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3 Great Themed Neopet Account Ideas

by kahlen369


Have you ever looked at your User Lookup and just thought to yourself, “I love all my Neopets separately, but together, they just don’t seem to match!” Well then, this list is perfect for you, because now you can finally find pets that are not just perfect by themselves, but also as a set. Yes, I’m talking about doing themed Neopet accounts! With the New Year coming up, maybe it’s time for some New Year’s Resolutions? These are great to set as your Dream Neopets goals because it can take a lot of time and Neopoints to achieve these, but once you do, it’s worth it. In the interest of spreading the love for all the beautiful Neopets TNT has afforded us, no Neopet or Paint Colour is used more than once. There’s more than enough to choose from, after all.

Now, this is just a short list of my favorite ideas so far, but if you have some of your own, or don’t quite agree with my recommended Neopets choice for the color, then don’t let me stop you! Go for your own goals. All these are ideas are only meant to serve as inspiration. There are plenty of themes to be found amongst the huge array of colours TNT has afforded us! Just remember, not all pets can be painted in every colour. Don’t despair if your favorite Neopet isn’t on the list though, just be patient. Maybe by the time you save up those Neopoints of yours, TNT will have released your chosen pet in that colour! Make sure to keep a lookout on their Pet days because this is the most likely date this will happen.

1. Patterned Pets: Camouflage, Checkered, Stripe and Polka Dot

If you love fashion (or customization, as the Neopets relevant term might be), then you know your patterns, and how pretty they can be. From striped shirts to polka dotted socks, But how about making the pets themselves patterned? These pets look so very fashionable all by themselves! If you want to put clothes on them (and why wouldn’t you?), those with solid block colours work best to contrast and make sure the patterns aren’t too overpowering. Unless, of course, that is exactly what you want! If you want your Neopets to be completely confounding and dazzling to the eye, then maybe a pattern overload if just want you want.

This is the first on the list, because this is one of the easiest sets to afford, being composed of paint brushes that all fall below the one million Neopoint line. So, if you are a newbie, without too many Neopoints saved up yet, this is a good starter theme!

For this theme, I recommend choosing the Camouflage Usul (though the Techo is a close second) for its perfect blend of patterns, including the details on the bow. Some of the other Neopets in this colour do not use the traditional camouflage theme, which can work quite well (such as on the Kacheek), but for the purposes of this theme, the classics are still the best. This paint brush is affordable at around 140-150k only.

There are fewer colour variations for the Checkered colour, with the differences on Neopets being the size and layout of the black and white checkered pattern. I like the way the Checkered Hissi’s box pattern is laid out diagonally instead of horizontally as usual, as this lends a nicer effect and works well with the Hissi’s coiled and curling shape. The Checkered paint brush is even cheaper than the camouflage at about 90-100k only, and is the cheapest of this set, so I’d say start with this one first.

The Polka Dot is one of the newer paint brushes, so it doesn’t have as many paint yet, but the Neopets already available have the a largely similar colorful pattern. Amongst these the Polka Dot Lenny is my favorite for the playful look it gives the pet. I also love the little detail of its tails each being colored a different solid colour, which makes it stand out from the other pets. Being one of the newer brushes, the Polka Dot paint brush is the most pricey in this theme set, at around 750-800k, so I’d recommend saving this one for last (more pets might release in this colour as you save too).

For the Striped colour, I went the rather atypical colouring used for the Ruki, because of how well it fits in with the rest of the colours. Unlike the other Neopets, who have a much softer pink and lavender scheme, the Striped Ruki almost looks like it could be a Camouflage colour, thanks to how well the stripes blend in, but it possesses its own unique look still. The Striped paint brush is a little cheaper than the Camouflage paint brush, at about 130-140k.

2. Creepy Colours: Darigan, Mutant, Zombie and Halloween

Now, while Neopets has some strict guidelines on allowable content because of its family-friendly atmosphere, that doesn’t mean the only colours available for your pet are purely fluff either! TNT knows that kids (and the kids at heart) love Halloween for a reason, and they’ve completely indulged it by creating a variety of creepy colours to choose from to make sure it’s Halloween every day for these Neopets!

