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The Most Ex-SITE-ing Site Event Trophies

by andrewo94


A hallmark of being a member of the Neopian community is participation in site events. Every year, users band together to participate in site-wide events that test one’s puzzle solving or gaming skills. One of my favorite parts of these events are the trophies typically awarded at the end. I have loved seeing my ‘Site Events Trophies’ section of my user lookup expand over the years with such unique and exciting trophies that remind me of some of my favorite memories throughout my time on Neopets. With this admiration in mind, I have decided to go through the various site event trophies over the years and to pick out some of my favorite user lookup rewards. This report is not necessarily a review of the events themselves, but of the uniqueness and design of the trophy sets awarded for each event. I have listed these event trophies in no particular order so without further ado, let’s jump right in with our first set of trophies!

Hannah and the Ice Caves

Waaaay back in 2004, a war broke out between Hannah supporters and supporters of the Thieves Guild. Depending on which side one chose, one would receive a trophy from one of two sets. The first set, for siding with Hannah in this conflict, was based around various levels of intricacy for a compass. The second set, for siding with the Thieves Guild, was a wanted poster featuring various members of the guild. The level of trophy one received was based on the degree of participation and battling done throughout the event. These site event trophies are some of my favorites for a couple reasons. The first being that this is the first site event trophy featured on my lookup. While I have almost no recollection of actually participating in this event since it occurred only a few months after I joined the site, it is a nice reminder of my earlier days on Neopets. Even back then, I sided with the ‘good guys’ (Hannah) which I will usually still do in newer site events. The second reason I enjoy the trophies awarded for this event is the fact that there are two sets of trophies based on the team joined. While I have a compass featured on my user lookup for joining Hannah’s team, I actually quite enjoy the trophies awarded for battling with the Thieves Guild. The Thieves Guild ‘wanted poster’ trophies are quite unique and some of the most fun site event trophies in my opinion since they feature different members of the guild with varying reward amounts, with more participation in the event garnering a higher reward. Both sets of trophies are some of my favorites and hold a special place in my memories of Neopia.

The Lost Desert Plot


Ah the Lost Desert Plot back in 2005. While I do not have many memories of participating in the Hannah and the Ice Caves battles, I do have some memories of participating in this plot. Those memories primarily consist of constantly getting lost in the temple and eventually giving up on ever making it through. While my participation in this plot was minimal, I still always love seeing trophies from this set on my lookup and on the lookups of others. The scarab theme that encompasses each layer becomes more and more intricate with increasing levels of participation. Every time I see someone with a golden trophy from this event, I am always hit with a hint of jealously but mostly an overwhelming admiration of all the work that went into getting that trophy. I also think the titles for the various levels of trophies are some of the more interesting titles as well. “Sand Mite”, “Qasalan Archaeologist”, and “Aegis of Sakhmet” are a few of the titles that stand out for this set of trophies. These trophies are definitely a fitting reward for such a complex and puzzling desert plot.

The Return of Dr. Sloth

From the desert to outer space! In 2008, Neopia experienced Dr. Sloth’s return and it was up to Gorix, Clara, and the Resistance to stop him. This is the one of the first Neopian plots that I can say I fully participated in, reaching the rank of “Neo Elite” (Wooho!). My main memories from this plot involve spending hours trying to crack the codes to get the secret message from the resistance, and the jubilation from finally solving the puzzle! The trophies from this event are various iterations on rocket ships and UFOs that completely capture the essence of the plot. My favorite in this set has to be the “Defender of the Cosmos” trophy, the highest level obtainable during this event. First, the title of this trophy, “Defender of the Cosmos” is completely epic, who would not want that title on their user lookup. Second, the trophy itself just exudes a sense of immensity and distinction. Saving Neopia from Dr. Sloth is no small feat and the trophies in this set to reward Neopians who helped are a just reward.

Altador Cup II

With all the transformations and changes the Altador Cup has gone through, Altador Cup II seems like it was ages ago. This edition of the Altador Cup holds a special place in my Altador Cup memory since it introduced the team that I would go on to join in every single subsequent edition of the event, Shenkuu. Shenkuu also did fairly well for its first appearance in the tournament, finishing third overall! While Shenkuu’s good showing may have played a small part in my decision to include this set of Altador Cup trophies in this report, I genuinely think the design of these trophies is pretty fantastic. The trophies for being a starting player on one of the top three teams (Darigan Citadel, Roo Island, and Shenkuu) are quite extraordinary and even the trophies for being a reserve player on each of those teams is an exciting reward. While anyone who was not on one of the top three teams received the participation medal, the participation medal for this Altador Cup was not half-bad either. Overall, I think where this set of trophies stands out is in the “Starting Player” versions for each of the top three teams. This has to be one of my favorite trophies that is currently displayed on my user lookup.

Gamesmaster Challenge 2010

The final set of trophies on this list are, unfortunately, from an event in which I could not participate. Nonetheless, I can still admire the creativity that went into designing the trophies for the Gamesmaster Challenge in 2010. Each level of trophy (eight in total) is completely different. Each trophy level showcases a different game that was featured in this edition of the Gamesmaster Challenge, with the highest tier trophy being a medley of the games combined with a statue AAA. I believe the creativity and uniqueness shown in every level of this trophy set should be commended and I enjoy each of the different tier levels for different reasons. While I do not have any trophies from this event featured on my user lookup, I truly appreciate all of trophies that users received for their participation in this AAA challenge.

Site events are always exciting times in Neopia. For the duration of these events, Neopians everywhere focus almost all their attention on the puzzle or task at hand in the hopes that they will be rewarded for their efforts. While this report only highlights five sets of trophies received from these events, there are countless more trophy sets that have been awarded over the years that are just as unique. So what do you think of this list? What are some of your favorite site event trophies? I am excited to see what wacky and unique trophies we will receive from future events in Neopia!

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