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A Villain's Style

by fippinator


Surrounded by shadows in the deepest, darkest corners of Neopia you will find the most vile Neopets. Neopets who shun the heroic acts of the Space Faerie and King Kelpbeard, who want to thwart Master Vex or King Skarl. These terrible Neopets would rather hang in the Gallery Of Evil with the likes of Dr. Frank Sloth or Eliv Thade, haunting the halls and bringing doom and gloom everywhere they go like Hubrid Nox and Lord Kass.

Yes, villains! Villains are those who strive to be evil, who want to commit crime and create general havoc in Neopia and cause despair to all. Who in their right mind would want to be like that? Actually...many do! Or at least they want to look like villains...villains have pretty cool style. Let's look at some of the most villainous villains and take a look at their outfits and how you too can look downright deadly!


Morguss is a green Moehog who worked alongside Lord Darigan as he rose to power, now she works under Lord Kass in an attempt to stay relevant. She's known for her magic potions and using spells to take control of her enemies.

It looks like she's wearing an Ultra Fashionable Potato Sack to be honest, but the Moehog Archer Mask and Cloak might give a slightly more appropriate look. And as an accessory the Shelves of Potions Trinket or Neovian Potion would be very much suiting to your Neopet for a cosplay.

Hubrid Nox

Hubrid's mind is constantly running, always thinking of the next way he can conquer the world. He'll utilize ghosts, aliens, robots, anything he can get his hands on. His mind is also constantly running towards fashion ideas because gee-golly does he look GOOD! A simple blue Chia that has transformed into this slick-haired vampire, oh my I'm stunned!

Thankfully, recreating his look is fairly easy because of how iconic his fashion sense has become! There is a Hubrid Nox Collectors Cape and Hubrid Nox Moustache, that puts you halfway to the look. Woefully, there isn't an exact replica of his gorgeous hair but the Chic Investigator Chia Wig is a pretty close second. If you really want to take his evil to the next level, pick up a pair of Spellcasters Hands and get that evil glow going. You'll be sure to scare Neopians far and wide, and possibly have a rough run in with the Defenders of Neopia.

Eliv Thade

No one likes to be confused and Eliv Thade exploits that by forcing everyone to stare at his words that don't make any sense. Essentially he couldn't solve a puzzle once and now his ghost harasses everyone with jumbled up letters if they stray too close to his castle. He is kind of bizarre villain, that one...

But I digress, because he looks pretty freaking cool! His face has been all stitched up, making a splitting headache from the puzzle, har har. *clears throat* Let me remain professional! His unique look can be recreated with the Eliv Thade Make-Up Kit and a bit of practice, then you can toss on your Eliv Thade Cloak and really look the part. I recommend avoiding mirrors in case you scare yourself. And make sure to speak in some bizarre code that all your friends will have to solve, that is the key to nailing the full character of Eliv Thade: frustrating people!

Jelly Chia

The Jelly Chia was some crazy lab experiment gone wrong. Originally he was supposed to be the source of great joy to people, an edible friend to stop both loneliness and famine, but what was born instead was a monster. A Chia with an insatiable appetite who ate his creator and anyone who wandered too close to the factory.

Recreating his look isn't quite possible. For one, he doesn't wear anything, he's a glob of jelly and clothing would just get way too sticky. If you have a Chia, you can zap him repeatedly at the Lab Ray but if his color changes to Jelly he will be a purple Jelly, whereas the Jelly Chia is blue. This is an important distinction the Lab Ray Scientist made, it is important because he doesn't want your Neopet mistaken for this horrible monster. So in the end it turned out the Lab Ray Scientist was able to do what the Jelly Chia creator never could: make an edible friend who doesn't demolish everyone around him! Good for the general population, not so great for hardcore villain cosplayers.


How could we skip Vira, one of the most beautiful villains of all time? In a bizarre twist of fate though, Vira has been cursed to spread ugliness around Neopia. Flowers become poisonous in her presence and she holds a magic mirror that makes anyone who looks into it believe they are ugly. Once the victim is trapped, believing they are hideous, they are cursed to do whatever it takes to become beautiful again.

The curse is much more complicated than dressing like Vira, but cosplaying as the beautiful Acara is a good first step. There actually is such demand for Vira's look that the NC Mall released a Viras Fashion Line Mystery Capsule. Inside you can find the Bitter Striped Tights and Boots, Chamber of Mirrors Background, and the Horned Crown and Wig. If the crown and wig combo isn't quite to your liking, you can just pick up the Viras Collectors Horns instead. Unfortunately the Vira Halloween Costume is not a wearable item at this time, but with so many other options available you don't need it. Study up with the book Viras Revenge and you'll be a fright for scared eyes before you know it.

Remember, dressing as your favorite villain can be fun and exciting, but acting like your favorite villain is no good. These guys are some of the most hated people in Neopia, feared around the planet, and not welcome anywhere. That's right, they aren't even welcome at the local bakery and can't enjoy a sweet slice of cake. Unless you love a life without dessert, stick to being a hero and spreading kindness to the world while only cosplaying occasionally as your favorite fashionable villains. There is too much goodness to spread to waste time spreading evil.

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