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A History Of Famous Tonu

by alyseth


Tonu are a playful species of Neopet that first arrived in Neopia roughly 15 years ago, they come from the land of Tyrannia and are considered a "Limited Edition" pet. A limited edition pet is one that is unavailable most of the time, and can only be created under special circumstances. In the case of the Tonu, they are available daily when the Giant Omelette runs out of omelette. So if you're really looking to make one of your very own, head on over to Tyrannia and start chomping!

Tonu are known for being super energetic and fun-loving, but also causing a bit of trouble. Tonu love to charge, which can bust a hole right in the wall of your Neohome or knock over everything on your bookshelf. It's definitely best to give them plenty of space outside to run around and live free. Tonu are also violently allergic to Neggs and will come down with illness if they eat them, so be careful on their diet.

In the history of Neopia, a few Tonu have emerged and stood above the rest. In this article, we're going to be looking at a few of the most famous Tonu to break through and shine in the lore of the land. Some have become prominent chefs and others have taken a career in sumo wrestling. This species has a diverse set of skills, like knowledge and brute strength, that have propelled them to fame. To join the legions of the great Tonu is to have drive, courage, and passion, to work tirelessly and intelligently. The traits of a Tonu will set them up for success. So without further delay, we'll dive into the greats and you'll learn some things about the greatest set of Tonu of all time.

Hugo Fairweather

Professor Hugo Fairweather came to prominence during the time of the Journey to the Lost Isle. He is an archeolinguist and focuses mainly on ancient lore, stories of a time long past. In his readings, he came across a journal written by Mad Tongue Murphy which described a lost island with many riches and rare petpetpets. He is a member of the Seekers, currently known as one of the factions involved in the Battleground of the Obelisk, and was deeply ridiculed by his team for wanting to chase after this lost island. After a wild journey of searching, he and his companions did, in fact, find the Lost Isle described in the journal, and no longer was he the laughing stock of the Seekers.

Berti Boulgar

Also known as Berti the Creator, Berti is a green Tonu chef that is famed for his diverse recipes that are suitable for Neopets of all species. He has mastered the art of cooking but is frequently experimenting with new types of cuisine to stay ahead of the food trends. His name has become so famous he is even featured on his own Neodeck card, and his cookbook is one of the best-selling cookbooks in the world. His cooking is something you do not want to miss out on, even if some of his recipes are a little strange.

General Dacon

General Dacon is the leader of the Sakhmetian army, the army faction that oversees and protects the royal house of Sakhment. Normally, he battles against thieves and the detritus that roams the city, but during the Lost Desert Plot he was put against a much more dangerous foe: legions of undead that Jazan had unleashed in Sakhmet. Despite his best efforts, he was overcome by the army but his legacy was not defeated. He is forever immortalized in the Gallery of Heroes and is loyal to the royal family of Sakhment til the end of time.

Wila Benne

Wila is a brown Tonu famous for her contributions in the Altador Cup. She showed a lot of promise in Yooyuball from a very young age, but during her first few years playing she could not find a team that matched her playstyle. When she joined Tyrannia's team as a left forward, she found coaches that knew how to foster her unique skills and propel her to greatness. As a fun-loving Tonu though, she can sometimes get distracted which causes her to not play defensively very well. She is especially praised for her amazing offensive skills and ability to steal from any opponent.


Tonunishiki is a fiercely strong red Tonu working his way up the ladder to become the greatest sumo wrestler in all of Neopia. He is on his way to becoming the pinnacle wrestler in the world, training day and night to be able to take on the famed Kasuki Lu. This is one Tonu to keep your eye on, he'll be in the headlines soon enough and I believe he will eventually dethrone Kasuki Lu and become the greatest of all time.

Khan The Unstoppable

Khan is one of the famed Defenders of Neopia, an insanely bulky and buff yellow Tonu capable of avoiding capture at all times. He is able to dodge and evade his enemies with the stealth of someone half his size, while still being strong enough to break free of any cage his opponents try to put him in. He is featured on one of the rarest gold-baked Neodeck cards, with a picture that shows him tearing up his cell's floor and escaping. No matter what situation he has ended up in, he's been able to get out.

Tonu have become a staple of Neopian storylines, they have been involved heavily in many plots and are frequently a key character. They are a truly spectacular Neopet, with so much to offer to the people they love and vow to protect. Endless curiosity and boundless energy, these tough Tonu are able to achieve anything they set their smart minds and strong bodies to. For this, they are rewarded with great fame and a dazzling reputation. These are the Tonu that we celebrate year round, but especially on the special day that is Tonu Day. They have earned their spot in history, and I'm eager to see who will be among the next to join their ranks. Perhaps it could even be a Tonu you adopt! Raise them well, raise them with passion, and raise them to be great.

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