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Celebrating Lennies: The Underrated

by butterflybandage


Lenny Day is coming, and it’s bound to be a fun-filled day where we offer free training to Lennies all around, as well as premier new looks, items, and clothing! As celebration commences, I believe we should all take a moment to look back through Neopia’s history and honor some of the most underrated (and often forgotten) Lennies of our time, seeing as this Neopet is quite often overlooked as is!

As large and vast as Neopia is, and as deep and complex its history, there’s no questioning there have been many heroes that saved this beautiful world’s fate. Every once in a while, however, you’ll come across one special character—one that stands out far above the rest and makes such an impact on you, like you never expect. Let’s kick off this list with the frazzled, forgetful Finneus.

Back in 2006, a mysterious new land by the name of Altador was discovered. Many citizens called this land home, but only one knew there was something more at stake … the great Archive Keeper of Altador! What makes Finneus such an amazing Neopian is the fact he’s so irreverent. His dialogue shows him to be a goofy character, yet his intuition, intellect, and intrigue show us a completely different side. This brilliant librarian was able to save Altador and help the King restore peace within the land! You, too, can help Finneus—if you’re interested in lending him a hand with the Altador Plot, you can get started by visiting him at the Altadorian Archives.

Fun facts: Did you know that Finneus is the only Lenny to have a personal avatar, or that he had his own NC Mall Mystery Capsule? He’s related to the Lenny Conundrum Wizard, who was featured and aided in saving Altador. He’s perhaps thousands of years old, although gets quite shy when you ask him about it! He finds research and knowledge intriguing, but his favorite thing in the world is his well-loved Meepit Plushie.

Deep in the jungles of Mystery Island lives another famous Lenny by the name of Wheeler. With crazy hair, a laidback attitude, and crazy board shorts, this fun dude spends his days riding his bike across the island in search of coconuts for the Underwater Chef. His lighthearted approach to life makes him a fun companion to spend time with, and his taste in fashion has not gone unnoticed—you can jazz up your Neopet with your own pair of Wheelers Wild Shorts! Wheeler also has a special talent unique to him alone, capable of doing dangerous—but fun!—tricks on his bike while airborne. Have you ever seen a Neopet, let alone a Lenny, do a flip on a bike powered by a Faellie?! I didn’t think so. If you want to spend time with this island native, head on over to the Games Room and play some of Wheeler’s Wild Ride.

Fun Facts: Did you know Wheeler is the only Lenny to be featured as the main character in a game? While there’s not much known about him, we do know for certain that he’s the Underwater Chef’s trusty go-to guy! You can purchase his bike in not one, but two forms! One as a wearable and one as a Neohome item. Or, if you’d like something soft, why not get yourself a Wheelers and Bike Plushie?

In the heart of Neopia Central, a clever Lenny with a knack for knowledge created the riddle game known as Lenny Conundrum. This wizard, who (as far as we know …) has no “official” name he goes by, is extremely cheerful and used to encourage Neopians young and old alike to partake in his game of wit! His cheery outlook makes him an absolute joy to be around; plus he’s good for a laugh, especially concerning certain Meepit plushies …

Fun Facts: Did you know that, while no longer an active contest, the Lenny Conundrum awarded an avatar to the first 250 people to solve the riddle? Even if you can’t participate, you can still educate your Neopet with the book Confusing Conundrums (featuring the Lenny himself!) or snuggle up to a Lenny Conundrum Plushie. If neither are appealing, why not invest in a Conundrum Wizard Hat and Lenny Conundrum Wizard Collectors Wand to look the part?

A few years back, in 2002, the idea of Neoschools was introduced, along with several teachers, course syllabi, and final exam dates. Mr. Ballard is the “nerdy” bowtie-wearing Math instructor. Although there have been no updates as to the status of attending Neoschools, Mr. Ballard is no doubt continuing to teach and tutor curious Neopets of all ages!

Fun Facts: Did you know Mr. Ballard was going to teach basic operations the first half of the term, and finish up with concepts of formula and shapes? While it’s not known if he published these textbooks, you can still educate your Neopets by reading them Basic Mathematics or have them jot down notes on some Lenny Stationery!

Taking another trip back to 2006—after King Altador was reinstated—and you’ll see the old, popular game of Yooyuball coming back into fame! One of the first players, Dayla, as a feisty red Lenny with incredible speed and a large fan following! Before playing as a forward for Roo Island, she was well-known as a sprinter. She was nominated for Best Rookie for the 2006 Altador Cup.

Fun Facts: Did you know that Dayla didn’t participate again after 2006’s Altador Cup, and was replaced by Jair Tollet? Not much has been heard about her since, though many speculate she’s still breaking records in the long-distance running world. If you’re curious to learn more about her, pick up a copy of Altador Cup Through the Ages, History of the Altador Cup Book (Limited Edition), or Roo Island Altador Cup Media Book!

Did you know there are many other notable Lennies in Neopia’s long history? Unfortunately, many of them don’t get the media coverage or attention they deserve. Perhaps it’s because Lennies aren’t the most popular of species, or maybe it’s because there are more brave species that attract more fans. Here are a few other Lennies you may or may not have heard of!

Margoreth – appearing in Neoquest, at the Jungle ruins, she was a history teacher that got trapped in the lower levels of the ruins after following Denethrir. She’s even featured on her very own collectable card!

Prigpants– this fashionable tailor helps run the Neovian clothing shop Prigpants & Swolthy, along with his Mynci partner. If you don’t feel like travelling all the way to Neovia, grab yourself a Prigpants and Swolthy Plushie for your collection!

The Duchess – this mysterious and seemingly sinister Lenny is the head of a secret society called the Sway. She’s intelligent, hardnosed, and will do whatever it takes … for what? Well, you’ll see … if you’re brave enough, you may have the option of joining her society during the Battle of the Obelisk or—if you’re dumb enough!—battle again her by joining opposing forces. Of course, you could always get the more cuddly version of this mistress by picking up your very own Handmade Duchess Plushie.

Lightning Lenny– a member of the greatest superhero team to ever hit town, the Defenders of Neopia, Lightning Lenny is a brilliant hero with supersonic speed usually spends his days working computers and updating other heroes on current situations. He first appears when he battles Eyrieki, reigning victorious over the evil mummy. You can join in on the action by letting your Neopet don some Lightning Lenny Collectors Boots or—if you’re more of a pacifist—add Lightning Lenny the collectible card into your Neodeck!

Hopefully now you’re more informed about the many Lennies that have made a difference in Neopia! There are tons of Lenny-themed items to make your Lenny Day extra fun and silly! Why not cozy up with a copy of Lenny Adventures, or if you’re a science nerd, Lenny Microbiology? Eat a bowl of Lenny Strawberry Ice Cream or drink some Lenny Coffee? Or you could always toss around a Squishy Lenny Toy or cuddle with your favorite Lenny Plushie (careful! Some are magical and may change your Neopet in a strange way …).

Of course, the best way to spend Lenny Day is with your favorite friend of that species! Hang out with Wheeler collecting coconuts, with Finneus finding constellations, or with your very own friend in the comfort of your own Neohome. Spend it how you want—just spend it having fun!

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