fabulous gallery with items that can only be found in the game? Still not happy with your decision? Then let's take on a different perspective! You got a passion for Grundos? Gnorbus? How about Kacheeks? There is always the opportunity to start a Pet themed gallery. Although you must always remember that many people like to collect pet items, therefore if you are going for the Gallery spotlight trophy, you would better buy a lot of items. There is always the opportunity to enter the Spotlight on certain themed days; your choice!

See how easy it is to decide a theme? Just...be yourself and then everything comes naturally!

Spicing up your gallery with some pretty coding and some nice graphics!

Backgrounds, cursors, blinkies!

It's all well and fine that you've collected everything you needed, but if your gallery is visually unattractive, you're not going to get many fans. An appealing layout can go a long way, especially when trying to gather fans, as well as for your own satisfaction and sense of completeness. There are many places where you can snap yourself up a premade layout (with credit), however learning how to code yourself isn't that difficult. On the site, an HTML guide exists, providing you with some handy skills for constructing your own page. But depending on your circumstances, finding the appropriate graphics to use may be a new challenge. There are plenty of places to search for images; like in old caption contests, the fun images page etc. But remember, you can only use official Neopets images. Taking art drawn by other users is not allowed, unless of course you have their permission to use it, which leads onto another way to get your images: art request, or even drawing them yourself. Try asking around the Art boards, or Neomailing some artists if you would like a picture drawn for you. You'll find there are quite a few people out there willing to do a favour for another. If you are planning on making your own images, make sure you have a graphics editing program; anything will do. If you're not yet confident with your artistic abilities, you could try looking at a few tutorials beforehand. There are many helpful ones out there!

Hopefully this article helped you, by igniting the fire inside you to become a collector! Looking forward to seeing anyone who read the guide win the Gallery Spotlight competition. Keep trying and remember, to become a real collector you need to enjoy what you do, and all the items you collect!

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