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Five Easy Strategy Game Trophies

by catwithasilverspoon


Another year has gone and another has arrived, and if you are done with trophies for games like Cheat!, Go! Go! Go!, or Snow Wars, you are probably gunning for flash game trophies right now. At first, it may seem like a daunting uphill race against so many other gamers in Neopia, especially on high scores reset day. Fret not, for this is where strategy games come to the rescue.

Wait, strategy games, what?! Isn’t there an inordinate amount of time, and you know, strategizing that goes into strategy games?! You mean the Action or Adventure categories, right?!

No, I really do mean the strategy games category. First of all, as strategy games are designed mathematically most of the time, so this means that the scores are capped for certain games. Secondly, well, it’s strategy, meaning that there are certain tactics that when executed, give you the best score possible, and these tactics are also mathematically designed to reach the score limit. However, you do not have to worry about the math, for all you have to focus on are the tactics.

Without further ado, here are five easy strategy game trophies, in order of the hardest to easiest:

5. Neopian Battlefield Legends

You are probably wondering why this game is not the easiest.

The Neopian Battlefield Legends (NBL) trophy falls under what we call the “perfect score” category. In order to obtain the trophy for this game, one has to achieve the perfect score. Sounds easy, with all the great guides out there, no?

Well, here is where it gets tricky.

When you first submit your perfect score, you are immediately placed after the last person who scored perfectly. Basically, every person to enter to top 100 at the 100th spot with a perfect score bumps person number 1 off the trophy list at the point of time they submit their score.

As only the top 17 qualify for the trophy, and your perfect score can only be posted once a month, it is best to try for the game later in the month, or whenever you are feeling lucky, in hopes that you will be slowly pushed to the top 17 (or the coveted gold trophy spot!) when trophies are awarded!

Now that we have cleared the trophy awarding mechanics, the game is fairly simple. Play it in HARD mode. Before you choose to aim for the trophy, it is best to play it in easy or medium mode, or practice in hard mode to grasp the gameplay better.

Some tips (for hard mode) to maximize your score would be to ensure that your health is at 100 percent at the end of the game. Besides that, when your tower is on the verge of being completely destroyed by a tower destroyer (more on him/her later), pause the game, and immediately upgrade it! If you have reached the last possible upgrade, wait until your tower is close to absolute destruction, pause the game, sell it and rebuild immediately. Neat trick, eh?

On the tower destroyer, he/she is quite possibly the most annoying enemy you will encounter in the game and it is for this very reason that your first two towers closest to the enemy’s point of entry should also be your cheapest, so no catapults.

I like to build my towers in an “S” shape, also ensuring that I cover all possible gaps so enemies do not penetrate through my defenses. This pattern allows me to control the enemy’s flow of movement while allowing them to take the most damage possible. I also like to build my ranged tower right in the front centre of the second rock (if you are playing as Meridell), or behind and centre of the first rock (if you are playing as Darigan) right before the seventh round (do ensure that you save up enough!) as this round is when you get your first wave of winged enemies. After that, I would focus on upgrading my buildings but be wary of the destroyer making a few more rounds in round 14, 21 and after that the pattern is random, so be careful!

By the time the bosses come by in the final wave, I’d just be sitting back and watching the show. It’s a good test to determine if your defenses are foolproof, or if they need more reinforcements.

Easy game, no? The stress is mostly derived from being at the right place, at the right time to get the trophy.

4. Buzzer Game

The Buzzer Game drives me insane. It is an incredibly easy trophy to get at the beginning of the month but requires immense patience. This game also gives an avatar!

The game is fairly simple. You drag your metal hoop across the wire without touching it. Otherwise, you’ll get a “Buzz!”, and have to restart.

There are 15 levels on this game and the base score without time bonuses is 425 points, which may not be enough to help you obtain a trophy, unless it’s incredibly early in the month.

There is actually a fairly simple trick to this. Type “cheese” before you begin the game and your cursor will show throughout the entire game! I also like to have my browser zoomed in so I have more black space to maneuver though bear in mind that this will slow you down for a trophy. Regardless, steady hand!

