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The Real Lessons of Charity Corner

by tkprtyrhd


As another year of Charity Corner fades away and bank accounts and buying frenzies settle I believe it is important to reflect upon the valuable, timeless lessons Granny Hopbobbin has once again taught so many of us through the gifts of charity and giving.

You win some, but you lose most

I will admit what others cannot, or are fortunate enough to not have to admit. I am far too generous during the season of giving. There is something that comes over me at the thought of helping others that makes me recklessly disregard all saving goals, ambitions, and future Neohome plans at the thought of helping others in need. To my pets, I apologize that you will be staying at the Cockroach Towers for the next 28 days without standard spa services because there were people in need of new books and Altadorian Gyros.

Sure, it was selflessness and not the promise of shiny, better, r99 items that drove me from riches to rags. However, all my kindness does not shroud the sorrow my banker felt with every withdrawal, every stock prematurely sold against Nigel’s advice. My need to give, and then give some more, and wait, just a little bit more, so that others could prosper and I could maybe get a Battle Slices Stamp or Thyoras Tear drove me to great Neo-madness.

Today’s junk could be tomorrow’s hot item

Never have I been so grateful for all the junk prizes I’d gotten from Jetsam Ace and other dailies as the day when I needed 5 “Scroll of Dark Nova” for the chance to win one r99 stamp, or a very shiny trophy. As I blindly donated my long, unintentionally procured stash of dailies junk away I apologized profusely for every mean thought I had when Ace did not drop a Nerkmid. Every day without the coveted Grave Danger Stamp meant one more copy of Neovian Darkfall that I could share with others. No Coltzan, I do not need one million Neopoints I do need 45 more Buried Scrolls so that others may read the greatness hidden within. Wise Gnorbu, I am sorry that I never took the study your moon calendar; I never knew Moon Paving Stones could be so valuable.

If Granny H taught me anything it is to treasure, and hoard, even the most seemingly invaluable item because one day it could make you a NeoMillionare; whether you choose to gamble, er, donate it away to the needy or sell it in your shops to those more philanthropic than yourself.

Sell so that others may give

The real winners of Charity Corner were those entrepreneurs who seized the week as a chance to cash in all their junk prizes to those, like myself, who could not resist the allure of Charity Corner. Who could have ever predicted the rise in popularity of Inflatable Bouncy Pirate Ships? An item I have so carelessly discarded so many times in the past but now coveted like a rare coin or shiny Dubloon. An item I once felt so annoyed to “win” but than lovingly purchased and donated in massive quantities. As happy as I am to have the same rare morphing potions and plushies and so many other users, I feel the happiest winners are surely the ones who did nothing but sell, sell, sell throughout Charity Corner.

Today’s treasure can become tomorrow’s junk

Though they did not experience of the joys of giving our enterprising companions, who funded our charitable donations, now experience the joys of a sturdy purse. The rest of us? We ran ourselves ragged for shiny new r99 items that it turns out are far less valuable, 50% less to be exact, when they are so generously gifted by Grandmother Hopbobbin.

As I stare at my treasure trove of collectable cards, Battledome items I know nothing about, and other fun items I never knew existed I begin to miss my collection of 98 trusty scrolls, 50 copies of the same old boring books, and far too many strange spooky foods to count – relics of a simpler time, old friends I could always count on, could never keep track of, and never tried to sell away, mostly out of sheer laziness. It brings me great joy to know before long I will have stock piled these items again, will once again be annoyed by their arrival to my safety deposit box, and will soon forget about them until the next Charity Corner event where I will be reminded of those who would enjoy them far more than myself.

Clothes are never a fun gift

They say you should never look a gift Uni in the mouth. I am still unsure what that expression means but I do know that at any account age clothing is still the saddest item to receive. There was no look more disappointing than the one upon my face as I eagerly cashed in my rare scrolls only to uncover yet another Ruki Safety Vest or Peophin Desperado Jacket. Perhaps if these clothes fit my pets I could have at least feigned excitement, customized them for a day so that the clothing got some use but alas, I did not receive on useable piece of clothing. Though I remained undeterred in my journey to give all that I could to those in need I remained anxious, hopeful, that next year I would be able to donate all these new clothes to more Neopians in need or perhaps, sell them to those feeling more charitable than myself.

Grandmother, many others and myself thank you for all the lessons you taught us this year. The joys of giving, the, sorrows of receiving, the value of “junk.” It is sure that in time we all will forget these valuable lessons and once more need to be reminded. However, I ask that you kindly wait several more years so that the sorrow and pain of Charity Corner can once more be forgotten before its wonderful gifts are given and its lovely lessons relearned.

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