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Easiest Ways to Make Neopoints in Y19

by marbear_4u


Have you ever wondered how people manage to go for their most wanted items? Perhaps you are also wanting to achieve that one dream pet you have always wished, but the paint brush is just out of your reach right now? Wondering how to make a decent amount of Neopoints around the sites every day? We want to help you and teach you hope you can get a little richer every day by playing the great games Neopets have to offer. Some of them are harder to play than others but in the end they will all make you go home with a good amount of NPs.

Remember that the key is to save up. The longer you manage yo save every little Neopoint you got, the easier and faster it gets. Try to always move your NPs into your bank account, that way you get a small interest every day. It might not be really high right now, but over time that interest will help you reach milestones.

Ghoul Catcher

One way to make nps is to play Ghoul Catchers every day. Every level you clear will earn you 1,000nps with a max cap of 50,000 NPs a day! A good trick is to repeat level 1 over and over again to make the process a little easier. You can play Ghoul Catchers on Facebook or on a mobile device.


You should always stop on by the Battledome and defeat enemies who will drop codestones and other nice items (fifteen items a day) once defeated. If you have premium you can even fight in the Cosmic Dome for a chance to get nerkmid drops! Just make sure your well trained and properly equipped before tackling enemies. Two Yooyu Knuckle Duster are good weapons to aim for and hopefully with this guide shouldn't be too expensive. Also, a very good starter enemy to fight is the S750 Kreludan Defender Robot who is perfect for low level pets.

Trudy's Surprise

Visiting Trudy's Surprise everyday is also a quick way to earn some free nps. Just make sure to spin every single day, as you'll earn a little more each day and after 25 consecutive spins you'll be rewarded with a 100,000 NPs prize! It's guaranteed that you will make over 200,000 NPs by just spinning the wheel every day consecutively.

Food Club

Our next stop is Food Club. If your account is old enough you'll benefit even more as you can bet more nps depending on how old your account is. A good way to start is to check out the Food Club thread in the Neoboards (mainly the Avatar/NeoSignature and Games ones) and follow betters or ask for help there. Most betters profit at the end of each month, so it's important to try and bet as many days as you can.

Flash Games

Of course there are also the various flash games here. Some easy games to start out on are Kass Basher, Fashion Fever, and Catch the Petpet. Try and find games that you enjoy, as some might be easier for you but harder for other's. Just be aware that np ratios change on the 25'th of each month. A good place to check for easy games/ratios is // You can send in a total of 3 scores a day for each game and the featured premium game of the day will earn you double the neopoints.


Next up is your dailies! Jellyneo has a great list of all the dailies you should visit everyday, so it's a good idea to have it bookmarked. Dailies could potentially reward you with lots of nps and rare prizes. You never know... you might get that one good spin on the Fruit Machine and win a really expensive paint brush.

Stock Market

Buy low, sell high! Now the the Stock Market is more of a long-term strategy but can yield big profit. I'll buy 1000 stocks everyday at 15(which is the lowest you can buy them) and simply wait till the stocks go up; a good selling point is 60+. It's also good to diversify your portfolio and buy stocks in multiple companies.

Job Agency

And finally one of my favorite ways to make nps is the Faerieland Employment Agency basic jobs. What I like to do is start by heading to the very last page of the basic job page(this will increase your chances of finding better jobs) and search for jobs with a high base reward. I'll then search the items required on the Shop Wizard and compare the base reward to the costs of the items needed. If the profit looks good I'll apply for the job, purchase the items and hand it in as fast as possible. If your quick enough you'll earn up to a 25% time bonus! You can have a total of 5 jobs per day.


Another great method of earning neopoints in sniping items that are in the auction house. Some people will put up 1 neopoint auctions, which always makes a great profit. An easy way to see if the item you are bidding on is worth it, is to double check the price in the shop wizard or in the trading post. I always wait until the item gets to the first page in the auctions, and then when it gets to the first five remaining, start placing your bid! It's always good to do much more than the increment amount, you will have a lesser chance of being outbid. I always keep two tabs open, one to watch the placement of the item, and one tab on the bidding screen!


Restocking is one of the fastest ways to earn neopoints around the site. If you are just starting out? The perfect shops for you are spooky foods, toys, and plushies.The more experienced restockers stay in the shops with the most profit, including; post office, magic, defence, collectible cards, neopian foods, etc. The neopian shops can restock any items up to rarity of 99! There is even a chance to get a Bony Grarrl Club or a CandyChan stamp, which you could resell and profit several million. Not sure of which items to look out for? Not everything that you see that stocks at 2,500 or 5,000 neopoints is profitible. I go to JellyNeo's item database, and you can select which category/which shop that stocks items. This helps because it also has the pictures of the items and how much each item goes for. It's a good list to study if you are just learning how to restock. Restocking does come with patience, and you do have to have some time on your hands, not every refresh is going to stock a good item. There is a restock board on the Trade Chat where you can hang out and talk to other restockers as well! The best times to restock are late at night and early in the morning, less people tend to be online around those times. Be sure not to refresh too much, because you may get shop banned. That means all of the shops will appear empty and you wont be able to restock anything for an extended amount of time.

With these tips in mind, you should be earning neopoints in no time! Remember that pacience is the key. Experienced Neopians will tell you how many Neopoins they can make a day, and while some of them manage to earn over a million a day, that shouldn't scare you at all. In fact, that should motivate you even more and make you play more in order to strive for such achievement. You will realize that in no time, you will be making NPs in a fast, safe way. Thanks for reading this short but efficient guide, and we hope we can help you with more in the future.

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