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Trapped in Freaky Factory

by dissiechrissie


Blobs. Small blobs, big blobs, ginormous blobs. Red blobs, blue blobs, yellow blobs. I imagine these are coloured as such to represent anger, sadness, and cowardice: All common feelings whilst trying to obtain the elusive Freaky Factory avatar.

What are the qualifications for the avatar? Well, you need 1250+ points. That is right...OVER ONE THOUSAND POINTS! How is that even possible? How do other Neopians get over 1500 points, when I cannot even get past 800? I’m barely halfway to the avatar! What does the avatar look like?

Now, back to the game. The blobs are temperamental, do not even think about trusting them. Less than 10 seconds to go and only need to make one blue toy? You bet your life the blue blobs have all trundled off on holiday. Oh what's that? Finally a blue blob! Let’s conveniently place a yellow blob much bigger just in front of it so you click that instead. And what is with that MAHOOSIVE blob? I came here to increase my avatar count, not take a Kreludite bath. Watch out for the blobs with the cheeky grins too! They look cute in a menacing kind of way, but they are just out to cause trouble!

I have been trying for the Freaky Factory avatar for months. MONTHS! This pesky Purple Grundo seems to always get in my way...but I will not quit! I WILL CONTINUE! After months of research and game play, I have come up with a cheat sheet.

Let me take a second to reminisce about the (un)helpful power ups:

-The speed blob - can probably count on one hand how many times this blob has actually been helpful. On the odd occasion it does, it will speed up the conveyor leading your chain to give you a massive bonus!

-The freeze blob - never managed to use this one, but it slows the conveyor to stack the toys close together for a massive bonus, provided that pesky Purple Grundo stays well away!

-The Angel blob - super cute and helpful! Whichever vat you drop it into, it will fill the vat all the way to the top. Yes! Also, if you accidentally drop one of these onto a toy on the conveyor belt, it gives it a halo AND more points. Cute and great!

-The Clean up blob - Scrubs away some of the waste you spilled, super handy!

-The Glowing blob - never came up at a useful time for me, but if you have toys on the conveyor belt it will upgrade them for more points!

-The Clock blob - adds 5 seconds to your time, but is suspiciously small and hard to click on for quite little gain. It is still useful though.

-The Atom blob - never seen it, is it even real?!

You’re probably thinking by now ‘What is so bad about this game?’ Well here comes the worst part...

THE PURPLE GRUNDO. That. Neopet. What is his problem? Give him his due, he is cunning. Always managing to appear when I want to click on a much needed blob, and causing me to miss the blob because I have to click him. And when I click on him, I, panic, he steals the toy, and I get to kiss goodbye to the avatar yet again. HE HAS NO CHILL. Definitely not to be trusted, he might give you a brief break here and there, just long enough so you are starting to forget him and build up a chain, and then BAM! He pops up and steals a toy, wrecking your chain and robbing you of your last remaining piece of sanity.

Why? Just why? As if speeding blobs were not frustrating enough! The Purple Grundo is a relentless, savage thief. He will stop at nothing to see you fail, when 10 seconds ago you were SURE this time was YOUR time to shine! What does the Purple Grundo do with all the plushies he steals anyways? Where do they go? All these questions...unanswered.

The Freaky Factory game is a hellish experience. You will never be the same again. I go to sleep at night and all I can see is blobs, the torment never ends. I have been here for weeks, bouncing between utter failure and being tantalizingly close to the seemingly unattainable magical score (1250+ in case you were wondering). I wonder if I will ever get out.

For now it seems I am trapped in the Freaky Factory for all eternity...but no! A short while ago (whilst in the middle of writing this article) I managed to defeat that troublesome Purple Grundo! I DID IT. By the skin of my teeth, but I did it. The avatar is mine!

The best thing about it? I now visit the Freaky Factory for FUN. ‘What?!’ I hear you say. Well, it might be a simple case of Stockholm Syndrome, or it might be that The Freaky Factory game truly is FUN!

Now that my torture is over, I must prevent other innocent Neopians from the same fate. Here are some of my tips for beating the game:

-For the first 3 levels, fill the two vats you don't need first up to the brim. This will hopefully create a chain.

-Prioritise whacking the Purple Grundo over collecting a blob. He could wreck any chains on the conveyor belt you have. Protect your special painted plushies (like the rainbow plushie) over regular colored plushies. -The special painted plushies are worth more points.

-If you have less than 100 points after level one, start again. You’ll need all the points you can get in the earlier/easiest levels.

-Remember faster blobs will fall at harsher angles so click them at the right time.

-Practice makes perfect.

-Most importantly, stay calm!

Do you have your avatar yet? Because despite my hatred for this game, I do go back and play it for fun. The trophy, you say? Well...I suppose since I was able to receive 1250 points for the avatar, I maybe can get a trophy...will I see you there?

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