On the earlier levels, try to get as many bonuses as you can (ideally from levels 1-4) by reaching the end as fast as possible. In the later levels, focus only on getting your hoop to the end. Around level 3, the Techo will start throwing distractions of sorts at you (the red eyes are creepy!).

As you have only three lives throughout the game, I cruise my way through the later levels as it is better to focus on reaching the end than to lose a life that is much needed for the tougher levels, and have to restart the entire game.

3. Gourmet Club Bowls

This game is an easy trophy game if you can get it to run. It also gives an avatar I find that it works best on Safari.

The goal of the game is fairly simple – you score the most points at the end of the round if your ball is closest to the jack (the white ball).

You play a Blue Cybunny, and there are 7 rounds throughout the game where you take turns to throw the ball. The first level is the easiest as there are no obstacles, and often where you can score maximum points. In the subsequent levels, you will encounter obstacles in the form of banana peels or holes. The former causes your ball to ricochet from its intended route and the latter makes your ball well… fall into the hole.

Your best friend in this game is the code “shepherd”. Type that during the start screen and it will double your points at the end of every round.

If you are terrible at aiming, like me, a tip that helped me win this game is to keep throwing my ball in a straight line. To do this, I stand directly in front of the jack and aim. I pull my aim until the line reaches the middle of the Cybunny’s ear and throw it. The aim generally doesn’t extend further than the Cybunny’s ear but do tailor as you see fit.

I also don’t play clean (giggles). When my ball is the closest to the jack, I use my third or final throw to bounce my opponent’s balls away (further) from the jack.

2. Biscuit Brigade

This game is my favourite game of all time! It’s also incredibly adorable. You play young Hagan, defending his castle which is dedicated for cookies against his brother, a young Skarl who is perpetually hungry and sending out toy minions to invade you!

To get on the high score table, this game needs to be played in hard mode, and utilizing minimal parts. There are a total of 20 waves and while there are many other strategies out there that you can employ, the strategy I prefer employs the usage of merely 5 towers. It all boils down to weapons and placement. There are damage towers and stun towers. Your first weapon should always be a cannon (damage), and subsequently upgrading it to a rocket.

I generally place a windmill (stun) right in front of the cookie castle – where the top left edge of the castle is without any gaps between the castle and the windwill. It has helped me on many occasions as the enemies move in that line and it directly slows them down, tremendously so too! This is complemented by two rockets that sandwich the enemies, and are reinforced by two other towers that induce confusion or slowness. You can play around with the placement and see what works best for you. I’m always experimenting, so do share your winning strategies with me too!

1. Ugga Drop

Also the easiest flash game trophy to get, Ugga Drop falls under what we call the “Exceptional Eight”. To get the gold trophy, all you need to do is to achieve the maximum (also capped) score of 40,000 points and be in the top 100 when trophies are being awarded (do try out the other 7 Exceptional Eight games too!)! The best part is, it is incredibly easy!

Some useful tips that helped me for this game would be to keep restarting the game until I get the first character on the left or the right. This allows me to just keep pressing left or right through the entire journey down to bump away all of my competition on the way down. Bumping them disrupts their momentum and makes them descend slower!

Other than that, ensure that you always end in first place. The trophy will only be awarded to you if you place first for every round. I usually ignore the coins and focus on my descent down as landing first gets you a whopping 2,000 points. So 20 rounds of that spread across 5 levels gives you 40,000 points! If you land in second place, restart the game and try to land first. I like to open my parachute when my character has just passed the top of the cliff you see right before landing (where the rope ladder begins). It requires timing but should not be a problem with practice. Also, do not land in mud, as it is considered a crash. If you do land in mud, worry not, for you will be prompted to restart the level.

I hope that this list of easy strategy game trophies, along with the tips I have provided will help you on your journey to further beautifying your trophy cabinet while putting on your thinking hat and having some fun. If you would like more tips regarding these games, do not hesitate to Neomail me! I would also love to hear about your strategies, and we can have a fun exchange on what we have tried.

Happy trophy hunting!

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