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The Origin of Neopia and Neopets

by steve_km


Many of you are here today wondering why you should read this article. You say you already know how Neopia came to be; the most popular answer being that it was created by Donna Williams and Adam Powell in 1999. Today, I am here to tell you that Neopia is actually two thousand years old!

*keys dramatic music*

Before you start throwing your popcorn at me and booing my article, hear me out. I am going to grab another great resource called the Neopedia. If you will, let’s turn to the section about Dr. Frank Sloth. For those of you that don’t know, Dr. Frank Sloth is a tyrant and a dictator. There has been a few times where he tried to take over all of Neopia to enslave the Neopets.

In this section of the Neopedia, we learn that over two thousand years ago Neopia did in fact exist. It was a terrible place; it was barren, filled with muddy swamps, barren plains and there was no sunlight because poisonous smog filled the sky. We learn that at this time Dr. Sloth was already here (possibly via Spaceship); a much younger sloth that is. It is said that he spent years in a lair trying to create creatures; most likely to build an army.

One day, light broke through the smog and began to change the planet rapidly. Any creatures that sloth created turned back into mud when they became exposed to the light. Suddenly, small creatures started to appear around Neopia, much to the doctor’s surprise. Even with the destruction of his experiments, Sloth decided to stay.

Now it is important to understand that the Neopedia tells us that Dr. Frank Sloth has been mutating these creatures since he was 88 years old. He received a PhD in Horribleness and he has been using his PhD for the use of his evil plans since the beginning of Neopets; this means roughly over 2100 years!

Now, before you think that this article is done, there is still a a big unanswered question. What happened between now and 2,000 years later?

Soon after Dr. Sloth’s failed experiments, the Neopets inhabiting the planet became very intelligent very fast! They built cities and even created a monarchy; as seen in Meridell, Lost Desert, Altador, etc.

Although we do not know the exact age of the Lost Desert we do know it is VERY old. How do we know? The Lost Desert is very similar to that of ancient Egypt here on Earth. They have many fruits that are mummified but also, there are many other Neopets who are mummified as well. While it takes only 14 days to mummify most fruit and only 70 days to mummify a body, it takes a lot longer for a mummy to look like the Scorchio Mummy; like the one seen in the Scorchio Mummy Stamp. This process would take centuries. Unfortunately, it is unclear how long this would take without a real sample and we need to account for the environmental variables on Neopia that would be different from those of Earth; we just know it was a long time ago.

What about the faeries? Since the beginning of Neopia, faeries inhabited Neopia. It is assumed that these faeries are not easily manipulated by Dr. Sloth’s rule and tyranny. Six primary faerie types exist; Air, Dark, Earth, Fire, Light, and Water. The faeries have been here giving us tales of wisdom, courage, and adventure. They have assisted Neopets in their battle against Sloth, and various other foes, and provided assistance in the ways of nourishment and healing; often provided in the ways of a quest. The faeries actually fill a piece of missing information before the discovery of Neopia.

Fyora is the Queen of all the faeries. She wears robes of Purple (she would argue it’s pink); a color of royalty amongst the faeries! She is one of the most powerful faeries and has been the leader of Faerieland for several hundreds of years. She acts as the guardian of Neopia and once imprisoned an evil faerie, The Darkest Faerie, in a statue over 1,000 years ago; 993 BN (Before Neopets)!

The Darkest Faerie was one of the founders of Altador. King Altador had met her after she saved his life from a monster; perhaps an age old creation created by Dr. Sloth. She served King Altador for many years until one day she betrayed him and lost all of her honor and nobility. She was so powerful that only Queen Fyora was able to banish her with the help of Jerdana into a statue. She would later break free in 1,000 years; I am sure there are some veterans who remember our valiant fight against her.

So, what happened between now and 2,000 years later? There appears to be a severe lack of information. Here’s what we do know, Neopets’ was founded in 1999. It is assumed that during this time, Dr. Frank Sloth probably tried many times to take over neopia. We do know that he enslaved and ruled over many!

It may surprise you but some people have no idea that human beings sometimes show up in Neopia. Some of these people are Donna and Adam; the founders/discoverers of Neopia. In 1999, Donna and Adam discovered Neopia and various different Neopets and shared their discovery with the world! Unfortunately, we may never quite know how they found Neopia but we are truly thankful to them for showing us their discovery!

As it seems, the most information that we have ever received on ancient Neopia (with specific details) has come from the Evil Dr. Sloth and from the great powerful Faeries! We can only hope for more information to come for us in the future. I, for one, am waiting for a plot that will reveal some more ancient secrets of Neopia. Maybe we will see some new characters or a new discovery of a long lost neopet! Time will tell but I am certainly excited to see what lost secret will be revealed to us next!

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