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The Perks of Being Kaddicted

by vltra_svr


The Perks of Being Kaddicted

The Kadoatery.

The place known for its often loud inhabitants.The place where people do everything that's in their reach to feed a crying Kad. The Kads are here while their owners are on vacation (or need a break from that wailing who knows!) In the meantime they still need to be fed and they still crave your attention (every 7 minutes or so to be exact!)While it is well known that if you feed 75 Kads you'll get aflashy new avatar and the satisfaction of having been able to help those hungry creatures (or the relief of being able to run far,far away from them!), there are a lot more things you can get byfeeding Kads.

Getting your first feed.

Feeding Kadoaties isn't always rainbows and butterflies, it can be tough to get your first feed but with some practice and patience, you will see something like this: Dakoatie is very sad. You should feed it Fuzzly Pear. The first time you see the Kadoatery refresh with all the crying, hungry Kadoaties it’s so exciting! Hurry! Which one should you feed? Some people decide by name, others decide by color or spot. Just go with your gut and pick one! You’ve made Dakoatie a very happy Kadoatie. *Mew* Thanks for doing a good deed! (Also, in case you were wondering , you have now fed 1 Kadoaties in all!) If you are having a hard time feeding your first Kad or you simply don’t understand the time system, feel free to ask around on the Kad board (which can be found over in the games chat on the neoboard index.) The Kad board is generally filled with lots of over feeders and newfeeders at almost any time who are ready to help you on your journey!

Getting the trophies.

So you got your first feed? Nice! That moment when you go back to the Kadoatery and see your name under the now happy little Kad, you feel on top of the world. But there is more! A brand new bronze trophy appears in your user lookup. You will notice that the more you feed, the prettier your trophy becomes! After only 10 feeds your trophy will turn silver, and after 25 feeds it will turn agorgeous gold! (who doesn’t like to have more trophies anyways?)

Getting the avatar.

After you get that gold trophy on your userlookup (and you know you love it being there) you have only 50 feeds left to go! It may feel like forever, but keep up that good work and you will be there in no time! Don’t forget you have to go to your userlookup and view your Kad trophy to pick up your avatar. Something has happened! You are now eligible to use 'Kadoatery - Mew' as an avatar on the NeoBoards! Good job, you have finally gotten your pretty avatar and now you can even show it off to everyone else. Don’t forget to tell your friends on the Kad board, they will be so happy for you! (unless they are green with jealousy of course!)

New friends!

So now that you got that gorgeous gold trophy and of course the pretty pink avatar, you think you are done with the Kadoatery now. But what is that tingly sad feeling in your gut? You miss the Kads, it couldn’t hurt to feed just one more, right? But it’s never just ONE more, you just keep going. The Kaddiction is already in your system and now you just can’t stop. So you go with it. You start to overfeed,and find yourself having a good time at the Kadoatery, but there is more. You have made friends at the Kad board, maybe you enjoy hanging out with them as much as feeding. You are constantly meeting new people, as some get the avatar and say good-bye, others are just celebrating their first feed, and that's a great thing! When you get to know them a bit better, you learn a lot from the site. Maybe thatuser who you got a sidefeed with is a Food Club expert. Maybe that person that said thank you for helping them out is into NC! And as youknow more people, some become your new awesome friends, and you have an excellent hobby in common, and a lot to enjoy!


After you become well accustomed to the Kadoatery, the Kad board and start making new friends you might wonder “what should my next goal be?” Some people choose to go for certain numbers, or Kad names. For instance how wonderful would it be to feed the Kad named 1337 for your 1337th feed?! There is also an unofficial high score list for the Kadoatery, who knew! Wouldn’t it just be perfect to get listed in the top 50 with all the new friends you’ve made? If you really understand the time system, you can even help timekeep and help other people learn how to feed Kads! Is there anything more rewarding than helping others? (other than feeding those Kadoaties obviously!).

Something to come back for.

Maybe you are a collector that is running out of items to add to your album or gallery. Or you are someone who is coming back to Neopets seeking a little break from the *sigh* busy real life. And you sit there and ask yourself, what am I doing here? Kads are alwayswaiting (and crying) to be fed, so why not? It's a great Neo-hobby,a good way to meet new people, learn about the site, and make new friends! It is a lot more than you'd think when you say "I need to feed some Kadoaties". So what are you waiting for? Get in there and help some Kadoaties. You are there to help, aren't you? There are a lot of good things waiting for you (and some bad ones, like, an especially hard to pleaseKad)! See you in the Kadoatery!

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