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A Secret Mission in Moltara: Part One

by greenj12356


      The Camouflage Hissi tried to peer in through the fog covered window, to see if there were any guards situated around. If there were, it may be an issue, these guards would not be asleep on the job as much as that Magma Guard he snuck past earlier. He then heard a call come though across his headpiece and he picked up.

      “Hello Cobra, it seems you managed to get close to the location, what have you found?” a voice crackled across the headpiece.

      “Nothing yet, it seems whatever is in there is fogging the place up real bad. I can’t get a good read on anything inside the building,” The Camouflage Hissi, codenamed Cobra, whispered back.

      “From our intel we know that the Lupe-Gelert Group has set up this research facility to look into new and destructive Battledome weapons. We cannot allow that to happen. The LuGe is already in talks with the combatant groups fighting over the Obelisk in Tyrannia. If one group gets their hands on this new Battledome weapon who knows what will happen when they will be able to control the Obelisk indefinitely. We need you to sneak in there and to destroy their plans.” The voice spoke back.

      “Right, but Chief, how can I sneak in if I’m not a Lupe or a Gelert. Won’t they immediately be suspicious?” Cobra said in an inquisitive tone, but unknown to the voice, had a smirk on his face.

      “Cobra, you know as well as I do that the LuGe is not only comprised of Lupes and Gelerts. That was just their codename. The research team consists of all sorts of pets. But the one we need you to look for specifically is a Green Korbat. He is the one who has been heading up the research and design of this new item. Locate him and find out how you can get production shut down,” The Chief ordered.

      “Roger, Cobra over and out,” Cobra turned off the headset and slithered back around to the side of the building. He would just have to figure out another way into the building. But for that he needed to do a bit more reconnaissance. Carefully moving along, so as to be quiet, he crept around to the main part of the facility. It looked like any other building in Moltara, but there was a Magma Mynci just sitting by the door. He looked very bored and had a sleepy look on his face. Although Cobra could tell that this guard was actually on high alert. His eyes were darting around always performing a full scan of the area. There would be no way past him and through the main entrance.

      Cobra turned back the way he came and decided to check out the roof on this side of the building. Carefully and quietly he flapped his wings and flew up as close to the wall as he could. Once on top of the structure, he crouched low and viewed his surroundings. Unfortunately for him there was no door or anything close to his position. He was currently too out in the open here, and anyone watching from a bit farther away would be able to spot him. He quickly slide across the roof to a few large pipes that were venting steam. Hopefully this would give him a bit of relative cover while he figured out what to do next. He needed to get inside the building quickly before the Chief called back to check in on him.

      Cobra checked his surrounds and slipped across the roof and saw what appeared to be a balcony a little lower down. Leaning over the roof he peered down and saw that there was a door situated on the balcony and no guards outside. He quickly floated down and tried the knob. Of course it was locked, but he pulled out some tools from his belt and went to work. Within a minute he had the door unlocked and quickly checked the inside before slipping in.

      Slithering down the hall he kept his noise level to a minimum, the floor here was made out of metal so he had to be careful not to let any unnecessary noise alert the guards to his presence. He hoped he was moving in the right direction, but that was when his headpiece vibrated slightly, and he pulled off to the side of the hallway to hide and answer the call.

      “Cobra, have you made it inside the building?” The Chief questioned him.

      “Yeah Chief, I’m in. It’s strange though, I haven’t seen too many guards on this upper level. Am I missing something?” Cobra responded back with his own question.

      “Yes, the upper level is mostly storage for the facility below. You’ll need to go down one level to find the research group. Proceed to the stairs, but be careful! There are still guards on the upper floor,” The Chief warned him.

      “Got it Chief, I’ll be careful. I’ll contact you again when I find that Korbat. Over and out,” Cobra clicked off the headset and continued on.

