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Ever Thought Of Trying Premium?

by twtkodiak


Neopet’s Premium is the ONLY way to travel through Neopia!!

Have you ever wondered what Premium was like and always wanted to try it?? Here are some of my reasons that explain why I think that becoming a Premium member is the best entertainment deal in the world! I have been Premium since the start and have never left!! It is without ANY doubt the best entertainment value for your money! Before I get into the reasons why I feel this way let me explain the cost. I pay $49.95 a year and I sign up each year when there is a special deal either at the Christmas Holidays Season or the Neopian Birthday celebration. Although if I have to pay the full $69.95 per year the value is still utterly fantastic! So, my cost averages $4.16 per month or about 13.5 cents per day! Most days I can spend 12 hours on Neopets that cost is a bit over 1 penny per hour of entertainment..A PENNY per HOUR! If I only make it for 6 hours it is a little over 2 cents per hour! Where else can you get that kind of deal! So even at the full price of $69.95 per year it is dirt cheap for what you get in return! Neopet’s Premium is, without any doubt in my mind, the single best entertainment value I have ever purchased in my life. So, now that you see how inexpensive Premium is let us talk about what you get for that low fee!

First, I love everything about Premium and I do mean EVERYTHING! Let us start with my number 1 reason to become a premium ad’s! It is an absolute pleasure to roam about Neopia and not worry about ad’s slowing me down or distracting me in any way. I would stay a premium member for this reason alone! Now in addition to no ads I get Weekly Space faerie Scratch cards!! A wonderful way to win np’s and space faerie items! I also get a monthly collectable card as a Premium user..they are beautiful and wonderful to collect! There is the Premium Tool Bar that can be customized to your dailies and such. However, the very BEST thing about the Premium tool bar is something called the SSW or SUPER SHOP Wizard! This handy little item will find you the BEST price on any buyable item in all of Neopia!! It is also able to search Galleries for those of you looking to find some very rare items.

I can’t over state how wonderful it is to search for an item and know you are getting the best price….every time! This can really pay off for those of you who restock your shop to build up your shop sales each and every day. I also get monthly bonus neopoints for being a Premium user! I also enjoy a different game each day that for premium users gives you 2X the np’s on that game for your 3 plays! The Premium 2 x game changes every day so that is extra np’s everyday as well! I love the Premium and Charter only chat boards. They are full of the most wonderful and extremely helpful Neopian’s in all of Neopia! Neopet’s has many good chat boards but there is really something special about the Premium and Charter chat boards..such wonderful people..they are fantastic! Now for all of you that know me you know I love the NC Mall and the items inside it! As a Premium Member I get a monthly NC Item that is usually fantastic and very much in demand! The month of August's Premium NC gift ( August's Collectible: Premium Collectible: Blue Moon Field Background ) is one of the best backgrounds ever made and in my humble opinion is simply fantastic! If you’re not Premium you will need to trade for it and I have found the value of the Monthly Premium NC collectible items stays pretty high in trade value! All this for pennies a day! As a premium user I get a bunch of special space faerie SHH’s everyday as I roam around Neopia and those add up pretty quick! Now as I near the end of my article I want to mention another of my favorite things for being a Premium user on neopets and that is a 5TH pet spot for an extra Neopet!! I do not think I could ever be happy again with 4 neopet spots once I have had 5 for any length of time! Oh, and did I mention as Premium you get special battle dome challengers that give fantastic items like Nerkmids and Red Codestones and Bubbling Fungus!

Now there are more reasons to become a Premium user but I do not want to overwhelm you. As I have stated, for me, Neopet’s Premium is the more cost effective relaxing entertainment I enjoy on this planet. Nothing else I do comes at such a low cost for entertaining me. For pennies a day I get extra Monthly Neopoints and Weekly Space Faerie scratch cards. I get a wonderful Premium NC collectible item every month and it is usually stunning as was the last one. I enjoy 5 Neopets on my Premium account and have access to the Super Shop Wizard and awesome Premium tool bar. I get monthly collectable cards with incredible artwork and Space faerie SHH’s throughout my Neoday…every day! I can play a special game every day for extra np’s 2 x normal return. I can roam about the Neopian world with no worries of advertisements slowing me down or distracting me in any way. I have been Premium since the start and I have always thought it was one of the best deals for my money out there now and when I first signed up. It is a no brainer for me as the cost for what you get is actually cheaper for an entire month of Premium and all its extras than a single cup of good coffee…or perhaps 2 cups depending on where you reside.

As long as there is a Neopia I will be a Premium user. I love Neopets and always have since the day I first started. I have met some of the best people on earth on this site and have lifelong friends because of it. Premium, for me, makes this wonderful site even better. I see great positive changes being made with Jump Start and I am looking forward to a New Neopia that will be better than ever. The only thing constant in life is change and I think we are in for a positive and entertaining change with the new TNT.

See you around Neopia!!

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