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Pet Improvement -- The Extra Step

by fire_earth_aqua__77


(A well-dressed Stealth Kacheek approaches you at high speed while desperately vying for your attention. Startled, you can't help but stop and listen. Clearly of mixed origin, the following is a more comprehensible rendition of what she said through her thick Neovian accent and southern Meridell word choices.)

YOU! Yes, you! Have you improved your pets today? Whaaat? You painted them. You are aware there actually is quite a lot more you can do than paint and dress your pet? I mean, painting is a choice (The pets that stay basic are quite brave in today's society!) and for some people customization is too (but it's very strange to me to choose not to, not gonna lie). And they have a petpet? That's nice and all... But what about the other stuff? You do want to go that extra step for use, right? Yeah? Well sit down my friend and let me tell you a tale of the things you may not have tried (or heard of!!) to do for and with your pets! My name is Squishbubble12, but that's hard to pronounce in ya'lls language so you can call me Squishy! My goal is to become a top standard for pet improvement, so I've researched this an awful lot! Hear me out, friend, your pets may thank you for it!

Okey, before we start, let's cover the basics. Painting is an option, as is customization, like I said before! Petpets are pretty basic too, I know I hate being lonely when Momma isn't around...Not saying Shiroyuri, Chao Chao, Kira, and all the rest aren't good company but when I want me time that doesn't always mean me, myself, and I time! And petpets don't have to be painted, but it's a choice too! My sweet Aardvark the Antwerph is painted a cool Halloween but Shiroyuri's Gremble is just its regular self. For some people they like Petpetpets but I'm on edge about them. I don't have one yet because I don't want Aardvark to itch! That's the most basic stuff. Ya got your list out and ready for the fancier stuff since I assume that's taken care of (if not get on it-- err, if you wish)? Then let's do this!

Start by looking at our lookups. What do you see? Let me tell you, a good first step is to spiff up the layout, friend! Ton's of premades exist if you're scared of code. But if you're more the "get your hands dirty" type then making your own can be a fun adventure! Make sure the big guys at TNT won't disapprove of what you're doin': leave credit if you go premade, leave navigation (this one really gets Momma Kat, she doesn't always want to go back to the front doors of Neopia to escape a lookup, just sayin'), make sure everything is readable and the stuff that must be there is still there (petpage link, mail link, and trophies are common ones that can be accidentally removed). Really wanna go the extra mile? Find something customizable if you're going premade, and add some special flare just for us! My lookup has some art on it of me, I love it!

The next thing that really stands out to me is the sparkly stuff -- TROPHIES!! There are several options to go for. I LOVE the Beauty Contest! Momma is lazy and doesn't always get a picture of me though. Blegh. Nerdy types have two different books awards to choose from: the normal books that are a hodgepodge of everything, and Booktastics. I love the Booktastics so I definitely want a badge in it someday, maybe it's because they're from Space! (A snerk from the back says something that sounds like "and you also like that there's less of them." Squishy whirls around to hiss, "Didn't ask you, Kira!") Now what was I saying? Oh, more collection trophies! Brave souls could also get a reward similar to books from being a lover of fine cuisine, as in being a member of the Gourmet Club. Personally I love cheaper restaurant food and hate being hungry with a passion so I skip it. And here lately the great overlords of The Neopets Team have graced us with the redemption of three good ones: The PPL (for having the oldest petpet of a selected type), the Petpet Spotlight, and the Pet Spotlight!

Believe it or not, that's all still pretty basic! There is more! If you check the text on our lookups you'll see a few things with numbers. The first one I see is my Battle Stats. I'm quite stout, non? Maybe I can someday convince Momma Kat I need real Defence Training, too. She says I blow things away quickly enough to get by and starts preaching about builds, so I don't bring that up often. Other fun numbers to increase are our fishing stats and jobs a the employment agency! I like fishing. Going underwater to fish is rad, man. It does take the patience of Jerdana to do though. I only pull up a fish every few hours, sometimes I don't pull up one at all! Do I like working? ... Maybe. But I also do like being lazy during the daylight hours when most places are hiring, heh. Good thing the Faerieland Employment Agency has jobs for all times of day! If we do enough jobs our ranks go up and that is definitely fun! And if we do enough jobs in one go they tell us we can't do any more... Blegh. Not so fun.

Think that's it? That's the silly stuff on our lookup, so that must be it, right? YOU THOUGHT WRONG, MY FRIEND! I'm calling this a bonus, since this should be basic! Many of us try to hold it back, we just love our Momma's and Poppa's from that strange place far away too much! But we should NEVER look sad, sick, or hungry when being greeted by a stranger! It's not hard, I promise we're easy to please! We love a new toy. It perks us right up. The Merry Go Round is a good mood booster, too! Being sick isn't fun at all -- do you like being sick? I thought not. And only the brave souls going for Gourmet have a reason to be hungry -- those competitive eaters are kinda wild in my mind -- but please let any visitors know since it may make us moody still!

I'm not there quite yet, obviously. I've got a long way to go still! Maybe it's the glitter of those trophies. But someday I will have ALL THE THINGS!! (Coughs into paw.) Oh? I think I hear Momma Kat calling me! Maybe it's for that defence training I mentioned earlier. Anyway, you have my suggestions for things to do with your pet. Take care, be safe, and have fun out there! Bye!

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