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Caring for Your Baby Neopet

by jasper_111


Are you a new parent to a baby Neopet? Are you exhausted and at your wits end? If so, this is the article for you. This is by no means an all-encompassing guide to caring for your baby Neopet; there is no guidebook to read when it comes to parenting. However, I can give you a reasonably basic guide to caring for your baby Neopet without losing your sanity. Just remember that no matter what physical items you have, that first and foremost, your baby Neopet needs your love.


Baby Neopets need many hours of sleep between naps during the day and their sleep at night. It is important to make sure your Neopet gets plenty of sleep and that the sleep is restful. Without the necessary sleep, they can become cranky. Make sure you have a proper crib, with adequate rails to keep your baby Neopet from wandering. Hang a mobile up above the bed to help your Neopet fall asleep. Some suggestions are the Gormball Mobile, Roo Island Mobile or the Flying Lenny Mobile. Make sure your baby Neopet is all warm and cozy with the Hooded Faellie Baby Blanket. Invest in a rocking chair to lull your baby Neopet to sleep. A classic is the Old Fashioned Rocking Chair, but for more modern households, there is the Funky Blue and Orange Rocking Chair. Perhaps read a bedtime story to your pet, such as Faerie Kadoatie Touch-N-Feel Book or Faerie Tales. Any book that has a happy ending will aid in your Neopet’s sweet dreams.


From avocado, to blueberry, to lemon meringue, there are many flavors of baby food to choose from in Neopia. It can be quite overwhelming to a new parent. My suggestion would be to try them all out (not in one day, of course) and to take note of their reactions to each one. Every Neopet is different with their likes and dislikes, so the only way to know which ones the like is by trial and error. As an alternative, you may also make your own baby food right at your own Neohome. You can adjust the recipe as you like, by using any kind of fruit or vegetable your Neopet likes. Blueberries, sweet potato, peach and apple usually are favorites among baby Neopets.

Tasty Banana Baby Food Recipe:

1 Banana

Bottle of Water or Kau Kau Farm Milk as needed

Peel and cut a banana into small dices. Using a fork, such as a Yellow Aisha Fork, mush up the banana. Grab your Green Kacheek Blender and add the banana and the liquid of choice. Process until it is the texture of baby food. Depending on your baby Neopet’s age and stage, you may not need to add any liquid to the mashed banana.

Neopia also has a few specific bottles you can use, such as Baby Shoyru Baby Bottle, Baby Elephante Milk Bottle and Baby Bruce Milk Bottle. Apple Juice is full of vitamins for your pet, but only give this on occasion, as the sugar content is a bit high with juices. Milk is the best thing to give your baby Neopet to help them grow up strong. I would suggest Kau Kau Farm Organic Bottled Milk, Kau Kau Farm Soy Milk, or Cashew Milk. I recommend that you find a good high chair to keep your Neopet from running around with their food making a mess as well as a bib for easier cleanup after the meal.


Many neopians miss this step in the bathing process, so make sure you have the proper sized bath tub to bathe your pet in. Neopets, even as babies, can vary in size. As an adult, an Eyrie can be as big as 160 cm while a Flotsam can be as small as 21 cm. As you can see, it is important to pick out the right sized tub for your Neopet. Choose a soap that will clean well and that will make the bath enjoyable for your pet. You want to make the bath an enjoyable experience for your pet so they become accustomed to good hygiene. Baby Bruce Soap is just a simply adorable soap to use, but there is also Glittery Rainbow Soap for fun in the tub. If you find your Neopet fussing in the bath, I would recommend you use Lavender-Scented Soap to soothe them. If your pet has fur, do not forget the shampoo! However, do not use Snoogy Shampoo as it will turn your pet’s hair grey. Make sure to have a Fuzzy White Towel on hand to dry off your pet once they are out. Do not forget the warm cozy pajamas as well!


Your baby Neopet will spend the majority of its time playing. Make sure to have age appropriate toys for your pet. To foster creativity, try Faerieland Colouring Book and Box of Crayons. If your pet likes to build, use the Colourful Building Blocks. Some Neopets simply like to make noise, so hand them a rattle to get their energy out, such as a Baby Rattle. Make sure they have plenty of plushies to cuddle with. Baby Overstuffed Warf Plushie and Blue Polarchuck Plushie are popular among baby Neopets. An up and coming toy are the pull along toys. Your baby Neopet can play and get some movement in at the same time. There are plenty of varieties to choose from, baby bruce, mootix, pandaphant, and so on. Other great toys for your baby Neopet that you might consider buying are: Destruct-O-Match Stacking Blocks, Baby Toy Keys, Baby Toy Wagon, Toy Train and Tiny Toy Piano. If you have a baby usul, consider buying some usuki dolls for them along with the usuki doll sets. Make sure you have a place to put the toys away when your pet is all done playing. A Toy Basket or a Toy Hammock is an easy fix to a messy room with toys all over.


This section is meant for those pets with hair or fur. Use a soft brush, such as the Blue Short Hair Brush to get all of the tangles out and to leave your pet’s hair smooth. If your baby Neopet has long hair, use a hair clip to pin it away from their face. We do not want them running around, unable to see due to their hair in their face. That is an accident waiting to happen. For those living in the Lost Desert or near a beach, such as Mystery Island, I would recommend using Sand-Away Hair Gel. To keep yourself organized, use the Isca Grooming Items Storage Basket to store all your grooming products for your pet. Make sure to remember to brush your pet’s teeth. Make it easier on yourself and buy a Tooth Cleaning Kit. Inside is everything you need to keep your Neopet cavity free.

Note: These are simple suggestions for caring for a typical baby Neopet. Some pets may have different tastes. You may be able to find alternatives by visiting the marketplace. I would also suggest that your Neopet may like a few of their items in the species that they are.

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