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Kadoatie Feeding: A Guide for Beginners

by biometeorologist


If you have ever looked around the Neopian Plaza, you have probably noticed the Kadoatery, a place where Kadoaties go when their owners are away. From time to time, the Kadoaties get hungry and ask for specific food items. Each Kadoatie wants only one of each item, so feeding them can get competitive. For people who are new to feeding, this can be pretty intimidating. The purpose of this guide is to explain the basics of Kadoatie feeding to anyone that has not tried it before. Anybody can feed 75 Kadoaties with time, practice, and a little bit of luck!


Kadoatie feeding can be challenging, but the rewards are awesome. Bronze, silver, and gold trophies are rewarded when 1, 10, and 25 Kadoaties are fed, respectively. In addition, a shiny new avatar is rewarded when 75 Kadoaties are fed. Not many people have this avatar, so it’s quite an achievement.

Refresh Times

For most people, refresh times are the most confusing part of Kadoatie feeding. It is not that bad once you get used to it, though! When Kadoaties are fed the items they requested, they will refresh—or ask for new items—at least 28 minutes after this time. The number of seconds past the minute is important when keeping track of time. For example, if the last refresh was at 12:00:25 NST, which means this was when the Kadoaties were last fed, the earliest time a refresh could occur is 12:28:25 NST.

If a refresh does not occur, the refresh is pending and the next possible refreshes can occur every 7 minutes after this time. In our previous example, this would be at 12:35:25 NST, 12:42:25 NST, and so on. This keeps going until the refresh occurs. The time it takes for the refresh to occur varies. It can be as short as 28 minutes and as long as an hour and a half! The Kadoaties do not necessarily refresh at the same exact second of the last refresh. In fact, it is recommended to refresh for around 30 seconds. For example, if the last refresh was at 12:00:25 NST, start refreshing at 12:28:25 NST and stop refreshing at around 12:28:55 NST. If the refresh does not occur, start refreshing at 12:35:25 NST and stop refreshing at 12:35:55 NST. Repeat the last step every 7 minutes until the refresh occurs.

Most of the time, many Kadoaties will ask for new food at the same time. This is called a main refresh. Occasionally, a Kadoatie will be on a different time cycle from the other Kadoaties, which is called a mini refresh. This occurs when a single Kadoatie is fed at a different time from the other Kadoaties. These Kadoaties follow the same rules as a main refresh. For beginners, it is very difficult to feed a Kadoatie during a mini refresh so focus on main refreshes.

One of the best parts about Kadoatie feeding is that you do not have to do it alone. There are many people online doing it at all times of the day. In fact, the Games board on the Neoboards always has an active Kadoatie board with people who are keeping track of the time. People are very friendly on this board, so do not be afraid to say hello or ask questions. Here is one example of a post someone might make while they are timekeeping:

new main @ :22

mini pending @ :22

last rf @ 1:54:15

The first line means that a new main refresh may occur at 2:22 NST. “New” means that this is the first possible refresh after the last refresh. The second line means that a mini refresh has been pending and may also occur at the 2:22 NST. “Pending” means that the first possible refresh time already passed and now the refresh time is pending every 7 minutes. The last line means that the last refresh was at 1:54:15 NST. This means that you should start refreshing at 2:22:15 NST and stop refreshing at 2:22:45 NST. Now you should understand how refresh times work and how to interpret timekeeping posts on the Kadoatie feeding boards!


Feeding a Kadoatie is pretty straightforward. When a Kadoatie asks for food, its background will change from gray to white and its requested item will be displayed. If you have the food item in your inventory, you can click on the Kadoatie’s cage and you will feed it if you make it first. There are three different techniques people use to obtain these items quickly.

The easiest and most common method is shop wizard feeding. For this method, have one tab open with the Kadoatery and one tab open with the shop wizard. The shop wizard’s “search items” option should be set to “identical to my phrase” ahead of time. When the Kadoaties refresh, copy and paste an item into the shop wizard’s search box and quickly purchase it. After that, switch tabs and feed the Kadoatie. This requires a pretty fast Internet connection and computer, so it may not be the best method for everyone. The super shop wizard can be used in place of the shop wizard, but it takes longer to search. However, you will save Neopoints in the long term since the items will be cheaper.

Another method is inventory feeding. For this method, fill your inventory with about 40 items that Kadoaties ask for. Lists of food items that they ask for are available online, and they are often split up into categories. It is a good idea to stick to one category so you can quickly look at all the items the Kadoaties want and see if any of them match your category. When the Kadoaties refresh, quickly look for a Kadoatie requesting an item you have and feed it. This method is the fastest out of all three methods and it is the best for people with slower Internet connections and computers. However, it can take a while to feed a Kadoatie if none of them ask for an item that you have.

One final method is safety deposit box feeding. For this method, buy a bunch of Kadoatie food items and keep them in your safety deposit box. Have one tab open with the Kadoatery and one tab open with the safety deposit box. The PIN should be disabled ahead of time because entering a PIN will slow the process down. When the Kadoaties refresh, copy and paste an item into the safety deposit search box’s search box and quickly withdraw it. Then, switch tabs and feed the Kadoatie. This method is slower than inventory feeding, but faster than shop wizard feeding. However, like the inventory feeding method, it can take a while to feed a Kadoatie if you do not have any of the items they are asking for.


Now you should understand how to feed Kadoaties and how the refresh times work. There is just one last thing to address—challenges that beginners often face while Kadoatie feeding. One common challenge is being too slow to feed any Kadoaties. This happens to everyone, even the most experienced feeders, so do not let that bring you down! If you are new to Kadoatie feeding, it is completely normal to stumble at first. Just keep practicing! Like any other game, no one is an expert at first and it takes practice to get better at it. It is also a lot easier to feed if you avoid peak times. The quietest times are around 10:00pm NST to 6:00am NST.

Another challenge that people often face is getting bored of Kadoatie feeding. One thing you can do is chat with the people on the Kadoatie board. It can get pretty quiet sometimes, so having conversations is a great way to pass the time. Another thing you can do is work on other things like different games and restocking. Just remember to check for the refresh every 7 minutes! It is also good to take a break if you are getting tired of Kadoatie feeding. At the end of the day, Neopets is a game and you should be enjoying yourself. If you are getting frustrated, go relax, watch some TV, and come back when you are feeling better.

Hopefully, this article helped beginners to Kadoatie feeding understand the basics. If you have any questions, feel free to ask on the Kadoatie board. Everyone there is friendly and happy to answer questions. Good luck feeding!

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