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The Supersized Scoop on Adee the Chia

by alyseth


Hello everyone, today I'm sitting down with Adee the Chia to discuss one of my favorite games in Neopia: Ice Cream Machine. Before we dig into this interview, we'll go into some background information about this fabulously addicting game.

Ice Cream Machine has existed in Neopia for well over a decade now, it is one of the oldest games and one of the most consistently popular. Originally released under the name Ice Cream Factory (which can still be played in the Game Graveyard), it's as if we all grew up with the wonderful yellow Chia known as Adee. The basics of the game require you to move Adee, all bundled up in blue, around the screen to dodge giant scoops of ice cream. Certain scoops have special effects, such as point bonuses and extra lives, shrinking or expanding Adee, or slowing down and speeding up the rest of the scoops. If you can make it past what feels like a gazillion scoops, you'll be rewarded with a shiny avatar to brag with on the neoboards.

The star of this game, as mentioned above, is a little yellow Chia named Adee. Adee has appeared all over Neopia, she's been featured as a contestant in Better Than You three times now, can be found asking about your neofriends and discussing world events in random events you'll come across browsing the site, and was even see in Caption Contest #526. You'll be hard pressed to find another Chia as omnipresent as Adee. Luckily, we were able to get her away from her busy schedule for a quick interview. Hopefully we'll learn a lot about her past, present, and future.

Me: Hello Adee! Thanks so much for coming in today!

Adee: Have you seen the cool World Events?? Just kidding, just kidding. I'm just wrapping up my run of Random Events for the day and feel like a broken record!

Me: *laughs* That's quite alright, you've been delivering that same line for many years. I'm sure it must haunt you in your sleep!

Adee: That's not the only thing that haunts me in my sleep...

Me: I'm glad you brought that up. Can you explain to all of us just exactly what is going on in Ice Cream Machine, I mean surely that can't be your daily life.

Adee: Yes, that is correct that it isn't my daily life. In my day to day, ice cream is my best friend. I couldn't imagine dodging a single cone in my waking life. However, the game Ice Cream Machine actually takes place in a recurring nightmare I have. Sometimes when I fall asleep I have these horrible dreams that my best friend, ice cream, has turned on me and is attacking me. I have to dodge all these dangerous cones and tread carefully. The better I do, the worse it gets, and I can't seem to wake up from them!! If I could just wake up, I'd go get a nice cone of double chocolate coconut milk ice cream out of my freezer to calm down.

Me: That truly sounds like a nightmare. I'm glad you've decided to let Neopia help you out and pitch in. Now, you've mentioned coconut milk ice cream, care to elaborate on that?

Adee: Yes! Coconut milk ice cream is the newest trend. I've been delving into the special non-dairy ice creams lately, they are completely plant based and vegan and so, so very good! I've been trying to convince my best friend, Mr. Chipper who runs the Ice Cream Cart, to start stocking all my favorites. Coconut milk makes such a creamy, smooth ice cream with a touch of natural sweetness, but my favorite is cashew milk ice cream!! It's so smooth!!

Me: That sounds wonderful. I just recently tried some soy based ice cream and it blew my mind. I'm glad you brought Mr. Chipper up, I'd love to talk more about him and the rest of your friends.

Adee: No problem. Mr. Chipper is a blue lutari who runs the Ice Cream Cart over in Happy Valley. He was actually one of the first of the lutari species to move to the mainland from Lutari Island. I guess the sweltering heat on the island makes ice cream an absolute necessity. He makes all the best flavors and is the only guy who can keep up with my addiction. He even has some of the most rare types of ice cream in Neopia, you can get real lucky over there as long as you have coupons.

Me: Coupons? Like discount coupons for ice cream?

Adee: Ice Cream Machine Coupons are similar to the job coupons we see in Brightvale and Faerie Land, except instead of having to do some silly job, you get an ice cream item!

Me: Where can I find these coupons, do I have to buy them?

Adee: Some Neopian's will sell them in their player shops, but if you want to get them direct from the source, you'll have to visit one of my other close friends: Taelia. Taelia is the one who doles out Snow Faerie's Quests. She uses a huge assortment of food in her quests and as a reward she will occasionally give you an Ice Cream Machine Coupon. Her and I are very close friends and she awards me a coupon for almost every quest. Actually, now that I'm thinking about it, maybe that is why it's so rare for other players to get the coupons...woops!

Me: Adee, you're hilarious!! Thank you so much for coming out today and speaking with me and all of our beautiful readers. Do you have anything else you want to add before we let you get back to work?

Adee: No, thank you for having me!! If I can offer some advice to the readers, I'd love to tell them one thing: live your life in beautiful excess! Find what you love and do what you love, and do everything with passion! Unless that thing is ice cream, that's already my thing and I'm not sharing!

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