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The Most Valuable Prizes from Your Dailies

by andrewo94


We all have our routines when we log on to this site, and typically these routines include visiting various Neopian locations that offer daily (“dailies” as they are commonly caused). These activities offer a wide range of prizes and Neopoints that certainly make them worthwhile. However, every once in a blue moon one can win an extremely valuable prize worth thousands or even millions of Neopoints. These types of prizes are incredibly rare but if one is lucky enough to receive one of these items, it makes something like visiting Coltzan’s Shrine every day for years completely worth it! In this article, I will go through some of the most valuable and rare items one can win from various dailies and discuss why they are so valuable. This article will list items in no particular order so let’s get right into it!

Please note that this list is not exhaustive only includes items that are exclusive to their respective dailies. There are many other non-exclusive items that can be won from these dailies that are worth just as much and more. Prices are estimates based on my observations and should not be taken as absolute.

Jewelled Negg

Awarded By: The Snowager

Estimated Value: 1,000,000-2,000,000 NPs

The Snowager falls asleep three times per day for only an hour at a time (unless it is the Month of Giving, where he goes into hibernation and is asleep all day). During those times, users can attempt to take a piece of the enormous treasure stash that he guards. There is no guarantee of getting a prize as the Snowager will often wake up and even blast pets with his icy breath. If one does manage to sneak a prize from the stash, there are a variety of exclusive items one can receive. Among them are the Jewelled Negg, an intricate member of the negg family that is sure to astound many. While the uses of this item are fairly limited (would anyone actually eat this!?), the slim chances of being awarded this item make it extremely valuable for collectors and admirers alike.

Underground Tunnel Background

Awarded By: Mysterious Symol Hole

Estimated Value: 20,000,000+ NPs

The Symol Hole is a fairly simple daily where one’s petpets jump, in one of five ways, into a hole and come out a few seconds later. Usually the petpets will come back with nothing but occasionally they will bring back an item. There are quite a few items that come only from the Symol Hole and the Underground Tunnel Background is one of those items. Wearables are often highly coveted by users who want to finish off a perfect customization for one their pets. This background is very unique and perfect for customizations involving and sort of cave or secret lair. If one visits this little hole in Meridell each day, one’s petpet may eventually come up with this prized background.

Flask of Rainbow Fountain Water

Awarded By: Ye Olde Fishing Vortex

Estimated Value: 1,000,000-2,000,000 NPs

The Fishing Vortex is a unique daily in the fact that you get as many chances to fish per day as the number of pets you have, which means you could potentially try your hand at fishing up to four times (five times if you are a Premium member) per day. The Flask of Rainbow Fountain Water will use the magic of the Rainbow Fountain to change the color of your pet to any random other color. The ability of this item to give your pet a new expensive look is where this flask earns its value. This item is a one-use item, which also increases its value. The Flask of Rainbow Fountain Water becomes available as a prize that can be won around level 90, which is not an unreasonable level to train your pet to if you visit the vortex every day. If you have four pets all with a fishing level over 90, you have a greater chance of actually fishing this item out of the water. While this bit of Rainbow Fountain water is completely random in regards to the color it could change your pet, the potential for a rare and expensive color makes this item sought after by many.


Awarded By: Lunar Temple

Estimated Value: 40,000,000+ NPs

The Lunar Temple is one of the more complex dailies that requires a bit of thinking to figure out. However, once one understands the movements of Kreuldor relative to Neopia, one can fairly accurately estimate the phase of the moon each day. One can expect to win a prize every day from this daily, regardless if he or she is correct. The Pygui is only awarded for correctly identifying the current phase of Kreludor and even then is awarded very seldom. This cute little petpet is almost never found on the Trading Post and only a few can be found in galleries. However, if one is lucky enough to correctly identify the phase of Kreludor and receive this rare prize, he or she will find many users willing to pay a handsome sum to acquire this adorable petpet.

Grave Danger Stamp

Awarded By: Grave Danger

Estimated Value: 50,000,000+ NPs

Grave Danger requires users to send their pet’s petpet down into the Catacombs by themselves to search for items (don’t worry they seem to enjoy it!). The petpet will return after a few hours with a random item they found during their time down there. The Grave Danger prize pool includes items exclusive to the daily and those that are not exclusive and can found in Neopian shops. The Grave Danger Stamp is exclusive to this daily and rarely brought back up from the Catacombs. Stamp collecting is a very popular pastime for many Neopians and many users are willing to pay hundreds of millions of Neopoints to complete their collections. Like many other items in this list, this stamp is a one-use item, thereby increasing its value. This stamp is typically only found in the albums of the top stamp collectors and many aspiring collectors are constantly searching for this stamp to show up on the Trading Post.

Bagatelle Joke Book

Awarded By: Bagatelle

Estimated Value: Unknown

Bagatelle is a Deserted Fairground game and is known to be particularly rigged against the player. Due to the rarity of receiving any sort of prize from this game, all prizes exclusive to Bagatelle are fairly valuable. One in particular is the Bagatelle Joke Book. In general, books are usually rare and expensive due to the amount of users reading books to their pets for the trophies and the fact that they disappear (usually) after use. Demand, the one-use nature, and the scarcity of prizes from this daily all contribute to the value of this book. If you are able to land in one of the prize slots with one of your twenty daily tries, you may just find yourself with this incredibly valuable book.

Kings Lens

Awarded By: Coltzan’s Shrine

Estimated Value: 20,000,000+ NPs

Coltzan’s Shrine in the Lost Desert is a memorial to the benevolent King Coltzan III. Each day users can visit the shrine to potentially see an appearance of the spirit of King Coltzan. The King gives out a wide variety of prizes from pet stats to desert foods. One of the rarest and most valuable of those items is the Kings Lens. This item is a Battledome favorite that reflects 50% of Earth, Dark, and Light icons. Many Battledome sets include the Kings Lens because it is extremely effective. Due to the very low chance of actually receiving this item from the shrine and its utility in the Battledome, the Kings Lens is worth a nice sum of Neopoints. If Coltzan graces you with this powerful weapon, you should have no problem finding someone willing to buy it!

Faerie Caverns Stamp

Awarded By: Faerie Caverns

Estimated Value: 60,000,000+ NPs

The Faerie Caverns require a user to navigate through three layers of caves without hitting a dead end in order to find the treasure at the center of the caves. The treasure usually consists of some amount of Neopoints but occasionally will offer an item. The Faerie Caverns Stamp is one such item that is highly coveted by many Neopians. Due to its integral position in the Faerieland stamp album, which grants and avatar for its completion, this stamp is sought after by stamp collectors and avatar collectors alike. It is very difficult to correctly navigate through the caverns to the treasure and even then, the chances of receiving this stamp are very low. One way to increase those chances is to use the Cartogriphication Boon from joining the winning faction the Battleground of the Obelisk. This boon allows one to navigate the caverns to the treasure every time, which would significantly increase the chances to get this item as you are guaranteed at least some sort of prize every time. Its status as an avatar album stamp means this item will be very valuable for the foreseeable future.

The amount and variety of valuable items one can receive from dallies is quite astounding. Almost every daily offers a chance at some extremely rare and expensive items no matter how small that chance may be. I hope this article has made you aware of the riches that can be had from actively doing your dailies. Who knows! Maybe now you will add a new daily or two to your list for a chance at one of these great items!

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