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Neopia’s Best and Worst Dressed Shoyrus!

by spukl1


Hello again wonderful Neopians! It is Miss Prickles the Fashionable Uni here, and have I got news for you! Have you ever wanted, needed, had to know who the best and worst dressed Shoyrus in all of Neopia are? Well, wait no more, I have the report. While all Shoyrus have wonderfully smooth skin (thereby having some of the best complexions out of all of the Neopets), not all of them soar through the air like a gilded Faerie. Now drum roll please because the best dressed Shoyru in all of Neopia is…… not one but three! Making up the greatest band in Neopia, the Yes Boy Ice-Cream shoyrus! Read more below *wink*.

Neopia’s Best Dressed Shoyrus

1. Yes Boy Ice Cream . I promise you this is not a biased opinion. They just happen to be the greatest band in all of Neopia and just happen to have the greatest style out of all the Shoyrus! I guess those things usually go hand in hand. Let it be known, their dance moves make their outfits shine better and brighter. They are so stylish that they even put out their own clothing, and yes, I do have the hat, jacket and shirt (but would never wear all three together because that would be tacky *hoomph*). What make their wardrobe great is that they are smart about it. Inversing the colors of their boots and gloves to match their band mates in a triangle color wheel of awesome is S-M-A-R-T! They also do not forget about cohesion, with the green shades that are all the rage with the young Neopians, they exude cool-ness that only they can achieve. A+ boys!

2. Barry . Barry the little Shoyru gives us premium baby-chic. Let it be noted that Barry wore baby clothes before it was Neo-trendy to wear baby clothes. Thus, Barry known throughout Neopia as one of the top trend setters of his species. His yellow and blue onesie is perfectly comfortable for his favorite hobby: marbles, and his least favorite hobby: saving Neopia from his marbles.

3. Cog . Darling Cog! This should surprise no one, as she runs one of the most Faboo clothing shops in all of Neopia. Cog has a lovely rag to riches story and luckily for us, her outfit is a perfect representation of it. Wearing a simple, but chic, brown and black uniform, it creates the perfect setting for her best feature: her smile! Let us not forget her outstanding hair as well, fiery red with fringe bangs, she has chosen a look that really works for her. Love her style, love her… Cog keeps Moltara City hip and happenin’.

4. Wesley Clearheart . Dressed like such a hero, with dueling talents to match. Wesley looks absolutely dashing with a simple linen shirt and pants. His golden accessories, a large belt buckle and shining sword are the perfect match. This outfit is perfect for a man like him, 100% faboo.

5. The Ice Crystal Shopkeeper . Oh my, oh my, have you ever seen anything cuter ?!?!?! I have not, that’s for sure. Dressed like a classic Terror Mountain resident, fuzzy jacket with fuzzy pants to match, happily surrounded by ice crystals. These crystals, of all kind, give this adorable Shoyru a glistening background. Adorable, wonderful, I love it.

Neopia’s Worst Dressed Shoyrus

1. Shoyru Spy . I just do not understand. The leaves, are they on purpose? Or an accident? Since this is not clear, I cannot help but say that it is a failed fashion statement and let’s be honest, everyone can see you still if it is supposed to be camouflage! Moving past the leaves, your outfit consists of pieces of rope tied around you! THAT DOES NOT constitute an outfit! You already know what you need, it does not have to be said BUT I’ll say it. Get yourself the set: Stealthy Shoyru Mask, Scarf, Shirt, Trousers and Shoes. That is how Neopia’s Shoyru spy should dress.

2. Coffee Shopkeeper . I know she is super busy keeping Neopia caffeinated, but still there are some small changes she could make to get herself off of this list. I love her blouse and apron—perfect for her job and adorable. My issue with her outfit lies upon the upper half. First of all, her makeup is a little much. She has naturally dazzling eyes, but with the excess blush on her cheeks you do not even notice them! The blush has got to go, girl. Also, off with the bonnet! You do not make muffins or sit on a tuffet, so you do not need a bonnet. Replace it with a Bow Bun Wig and you will be serving up elegance along with my coffee.

3. The Quarry Foreman . I just do not know about this outfit. The brown is so blah, it just is not exciting. His skin is a great shade and should be shining through his outfit, not hidden by piece on top of piece on top of piece. Lose the full headpiece and just stick with a Leather Cogs Mask. Grab a Gothic Leather Jacket and Waistcoat and you’ve just completely upgraded your everyday outfit!

4. Torshac . Torshac, I’ve seen this outfit a million times! You can do better. Keep your goggles and the crystal spear, they are iconic. Lose the hat and the jacket. I want to see you flying in a Spiffy Black Leather Jacket. Honestly, nothing could look better (on anyone). You would look classic, but also have the great accessories that make you, you! Thanks for all you do Torshac, now it is time for you to get polished.

5. Honest Pete . Not-so-honest Honest Pete, looks like he was trying to wear a knock-off version of Wesley Clearheart’s outfit. While Pete does have great hair, his outfit just does not look distinguished like Wesleys… maybe it is the snide smile… Anyways, Pete, first I would like to recommend you stop conning Neopia. Second, I would like to suggest a little costume change, it is time to embrace the Negg life! Wear a Negg Costume, please, please, please! Nothing would make the little Neopians (or me) smile bigger. It is your calling, I’m telling you now.

So Neopia, look out for our fashionable friends, and give them a little cheer when they are near! As for the others… well, we will just continue to hint . Stay fashionable and extraordinary just like your favorite Uni (me!) *giggles*. My mission is never finished until Neopia is head-to-toe FABULOUS.

Fashionably Yours,

Miss Prickles

*This does not denote Miss Prickles preference towards or against any Shoyrus .

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