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Back-to-School Shopping for the Underfunded Neopian

by citybound


Ah yes. It's a new year, Y19, and with a new year comes a school session back from winter break. Your young, fiesty Neopets are sure to be excited to see their school friends again, and you can't send them out to school empty-pawed! But, alas, you've spent most of your Neopoints last month buying gifts for your friends and pets. Battledome items, Stamps, and Paintbrushes certainly cost more than you seem to remember. What ever shall you do? Friend, I have a solution. In this article, you will find all the shiny new supplies you need to send your pets back to school in style for approximately 10k*!


Set One- The Beauty Queen (7.5-9.5k)

For your discerning, adorable types. Your prissy pet will feel cute and stylish in her back to school gear and never guess it was purchased on a budget!

Angelpuss Backpack (950k NP)

Easily acquirable on the shop wizard for less than a thousand Neopoints, the Angelpuss Backpack is the necessary starting point for such an angelic collection of school supplies. Your little angel will be positively glowing as she bounds down the front walk of your Neohome to board the bus. Bonus points if the backpack matches her petpet!

Sparkling Faerie Notebook (2.5k NP)

The Sparkling Faerie Notebook is an absolute must-have when it comes to chic journals. While the glittering faerie dust attached to the front and back covers may get all over the house, it will make up for the mess by adding a layer of enchanted bling to everything it touches. If the glitter is too much for you, consider replacing with the Prissy Miss Diary (~3.5k) for all the cute without the sparkle.

Rainbow Glitter Pens (~5k NP)

While a bit of a splurge for our 10k budget, these pens go perfectly with your pet's new notebook and backpack, and you are saving money in the long haul by purchasing the rainbow pack and not buying each pen individually. If you're looking to just purchase one pen rather than the whole set, I would recommend the Gold Glitterpen (~3k). This color Glitterpen does not come in the Rainbow Glitter Pen set and will have all your pet's schoolmates green with envy.

Ona Pencil Sharpener (550 NP)

Every classroom needs a pencil sharpener, and with this adorable Ona everyone will be stopping by your pet's desk to sharpen, chat, and admire your pet's excellent choice of stationary.

Purple Candy Eraser (450 NP)

A sweet and fitting final piece of you pet's school supplies, this inexpensive yet pliable Purple Candy Eraser will allow your pet to fix any minor mistakes without rubbing a hole through the paper she's writing on.


Set Two- The Battledomer (8k-10.5k NP)

For pets looking to show off their battledome prowess even before their after school session at the Training School.

Punchbag Bob Backpack (3.5k NP)

An obvious choice for a battledomer's backpack, it additionally doubles as a practice dummy during recess. How else are you pets going to show off their newly gifted arsenal of BD weaponry to their classmates? If you're willing to spend a couple thousand extra, the Punchbag Sid Backpack (5k NP)will do nicely as well.

Plain Rubber Bands (300 NP)

Why rubber bands, you ask? Easy. For target practice firing them at fellow students during class, of course. An alternate yet excellent addition would be the Spacerocked Stapler (700 NP)as it is equipped with a built in slingshot.

Neoquest II Sword Pen (2.75k NP)

Functionality? Check. Ability to sword fight with tablemates when the teacher isn't looking? Check.

Broken Pencil (1k NP)

If your neopet is just going to break their pencil during a "show of strength" during class, why bother purchasing a regular pencil? This way, the pencil is already broken, and can easily be taped back together again and again. Alternatively, you could purchase the Sword Pencil (450 NP)for additional arms during the aforementioned table-wide sword fight.

Punchbag Bob Pencil Case (1k NP)

It matches the backpack and holds all your other supplies. What more could you ask for?


Set Three- The Walking Disaster (8.7k-10.2k NP)

For your pet who just can't get it together, no matter how hard they try.

Abandoned Backpack (700 NP)

This wasn't actually abandoned, it was just left behind by your pet during the fall term and was hastily reclaimed from the Lost and Found upon the school's reopening for the spring term.

Delicious Paste (1k NP)

Of course your pet would know what this tastes like. I'm not even going to comment on the helpful qualities of paste in a classroom as your pet seems to think it's a delightful afternoon snack. Are you sure your pet isn’t a Grarrl?

Snotty School Book (4.25k NP)

We're not sure how this book got so snotty in the first place, but maybe the snot won't show the borovan stains from late night study sessions? Or maybe it will... at least the brown may compliment the green?

Tatty Notebook (1.3k NP) and Tatty Pencil (700 NP)

These pair together quite well, and while we can assure you that they are brand new, they look suspiciously like the notebook and pencil your pet lost last semester in the seemingly bottomless backpack of theirs. Alternatively, you could purchase the Snotty Pen (3.5k NP)and allow your pet to write on old pieces of scratch paper or in the margins of their Snotty School Book.

Stone Ruler (725 NP)

Finally, a ruler that not even your clumsiest pet can break. Unless they're a mutant grundo. Then your pet can break most things. Including this ruler, and also probably the school.


And there you have it! Three sets of school supplies for the discerning yet underfunded Neopian's back-to-school shopping push. Let’s send those pets off in style! Good luck, and Happy New Year!

*Note- All prices are sourced from the Shop Wizard on the day the article was written. The author is not responsible for any inflation or market changes.

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