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How to Get Your Petpet to Love You

by scechoi


Petpets are one of the greatest companions you can ever give your pet. They are perfect for playtime, great for games, and overall just fantastic for fun! However, even if you give your beloved pet a petpet that should be perfect for them, carefully selected from the multitude of possibilities, the two of them may not get along at first. It’s understandable that the poor petpet may be feeling lost, lonely, and confused in his or her new home. It is up to you and your pet to create a warm and happy home for your petpet, and to teach them love and compassion. Here are the ways you can welcome your new friend warmly into your home.

The first, and most fundamental part of welcoming a new petpet into your home is making your home feel like home! There are many great items that you can purchase and place throughout their space to make them feel welcome. Have a curious and clawed petpet like a Kadoatie or Schnelly? Grab a fun scratching post like the Scarabug Scratching Post of the Multi-Level Scratching post, to keep them entertained and their claws short. For the petpets that are more aquatically inclined, such as a Goldy or Peo, a nice pool for them to splash around in can make a huge difference. The Isca Paddling Pool or Wain Wading Pool should do just the trick, if you’re not fortunate enough to live in Maraqua.

There are also the objects that any kind of pet can appreciate. Toys, like the Lady Blurg Chew Toy or Striped Usual Toy-On-A-String, can chase away boredom and bring out the fun, playful side in your friend. Beds, from the cheapest Blue Moon Petpet Bed to the exquisite Luxury Castle Petpet Bed, give your petpet a place to call their own, snuggle up, and sleep well. Lastly, bowls holding ample amounts of specialty food and water will keep your companion hydrated and healthy, and give them the energy to have even more fun with you.

While getting them nice items is important, sometimes you have to go even further to make them feel at home. The amazing thing about owning a petpet is that each one came from one of Neopia’s many distinct lands, like Neopia Central, Meridell, or even Faerieland. Your petpet is understandable used to living in this place, and so may never truly feel at home while within your Neohome. That being said, adventuring out with your petpet can create some of the most amazing memories! Your Maraquan petpet will be so thrilled to swim among the crystal clear waters again, and your Desert petpet with enjoy the sand beneath its feet(or body) as it enjoys the warm sun. Sometimes there truly is no place better than home, and your petpet knows that.

Another way to get your petpet to love you is to form a fundamental understanding of these creatures. For any petpet owner, new or old, you can always learn something you never knew before. This new knowledge may be about their likes and dislikes, their needs, or even trivia facts. No matter what you read, a wealth of knowledge can be nothing but beneficial. Your petpet will realize that you have a deeper understanding of them, and that is a great expression of love. They will reciprocate it.

If you're interested in investing in some books, grab your petpet and head over to Neopia Central and visit the Bookshop. The owner is usually fairly lenient about letting petpets into the store, so while you browse for the proper book, your petpet can explore. Petpets love nothing more than getting out of the Neohome and stretching their legs, so they will be forever grateful that they can accompany you.

When it comes to picking out the perfect book, I suggest asking the shop owner for some help. It is probably best to start off with more generic books about the petpet before diving into some heavy reading. Books I always suggest to new and old owners alike are "Guide to Petpets" and "Cooking For Your Petpets."

A Guide to Petpets is almost everything an owner can need. You'll be able to find quick facts about specific species, tips and tricks on caring for them, and a brief history about them! Though this book comes with a lofty price tag, it is worth every penny. Cooking For Your Petpets includes tips and tricks on how to cook with your petpet, a list of favorite recipes, and precious photographs of owners and petpets cooking together. This is a book that will help you bond with your petpet through an activity. It's important to share your hobbies with your petpets in order to create that special bond. Note: Do NOT purchase Cooking With Petpets because this will traumatize your petpets. The description of the book is "delicious alternative meals for Skeiths who will eat just about anything.”

Books are not the most exciting way to get your petpet to love you, I will give you that. If you are interested in taking a different approach, consider investing in a petpetpet. They are a great gift for any responsible petpet. It will give your petpet a sense of responsibility, something to look after and care for. Most importantly it will give your petpet a friend whom they can rely on. For those moments that you cannot be there and share with your petpet, a petpetpet will more than makeup for it. Any memory your petpet makes with its petpetpet will start and end with you. You are the reason your petpet has made such a wonderful friend, and they will cherish that forever.

Petpetpets are a lofty investment. Unfortunately, their prices make it an unattainable purchase for some owners. If you cannot purchase a petpetpet that is OK. Toys are excellent substitutes. If you can afford a petpetpet, I advise your bring your petpet along with you so he or she can find the perfect companion. Petpetpets are fantastic creatures, they have unique personalities and it is best to have your petpet tag along because of this.

If you would prefer to surprise your petpet with its companion, I have a few suggestions as for the easiest going petpetpets you can purchase. I would recommend a Glyme, Moach, or Cooty. These three petpetpets have a notorious reputation for getting along with any petpet and quite frankly, they are the best option for any beginner petpet to take care of.

Getting your petpet to love you is really not a hard task at all. It only requires a bit of patience and a little bit of np. Money doesn't buy happiness and it certainly doesn't by love, so even if you cannot afford extravagant things for your petpet, it'll be okay. It is more important that you show them you love them because they will know that you care. From there on, feel free to pick and choose from the suggestions above. If you follow any combination of them, your petpets are bound to love you.

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