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12 Petpets with Multiple Uses for Your Convenience!

by ilovemykitties12


The purpose of a petpet is straightforward - a companion for your beloved pet. A petpet is a pet they can take care of, as we take care of them. Petpets come in all different shapes, sizes, and most importantly, colors. The various combinations of petpet species and colors make it so that your selection is as unique as possible!

While petpets are specifically meant for our pets to play with, take care of, and enjoy having by their sides, this doesn’t mean they don’t have other uses! In fact, below is a list of twelve petpets that can do more than just keep our pets company.

These petpets are special, unique, and provide multiple uses if you are willing to step outside of the box and use them creatively! Your pets may seem a little hesitant at first, but I promise that after reading this list they will jump on the bandwagon and ask for one of these unique petpets!

1. Christmas Meowclops

This petpet isn’t just a great friend for your Christmas Jubjub! In fact, this petpet doubles as an actual Christmas tree - shining star and all! Perfect for the winter time, a Christmas Meowclops can be an alternate to the Christmas tree you display. You know that everyone in the neighborhood has similar Christmas Trees, but with this guy you will have the cutest one in Neopia! Best of all, its small size makes it so your tree doesn’t take up too much space in your neohome.

2. Disco Rock

Now imagine this - you’re at a party and everyone is having a good time celebrating. All your neopets are dancing and having the time of their lives, but what can make this night even better? You guessed it, a Disco Rock! This guy isn’t just a psychedelic petpet choice, but it can also turn any dull night into a disco! It’ll be the spotlight of your event and will keep your guests talking about it long after it’s over. What better way to celebrate than with a Disco Rock?

3. Halloween Tenna

They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away - and with this Halloween Tenna you will never have to see the doctor! Apart from being a pal, your Halloween Tenna doubles as an apple, keeping your pet forever safe from scary doctor visits. People have said it’s pretty tasty too, so your pet will be even more pleased!

4. Halloween Geb

You must know the tradition of trick or treating on Halloween, right? If you don’t give out treats, you're in for a nasty prank. Well, now it will impossible to be tricked with your Halloween Geb! Fool those pesky trick or treaters into thinking you gave them some sweets with your candy corn lookalike. The holiday might be a few seasons away, but it never hurts to prepare early!

5. Island Rock

Have you and your neopet ever visited the training school on Mystery Island? Well, if you have, you know the only form of payment they accept is codestones. If you are ever running low on codestones, an Island Rock will save you because it can double as a codestone!! That Techo Master might be wise, but an Island Rock is the perfect doppleganger for a codestone, so he will never notice!

6. Island Turtum

If you see an Island Turtum on the beach, I assure you that you will mistake it for a coconut. This furry friend can actually double as a coconut - just make sure you don’t eat it because it won’t be a coconut you taste. This guy might also be able to jump in and fall down at the Coconut Shy in order to assist you in getting that avatar at last!

7. Hoagie Kadoatie

Now I wouldn’t recommend this, but it your pet ever is stranded somewhere without you, a Hoagie Kadoatie is the one petpet they should wish they have!! One bite of this petpet and your pet will be full up! And since they say Kads have nine lives, you can get at least nine meals out of one of these! The Hoagie Kadoatie is the food that keeps on filling!

8. Mutant Fir

Don’t have time to decorate your neogarden for Halloween? No problem!! Throw this guy out in your yard and he will double as the perfect spooky tree! Once the season passes, you can even think about keeping it a little longer, as its signature look will make sure you have no trespassers - keeping you garden safe from theft and damage!!

9. Birthday Babaa

It’s the night before your pet’s birthday and the Breadmaster has already closed the bakery, oh no! But not to fear, this Birthday Babaa will be more than enough cupcake to help your pet celebrate their special day! I’ve heard their frosting is top notch, and it even comes with candles so you don’t have to head to the store to buy any! What a perfect treat for a birthday your pet will never forget!

10. Frozen Raindorf

When summer comes around, the glass of lemonade you buy from the Food Shop may not be quite as cold as you would like. Lucky enough, a Frozen Raindorf doubles as an ice cube, and can turn that warm lemonade into a glass that is crisp, cool, and refreshing – just like your neopet deserves! Summer is still a few months away, but that just means you have a lot of time to stock up on extras!

11. Stealthy Rock

Sadly enough, even the smartest neopets can be very forgetful at times. It’s very easy to misplace our belongings or even hide them from that sneaky Pant Devil and forget where we put them! Thankfully, a Stealthy Rock comes in handy and provides a solution to this problem. With this petpet by your side you will no longer be losing your items. With all of its safety, you can store your items inside and keep them protected from random events and sinister thieves trying to steal from you!

12. Christmas Weewoo

Do you and your neopet need some extra help delivering presents to all your neofriends and their pets during the holidays? This Christmas Weewoo has it under control!! Because they can fly, they can deliver those packages all around Neopia in the blink of an eye! Just make sure to reward them with some milk and cookies so they feel appreciated like the Santa they look up to.

So, now that you know all the unique petpets that exist for multiple uses beyond just companionship, you have no reason to keep them from your pets! Head on over to The Neopian Petpet Shop today to pick up a new friend for your beloved neopet. Then stop by the Petpet Puddle with your petpet paint brush in hand to finish off their new look and start receiving the benefit of their versatility!

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