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Roo Island: The perfect day vacation!

by djleclair


Sometimes you just want to take your pets on vacation but you don’t have the time (or the Neopoints) to take them away to anywhere fancy! Well Roo Island is the perfect place for just that! Pack up your Neopets and take them to Roo Island for a days amazing vacation full of fun and excitement!

What to pack:

Pack lightly! You don’t need much for your days vacation. Just make sure to bring some sunscreen (you don’t want your poor pets to get a burn do you?) and also be sure to bring one of your picnic baskets! Personally, we recommend the either the green or red picnic hampers! If you have it, it wouldn’t to bring along your green or red picnic blankets as well! Roo Island doesn’t have many options for food (they don’t even have 1 to be exact!) so you won’t want to forget this!

What you should expect:

Heading over to Roo Island you should expect nothing short of fun adventures for you and your pets! As long as you have packed and brought everything you should have you are in for the best day ever! Please be aware that blumaroos tend to be very excited and very social with everyone! They will be beyond welcoming (it may even annoy you some, but it sounds better than taking your chances over in the Haunted Woods right?)

What to do when you get there:

It may still be a bit chilly on Roo Island when you first get there in the morning. To keep your pets happy and occupied you can take them on over to the Art Gallery to explore all of the beautiful art pieces sent to the gallery by it’s fans! If you aren’t much into the art scene, there is also the Storytelling Competition! You can either submit your own story for a chance to be featured or you can just sit back, relax with some coffee from the famous coffee shop (we recommend the Coffee in a Cone for an easy to carry around delicious coffee) and read some stories!

As it starts to heat up a bit more and you are ready to adventure further into Roo Island, don’t forget to stop by the Merry Go Round! For a measly 50 Neopoints (per pet that is) you can let your pets take a ride! Not only is it super fun, but it is also proven to improve their moods! (the Merry Go Round is also a great option for if your pets are feeling down in the dirt and need a mood lift)

In the event your pets are terrified and don’t want to ride the Merry Go Round, you can also take them over to the one and only games room! Filled with a massive amount of games there is sure to be a few games your pets want to play! As a bonus, you and your pets can make some Neopoints in the games room to take back home with you! Maybe one of them will even be good at the daily featured game earning you double the amount of Neopoints!

Of course after your pets have made themselves some Neopoints playing in the Games Room, they will be just itching to spend them! (who wouldn’t?) You have a few different options here! You can take them over to the Spring Shop full of fun springy toys to shop around a bit. (our favorites are the springy green slorg and the spring skeith toy.) Just be sure not to let them spend all of their Neopoints! You’ll want to have some saved up for when you head over to the Souvenirs Shop! When in the shop you can find all sorts of wonderful items! Our favorites are the fluffy blue dice; fluffy golden dice, fluffy green dice, fluffy red dice, and of course the fluffy silver dice! These die have a special place in every ones hearts as they are the same die that continue to haunt players across Neopia in the game dice-a-roo with it’s elusive random avatar! So why not get some fluffy identical ones you can take home and show off instead!

Towards the end of the day:

When the sun starts to go down and your pets (and you!) are getting a bit worn out there are still a few things left to do before you head home! For a relaxing evening walk on over to the How To Draw area in Roo Island! You and your pets can learn how to draw Neopets, petpets, faeries, and a few other random characters and items! While your pets draw and burn off more of that energy feel free to sit back and relax! (maybe even have another cup of coffee before your trip back home.) You can also check out some poetry over at the poetry contest, but don’t fret! You don’t need to worry about submitting your own poetry, you can just relax and read poetry other people have written! Before you leave Roo Island for the night, it never hurts to stop by the dice-a-roo tournament hall and let your pets get rid of any remaining energy! For only 5 Neopoints a go they can play the (frustrating) game and even try to get the avatar! But no worries if not, you did already buy them some fluffy dice to take home, didn’t you? By this point you should notice all of your pets getting nice and sleepy, which means it is time to head home!

Now your pets had a great fun-filled vacation and you didn’t have to take any extra time off or spend too many of your hard earned Neopoints to do so!

What to do if your pets don’t want to leave:

Occasionally, you may find that one of your pets (possibly all of them) have fallen in love with the fun time they had hanging out with the nice blumaroos all day in the sunshine. (we do not take any blame for this for the record, we didn’t force you to bring them! ) In this event, you may want to consider heading over to the Roo Island Properties building (located near the Poetry Contest) and look into buying a new Neohome in Roo Island to keep your pets nice and happy! All in all, Roo Island is an amazing place to take a day vacation and we (know) hope you enjoyed your time there!

Also by vltra_svr.

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