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What NOT to Wear to the Altador Games

by spukl1


We all make mistakes in our fashion, and customization is more popular than ever! Lucky for you, Miss Prickles, the Fashionable Uni, is here to tell you what to and what NOT to wear.

As our favorite time of the year is just around the corner, this week’s report is The Altador Cup Edition . So, get your pom-poms out, it is time to learn what NOT to wear to the Altador Games!

First and foremost, do NOT wear other team’s apparel. You pick your team, you support your team. Even if you picked a losing team, you better support them until the very end. NO ONE likes a bandwagon fan, especially not those playing on the field. This means we do not want to see you wearing:

1. Other team’s jerseys. Only support your team. If you are a Faerieland supporter, you are only allowed to touch the Faerieland jerseys at the store, do not even look in the direction of the glistening Haunted Woods ones, you chose pink not orange, STAY COMMITTED.

2. Other team’s backgrounds or frames. I do not care if you are embarrassed of the losses your team has accrued. You will not put up another frame, you will not pretend to be a fan of another team. You are either all in or not at all, if you do not have your team stuff surrounding you, you better have a super cute summer customization to make up for it.

3. Other team’s colors. This mean if you chose Maraqua, then blue is the color of the season sweetheart. Do not try to tell me it was an “accident” that your Neopet happens to be wearing a nice red and yellow of another *cough* winning *cough* team, stay away from those colors. No pink, no red, no yellow, no orange, no purple, only neutrals and blue little Maraqua fan. Stay safe. Stay dedicated. Note: White is an acceptable option for all, it is summer anyways.

4. Anything else associated with a team not of your own. Disloyalty is never cool, we will know when your participation trophy shows up and WE WILL BE MAKING NOTE.

Next comes attire that I deem inappropriate for the event. Never try too hard on your outfit for the games, you should be sporty-chic. This means no formal attire! Please wear casual, athletic, comfy clothing. Here is a list of things you should not be wearing:

1. Heeled shoes of any kind. I know you want to show off your new Sparkling Crimson Slippers that you just got from the NC Mall in front of all Neopia but the Altador Games is not the time for that. Try an awards ceremony *cough* . I can just see it now. A little Neopian, thinking they are all cute in their heeled slippers, with a slushie in one hand and a hot dog in another, walking down the Colosseum to get to their seat…. Then, oh wait, the heel gets stuff in something, who put holes in this floor?!?! SPLAT, down goes the little Neopian, face first into the hot dog and splashing slushie all over the surrounding crowd. Not really the way you want to get noticed.

2. Gowns. Again, not the time to be showing off your best outfits. You are not the princess of the games, you have to sit in the stands with the rest of us. We do not want a big poofy skirt taking up all the space. You can guarantee if you arrive in your best dress, whether it may be your elusive Sparkling Promenade Gown, or the simpler Fancy Pink Gown, people will only be staring because they are wondering why the guards let you in looking so ridiculous. Also, you will most likely get food spilled all over it and it will be stained for the rest of time. Either way, you will not be promenading around looking your best, you will be sweating and look way over dressed. Now with that being said there is one exception to the rule. That is the always beautiful Altador Cup Support Gown, this can and should be worn at the games, HOWEVER, I would recommend saving it for the awards ceremony. That is the most appropriate time to show off this gem.

3. Suits and Tuxedos. This also will include the accessories: bowties, top hats and nice shoes. You will sweat, you will stain, and just like the gowns, you will be way over dressed. Wear it to celebrate, wear it to a party, but do not wear it to the Altador Games. You may look snazzy as can be, but you need to be snazzy in the right time and place, this is not it.

4. Winter wear. Please do not show up in your Ugly Christmas Sweater and matching boots. It is not the season for that. You will perspire, you will cry and you will look terribly out of place. Also, unless you are supporting Team Terror Mountain, stay away from Holiday clothing or anything that is icy and best kept for wintertime. It is summer, enjoy the sun for a bit!

5. No Ultra Fashionable Potato Sacks! Do not arrive in your old Potato Sack, it may be labeled “Ultra Fashionable” in its name, but it is NOT . Your team and fellow crowd members deserve a little more effort. Leave that in your closet, or trash bin. I would not mind setting it on fire for you either, just let me know *Snickers*.

6. Pajamas. I know your Negg Footie Pajamas are adorable but they should only be keeping you cozy inside your Neohome. This includes most slippers as well, please change out of your bedtime attire to go out in public. This is not a slumber party, this is a sporting event.

With that being said here are some suggestions what TO wear to the games

1. Your Team Attire. Throw on all your flags, backgrounds, frames, jerseys, pom-poms, paint… WHATEVER you own. Now is the time to flaunt it! As long as it is your team, you will look like a rockstar! This goes for general Altador Cup attire as well. Support your team, support the games and get ready to cheer! If you are team Daragain I want to see purple everywhere! If you’re team Virtupets then silver etc. etc.

2. Cheerleader outfits. Bring on those pom-poms and pigtails. Also, feel free to bring out any other athletic-themed outfits. This is the time to celebrate and be sporty.

3. Comfy clothes. Put on those gym clothes, bring out the sneakers or flip flops. It will be warm outside and you’ll be sitting and moving quite a bit as you cheer your team to victory. Whatever feels most comfortable and is casual is best. Everyone loves a good matching tracksuit at the games!

4. Hats and sunscreen. This is self-explanatory, stay safe from the sun. Do not forget to stay hydrated as well.

Now do not forget, you have time to prepare and get ready to support. It is the best time of the year, and your team will love to see your support!

That is all for this week’s report of what NOT to wear. I am excited to see you all appropriately accessorized to cheer on your teams.

Fashionably yours,

Miss Prickles

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