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Top Ten Facts About Unis

by maga_m


March 2nd is the day where Neopians celebrate the existence of the Uni species, holding parades for them, releasing different kind of food in their honour, and making new clothes designed specifically for this species. So this is the perfect occasion to learn more about them! Here are 10 facts for you to learn about this amazing species.

1. Unis are one of the oldest species in Neopia. Nobody knows exactly when this species was discovered, but you can find old paintings portraying Unis on the big three Pyramids of the Lost Desert, as well as in scrolls found on the ruins of Qasala. According to them, Unis are natives from Neopia Central but after several years they ended up forming part of the population of the entire world. Their strong complexions make them adaptable for almost every climate and their wings facilitates them to live on places like the old Faerieland, up on the clouds, or the Mystery Island with their big mountains and volcanoes.

2. They are known as vain since they like to take care of their appearance, decorating their mains with flowers and jewelry and using the finest clothes available in Neopia. However, on the book “Uni Care” we are told that the reason behind this is because Unis want to make a strong first impression, so no one would forget them ever. Also, on “Uni Beauty Manual”, that you can get at the Magical Bookshop, you can find all the tips and recommendations to make your Uni happy being the prettiest of them all.

3. Unis are really, really tall! The usual height of an Uni is around 120 cm, making them the 2nd tallest Neopet along with Scorchios, and they are only beat by eyries (160 cm).

4. One of the most famous Neopians is the pound Uni, usually known as Rose. She is a pink Uni who works on the Neopian Pound, more specifically in the adoption agency, since Year 1. She is a lovely Neopian, loved by all, who takes care of abandoned Neopets until a kind owner comes. “I wanted to work here since I first saw how sad the Neopets looked”, she told us. “It is incredible how love and care can make the difference for them”. Is hard for Rose to see these Neopets part? “Well, it is true that I make strong bonds with them, but I’m always happy to see someone with an owner that really cares. And they can visit me on the agency whenever they want!”

5. Unis’ wings are actually functional and are very important for their personalities. Every Uni takes care daily of their wings with lotions and a special type of shampoo for them, and they love to decorate this part of their body to show to the world who and how they are. For example, royal male Unis are so proud of their strength and status that they put gold ornaments on the top of their wings: and island Unis have such vivid personalities that their wings have intricate patterns, Unique for every Uni. Also, not only faeries Unis can fly; every colour of this Neopet can do it too!

6. Another famous Uni is Valtonous Rea, the goalkeeper of the Faerieland Yooyuball Team. She played on the Altador Cup from Year 8 to the last one on Year 18. We came to one of their practices to talk to her, and she kindly gave us a small interview. “We are very proud of the 13th place that we got on Year 17. After the events of Year 12 it wasn’t easy for us to practice for the Cup and help Faerieland to rebuild itself. Thankfully, the fans understood our concern for our homeland and were happy that we could make it to the Cup.” How are they preparing for this new Cup, you may ask? “Practicing. Every day, at every hour; we are giving the best of ourselves. Last year we ended up on 4th place, which was something unheard of for the team, so we are hoping that this year we can win a trophy to bring back home with us!”

7. Did you know that Unis love to learn about everything? According to the book “Uni-versity” they are really inquisitive creatures who are always ready to travel and go on adventures to learn more about the world. Also, this book lists the best Universities for Unis, those where they can go and follow their dreams like many others did in the past.

8. Is it true that the Kelp Waitress is studying to become an underwater chef? Well, we don’t certainly know since she was too busy working to give us an interview, but it is sure that this maraquan Uni is an excellent head waitress and an expert when it comes to the Kelp Restaurant menu. If you are a first time customer, I will totally recommend you to go and talk to her: she will help you to decide which one of the exclusive and expensive meals is better for you!

9. On the Unis Clothing Shop you can get the best clothes in all Neopia, from the general shirts and trousers for every Neopet to exclusive clothing for each species. Its shopkeeper is a blue Uni who is a totally fashionist! She has blond, long hair; and wears pink clothes combined with a soft orange scarf with star-shaped glasses. Thanks to the work that she puts on her appearance, it is believed that her twirled horn is one of the shiniest in the world.

10. And last but not least, we need to end up this article with one of the most amazing facts for you Uni-lovers out there: Unis is one of the most famous species in the world! Can you believe that there are more than 12 million of them living around Neopia? Those numbers make them 4.5% of the total population, giving them the 6th place on the popularity ranking. Congratulations to the Unis!

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