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What to Do For a Cancelled Holiday

by auraphic


Not every day can be the best day of your life, can it? No way, sometimes you just want to stay in and do nothing. That's where my favorite day comes in, the 3rd day in the month of Running, "cancelled due to lack of interest". You may wonder what exactly that means, and I'm here to help you understand why nothing is going on today and to help you celebrate nothing!

This week we celebrate the legendary fruit festival known as Gadgadsbogen, when Mystery Island erupts with brand new fruits and vegetables for everyone to feast on. Right after those festivities, we dive right into Uni Day, a holiday honoring the great steeds in Neopia. With all this excitement, all the new food, wearables and paint brush colors being released, some of us just need a nap. We've spent TWO DAYS partying and gorging ourselves on sweet, sweet carbohydrates, training our Unis hard at the academy and on top of that it's the month of Running, so our little legs are tired!

That's where this day comes in, no one wanted to do anything. We are exhausted! So we just decided to stay inside, keep the blinds closed, and nap the whole day away. But you have to do SOMETHING. Even on a day off, you need some sort of fun, so I've compiled a list of the top seven greatest ways to spend the day! A way to entertain yourself without expending much energy and being able to lounge all you want.

1. Read some books!

It is so nice to be able to cozy up under your favorite blanket, sit in your Mystery Island Loveseat, and crack open a good book. If you want to take a more educational approach and learn something, why not pick up Binary Stars and You so you can learn all about amazing double stars and the secrets of our galaxy! Maybe you're more in the mood for a tell-all gossip book, in that case take a peek at Wishing Well Wishes, where the Wishing Well reveals all the best and worst wishes that people have requested during their visits. No matter what kind of thrill you are looking for, there is a book for everyone.

2. Play games!

If you want to keep your hands busy, why not try some fun games? The Carnival of Terror Board Game is significantly easier than its flash counterpart and there is no avatar to stress over. Or practice your Kiko skills with the Kiko Match II Card Game, a full deck of different colored Kiko that you have to match. This is also a great time to get started with your Altador Cup practice, pick up the Slushie Slinger Home Edition Game and you can master slinging slushies before summer rolls around, your team will thank you!

3. Bake!

Baking is an amazing skill to have and everyone loves a hefty plate of homemade cookies. If you aren't already sick of sugar from Gadgadsbogen, pull out your Kacheek Baking Set and start cooking! Whisk up a nice batch of some fresh muffins, and heat one up every morning for breakfast over the next week! You can even get started on your Illusen Day cake, this month has no shortage of holidays to celebrate.

4. Dress up!

Pull out your full-length mirror, it's time to raid your closet! There isn't much else to do and you don't have to go out and impress anyone in your house, so throw on your whackiest combinations of wearables! Maybe you got something from a mystery capsule you bought in the NC Mall years ago and never had the confidence to rock it, now is the time!! Break out your Watermelon Shoes and Watermelon Tutu & Tights, splash your face with some Watermelon Makeup and rock that fruity look. Pair that Unkempt Flower Wig that you've had stashed in the back of your closet with some Yooyuball Shoulder Padding and giggle at how ridiculous you look. Have some fun with it and don't be ashamed to stack as many weird wearables as you can!

5. Snack!

A day in the house is a day made for snacking...why eat three full meals over the course of the whole day when you can snack on a dozen different things throughout? Get a bit gourmet and pick up some Assorted Vandagyre Approved Nuts, or a Caramel Chia Parfait. Perhaps for a more simple snack, have some Crunchy Kacheek Cereal or a Baby Kougra Custard. There is nothing quite as satisfying as being able to eat whatever you want, so pig out, today was cancelled and so is your diet now!

6. Take lots of naps!

Pull the sheets back on in your Brilliant Altador Bed and close those eyes; you're exhausted from late nights celebrating all these holidays recently. Or, if you love to snack as much as I do, take a long rest in your Chocolate Bed, waking up occasionally to take a bite of the sheets. Convenient, right? Next week is going to be super busy, sleep while you can!

7. Get prepared for the rest of the month!

Like I said, next week gets busy again! Use this day to get everything set for the rest of the month. Start writing your Gelert Day poems, draw up some beautiful Scorchio art for the Art Gallery, and clear some room in your closet for the inevitable Chomby wearables coming up for the Chomby Carnival. Don't forget Illusen Day is coming, so do some quests for her to show her your appreciation. The month of Running will have you running from celebration to celebration...phew, it really is a good thing today was cancelled.

This is a handful of ideas on how to spend your day. All of your plans were cancelled anyway, and there aren't any cool events going on. Not to mention, your friends are staying indoors too. It is always important to take time in life to slow down, care for yourself and just let things roll by outside your window. Make the most out of today by doing as little as possible!

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