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Earning Neopoints for Newbies

by terabithian


So, you just started playing Neopets did you?

*tilts top hat back, raises monocle*

Well then, you're going to need to figure out how to make some Neopoints. Unless of course, you want to survive on what came in the newbie pack. I hear those potato sacks are fashionable these days. Anyway the first thing we will take a look at is goals.

Why are we looking at goals, when we should be looking at Neopoints you ask? Simple. Because goals, are an incredibly useful way to motivate yourself to earn some Neopoints. If your pets are basic, you might want to paint them. If you want to start a gallery, or do pretty much anything, you are going to need some Neopoints to spend. Even if the goal is as simple as starting a shop, you are still going to need a few Neopoints.

So the best way to earn at least 10,000 Neopoints in my opinion, is to visit the Games room. There are a lot of games though! How will you ever decide which ones to play? Here are a few suggestions.

Short Games

Kass Basher

Kass Basher is an incredibly good way of earning a few Neopoints. All you have to do is pick up a stick of bread, a stick or a bat and hit the sock puppet as far as you can. Wind up! Batter up! At least it's only a puppet. I wouldn't fancy your chances if you took a swing at the real Lord Kass.

Fashion Fever

If you fancy yourself and your Neopets as a bit of a fashion guru, I suggest playing Fashion Fever. Even if your taste is so poor, your Neopet is currently wearing an unfashionable potato sack, you can still earn at least 900 Neopoints just for dressing up the pets in the game! And that's 900 Neopoints you didn't have before!

Any game you enjoy!

Why do I tell you to do this? Because playing games you enjoy, is a great way of earning Neopoints. And it's much more fun to play a game you like, than one you hate. For example, I hate Cave Glider. I just aren't built for caves. *flexes pathetic muscle* But I love Stowaway Sting, a game some people hate. For me, Stowaway Sting is easy, and I earn Neopoints doing it.

Now that you have more Neopoints, you can get some goodies. There are lots of free goodies all around the site, from free omelette, to free Neopoints. You can also visit the Money Tree and pick up other people's junk, if you wish. Hey, nobody's going to judge you for wandering around Neopia, clutching an old boot.

Now that you have more Neopoints, it should be time to open a shop. To do this, click shops, your shop and navigate to where it says Create a shop. Remember all that free stuff you picked up earlier? Well now you can sell it in your shop. Sure, some of it may only be worth a Neopoint, but that's still a Neopoint you did not have before. You can use the shop wizard to price it by searching the item, and refreshing until you find the cheapest possible price.

However, you want more expensive items to sell, if you want to make lots of Neopoints. For a beginner, restocking may seem like a daunting task. You see the people on the trading post, selling items worth millions and think that could never be you. Well, maybe not to start with, but you can earn Neopoints by restocking. What is restocking? Restocking is buying an item in an official Neopets shop, such as the Food shop and selling it on the trading post, or in your shop for a more expensive price than you bought it for.

To restock, you go to one of the shops in Neopia and refresh, until you see a good item. Restock refresh times are completely random, so there is no way to give a precise time of when the shop will stock with new items. Official shops also clear at random intervals. This means, the shop will look as though there is nothing in the shop.

If you refresh too many times, you will get restock banned, which means nothing will appear in the shops for long periods of time.

One of the best places to restock, for a new account is the Food Shop. Neggs stock there, at a cheap price and you can easily make 3000 Neopoints profit, or more. Also unbuyable items will appear. New accounts cannot always see these, but some lower rarity foods are good for new accounts to restock.

The toy shop is also a good place to restock. However, it is a popular shop with a lot of competition. The main reason I suggest this shop to new accounts is because of the birthday and usukicon goodie bags that stock here. You can buy a goodie bag for as low as 2000 Neopoints, and sell it for at least 100,000 Neopoints. Just think what you could do with those Neopoints! Especially if you got more than one. Before you knew it, you could be a neo-millionaire!

The next shop is one that most people don't think about restocking in. It does not have much of interest. Unless of course you are interested in ointments that may or may not work. Lost Desert medicine has one item, that might be of interest to newbies, who are unfamiliar with healing their pets. The Doctor's Bag is a small black bag, that contains three cures for your pet. The best thing about the Doctor's Bag is that it only costs around 1000 Neopoints. Often the cures that are inside the bag cost more than the bag itself. You can make quite a lot of profit from this item, especially because the Doctors Bags usually stock in groups of three or more!

You should have a fair amount of Neopoints now, ready to do what you like with it. But there is one thing you should definitely do with at least some if it. Open up an account at the bank, and start saving. You can earn a little bit more each day by collecting your bank interest!

Hopefully this guide has helped you a little with saving and earning Neopoints. And that you haven't spent them already. *shakes coin purse, only for a piece of lint and breadcrumbs to fall out*

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