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Martin's Unfortunate Quest

by pokemon4ever45


      It was a gloomy day in the Haunted Woods. The wind howled as it blew past the Brain Tree. Crokabek's cawed from their perches on the bare branches of the trees. Dry leaves raced across the ground. A Mynci trudged along, struggling to walk against the wind. A storm was brewing.

      "Ugh, why did I agree to do an Edna Quest in this weather?" Martin the Striped Mynci groaned, thinking up a string of curses against his owner as he trudged along, eyes closed and hand in front of his face, shielding it from the wind. He jumped at a sudden flash of lightning, followed by a boom of thunder. "Yipe!" Martin then ran, looking for somewhere, anywhere, to hide.

      He passed Eliv Thade's, Spooky Petpets, and even the Gypsy Camp. Where at least he would have gotten shelter from the storm from the kind gypsies.

      "Forget that Quest, I'm outta here!" The Mynci thought as rain began pouring down, soaking him. Cracking his brown eyes open against the wind and rain, he spotted a cave. "There! Shelter!" Martin scurried over as fast as he could to the cave., ignoring the 'Warning, No Trespassers' Sign by the entrance. Once he was inside, he shook the water out of his fur, then opened his eyes, and gasped at the sight before him.

      Neopoints. Piles of them as far as the eye could see. Martin gasped in delight as a tiny purple Dragoyle fluttered out from somewhere among the piles and landed at his feet. The little purple dragon chirped and fluttered it's wings shyly as it looked up at the Mynci, begging for attention. "Hey, what are you doing in here little guy?" Martin chuckled and bent down to pat the Dragoyle on the head. Just as his paw was about to touch the Dragoyle, something stopped him.

      "Don't touch him!" A voice roared, shaking the cavern and causing some of the Neopoints to fall from the piles. "Figment! get back here!" the same voice growled out. Martin 'eeped' and fell backwards, scurrying back as the Dragoyle chirped sadly in apology and fluttered towards the noise. Looking up, Martin's eyes widened in fear at the sight of the large Darigan Chomby lounging on the largest pile of coins, the Dragoyle returning to it's master's side.

      "Who are you?" The dragon growled, then his red eyes narrowed as he rose up, "HOW DARE YOU INTRUDE UPON MY CAVERN!" the Chomby roared. The Mynci began to shake in fear, "I-I-I d-didn't know this c-cave was occupied....I-I just wanted shelter from the rain.." Dragondark snarled, he hated when other pets entered his cave, this hoard was his and his alone. "Fine, but leave when the storm is over, and tell NO ONE about this place."

      Martin gulped and could only nod, shaking like crazy from fear. He backed away as far from the Dragon as possible, and settled against the wall. Dragondark snorted smoke out of his nostrils and settled back on his bed of coins, turning away from the Mynci.

      The Mynci curled up and closed his eyes. Hoping that when he woke up the storm would have ended. He didn't even notice when the Purple Dragoyle slowly approached, then curled up next to him. The two didn't even notice the thunder growling outside.

      Several hours later, the rain finally stopped. The thunder went from sounding like a hungry Skeith's belly, to sounding more like a quietly purring Angelpuss as the storm moved on. Martin, seeing his chance to escape, ran out of the cave opening and ran like his life depended on it to Edna's Tower.

      Dragondark looked when he heard the Mynci leave. "Finally that stupid Mynci is gone. I thought he would never leave." He muttered to his petpet, who chirped and snuggled up to his owner. Dragondark gave a rarely seen smile and nuzzled his tiny petpet.

      Once he got to the top of the tower, Martin bent over, panting, before entering Enda's chambers. Inside, the elderly green furred Zafara in a witches outfit who was known for her potion making and the infamous 'Edna Avatar' was cackling while stirring a cauldron and adding random ingredients. "Eye of Mortog, Snorkle Snout, a little Droolik Drool for flavor..." She said to herself.

          Edna grinned as the Striped Mynci entered the room, "Ah, Martin," She cackled as she walked over to embrace her Nephew, "I was wondering if you'd come today. Come for a quest, dearie?" Martin nodded, "Y-yes, Auntie Edna..." The Mynci stuttered out, trying to ignore her embrace by not looking at his Green Zafara Aunt.

      "Excellent!" Edna said, then put her hands on her hips, still holding her wooden spoon. "Martin," she said, "I need you to go and get a scale from the Darigan Chomby who lives in the nearby cave." Martin squeaked, "y-you know about t-the Chomby?" Edna cackled again, "Of course I do, Sonny! every one in the Haunted Woods does. Why do you ask?" The mynci gulped, "W-well...I got caught in a storm on the way here and needed shelter. I ended up in his cave and stayed until the rain stopped. He's not the most hospitable fellow..." He shuddered.

      Edna walked over and whacked her Nephew on the head with her spoon, "Well go get that scale! I need it for my latest potion, 'Bubbling Amulet of Aisha Charming'." Rubbing his sore head and muttering about his crazy Aunt, Martin turned tail and ran, his Aunt's evil cackling ringing in his ears as he ran down the tower steps in the direction of the cave. Leaving his Aunt to mutter about her disobedient Nephew and go back to her work.

      Nervously peeking in, Martin saw that the Chomby was thankfully sleeping, and slowly and quietly crept in. "I hope that Dragoyle doesn't show up..." He thought as he approached the largest pile of Neopoints. Slowly reaching up, he tried to carefully pluck a scale off the dragon's tail, but the Darigan Chomby woke with a start, giving a roar of pain from the scale being pulled off before turning and seeing who had caused him pain. "YOU!" He roared. "Ahhhhhh!" Martin screamed before taking off, coins sliding under his feet as he took off.


      Dragondark roared again before shooting a flame from his mouth at the retreating Mynci, just barely missing scorching the fleeing pet's tail as Martin beat a hasty retreat, comepletely forgetting the scale and the quest as he ran home. "I'm sorry, Aunt Edna, but I can't do this..." Martin thought to himself as he ran. Back to his home in Neopia Central.

      From that day on Martin knew to never disturb a dragon guarding it's hoard.

      As for Edna? She waited in her lair for Martin to return, pacing and muttering 'where is that boy?' and 'when he get's here he's in so much trouble'. And when he didn't return? "MARTIN! I'M GOING TO TURN YOU INTO A BLECHY!" her screech could be heard all throughout the Haunted Woods.

          Some things to remember:

      - don't try to steal from a Dragon.

      Especially when they act like the Snowager.

      Also never do Edna Quest's if Edna is your Aunt.     

The End.

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