      Cobra kept following the hallway and eventually came to a set of stairs. From the top he was able to look down and see a guard standing at the bottom of the stairs. Searching around in his bag he pulled out a small cylinder shaped item. Carefully handling it he took aim and tossed it towards the guard. The cylinder hit him on the back of his head and the guard instantly feel down, asleep. Cobra could not perform any magic himself, but he had a few friends that could and they whipped up a few portable sleep spells for him. He quickly flew down the stairs and dragged the now sleeping guard back up and hid him behind some crates of supplies. No sense alerting the guards that someone had snuck into the building.

      Cobra swiftly moved down the hallway, avoiding the guards along the way and trying to find the research room. There were too many doors that he needed to check, and not enough labels. He had no good way to know what might be on the other side of the door, and it was too risky opening them to see. What if a guard was right there and he would alert them to his presence? He could only hope that he would know the research room when he found it.

      Time was running out though, that sleep spell he had used on the first guard would not last forever and once the guard woke up Cobra may not have much time left to find that Korbat. Turning down one final hallway he noticed a door with a glass pane in it that said ‘Laboratory’. Looking inside he could see a few pets in lab coats working on strange items and tinkering with all sorts of metal and gears.

      Cobra, as quietly as possible and out of sight, slipped a lab coat and glasses out of his bag and put them on. Hopefully this would be enough for him to sneak inside the room without being immediately noticed. He opened the door and slipped inside, no one so much as glanced up at him. He scanned the room until he noticed a Korbat off in the corner. Moving over to him he noticed that no one else seemed to be paying attention to this section of the room, nor were there any desks close to this Korbat’s work space. This would make Cobra’s job easier talking to him.

      “Chief, I found him. I’m making contact now,” Cobra whispered into the headset. He got a confirmation back and switched it off again before gliding over.

      “So, why is it you are the only one so far away from every other researcher?” Cobra asked as he slithered over next to the seated Korbat. “And, we need to discuss this new Battledome weapon that is being created here, if you wouldn’t mind.”

      “Are you here to bring me away from this awful facility,” the Korbat whispered back to him. “I can’t stand working here anymore, but after living on the Space Station and understanding their technology, LuGe wanted to hire me to work on this weapon. Now it seems like I’ll never get out.” His head hung low as he said this.

      “Look, I’m here just to help stop this from being created, if that means the best way is to remove you from this building, well then that can’t be helped. I have to follow the mission orders after all,” Cobra turned to him and winked. “Now, before that, I’m Cobra. What can you tell me about this new Battledome weapon and what can we do to stop it?”

      “You can call me Korco, It’s short for…well never mind. Anyway, the point is that we will need to sneak into the actual equipment room. That is where it is currently being held. It is a special pair of legs, or more accurately, an enhanced pair of Trousers,” The Korbat, known as Korco told him without a trace of humour.

      “Trousers? Like you mean actually trousers that you wear? Just let me say, I fail to see how trousers are such a dangerous weapon,” Cobra tried to puzzle out.

      “Well, maybe you being a Hissi wouldn’t be able to understand exactly, but the impact of them is that it allows for bipedal movement to launch an attack from anywhere in the Battledome,” Korco brought up a blueprint as he spoke, showing a pair of trousers with all sort of gears and mechanicals attached to it, and drawings of steam hissing out from one side.

      “With a weapon like that, if it increases a pet’s speed exponentially, then no one would be able to land a hit on them. This would surely come in handy to whichever faction was battling and trying to take over the Obelisk,” Cobra reasoned from the blueprints.

      “We still really aren’t sure that increasing Speed even has an effect in the new Battledome, at least until TNT changes the coding for….” Korco began and then stopped as he noticed the confused expression on Cobra’s face. “Err…right. It would be terrible if pets could increase their speed exponentially during battle. Either way we should bring this project to an end.”

      Cobra nodded his head in agreement and asked, “So how are we going to do this, where is the weapon located?”

      “I will tell you, but I think at this point we will need to take a bit of a break until next week.” Korco began to say.

      “A break? Until next week? This mission needs to be done today!” Cobra hissed at him.

      “Don’t worry Cobra, you will see what I mean soon enough.” Korco quickly responded.

      To be continued…

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