Warning: This theme is not for the faint-hearted.

Unless you’re the type who loves to watch horror movies and is more enthusiastic about the scary tricks part of Halloween, you might want to shy away from this one. Do you really want to keep looking at that Mutant Kau all the time? I swear, I still shiver when I look to closely.

For this creepy collection, I recommend a Mutant Kau, because it’s honestly the creepiest of them all in my opinion (what is even going on there?). It has four eyes, large sharp black horns, tentacles coming out of its mouth, and riot of strange colours all over its mutated face and body. It’s certainly got quantity as well as quantity in all its creepiness!

The path to getting this creepy is a little different from usual, however, because no paint brush exists for the Mutant colour. Instead, you’ll need to buy a Transmogrification Potion, which varies in price depending on which species you are aiming for. A Mutant Kau is one of the more expensive choices, at around 750-800k, though it still falls short of the one million mark at least (unlike others in this set).

The Zombie Acara has a bone-chilling colour combination coupled with a dead-eyed look that will make you shiver if you look too closely at it. This one also comes with clothing, though it doesn’t look too pretty in its plain tattered state, it fits perfectly with your pet’s creepy state. Perfectly creepy isn’t cheap though, and this is when you’ll need to really start collecting Neopoints, because a Zombie paint brush will set you back around 1.5 million or more on the Trading Post! Clearly, pets are worth more undead than alive, if this means anything.

Next, we have the Darigan Flotsam, who sports a fearsome look filled with red eyes, sharp claws and spikes everywhere! I love the contrast involved here too, as the Flotsam is typically one of the cutest, and friendliest Neopets (unlike its fiercer cousin, the Jetsam). This cute little Neopet manages to pull of the creepy colour quite well though, which might just make you wonder what lurks beneath that friendly facade of his.

This paint brush is one of the top-tier ones, costing 1.4 million Neopoints! So, it will take some saving before you can buy one, but it has the benefit of being easily accessible, as it is always available in the Hidden Tower in Faerieland. If you’re lucky enough to get a discount there (you can get ten percent off as a random event), the cost can go all the way down to 1,260,000 NP instead!

Lastly, for our favorite creepy holiday-themed colour, Halloween pets have quite some variations in their costumes, with most going for cute instead of creepy. Similar to my reasoning for the Flotsam, I like the Halloween Uni best here because of the Uni’s typical reputation for being fluffy, pretty pets, and the way that gets turned on its head for a red-eyed, flaming, skeletal-winged version here! Plus, it totally looks cool as well as creepy. This paint brush seems to be a favorite among Neopians as well, because to get this one, you’ll need 2 million Neopoints on hand!

3. All Across Neopia In Four Pets: Desert, Island, Tyrannian and Pirate!

Neopia sure has quite a few unique signature lands across its map, all of which have a unique ambience and atmosphere that affect the Neopets that inhabit it. As paint colours, these all have the added benefit of giving awesome looking clothes and accessories to come with! These clothes are, of course, removable, and you have the option of customizing our newly painted pet with something else, but who wouldn’t want free clothes that are tailored to their beautiful pet’s colour?

The Lost Desert’s sandy landscapes, contrasted with its green oasis give birth to a culture of Neopets who favor light, white clothing, golden jewelry and kohl-lined eyes. Meanwhile, Mystery Island’s tropical palm leaves, colorful flowers and tiki hut architecture provide a beautiful backdrop for our pets in their grass skirts. If you are feeling nostalgic for a land lost to time, perhaps a trip to Tyrannia is in order, where you’ll find stone furniture, stone architecture and just about stone everything else in abundance (including one infamous wheel of stone). Residents here have a wild look to them, typical with large sharp teeth and fur or added wings. Lastly, we have Krawk Island, which is more or less code for Pirate Island, because this is where they all roam free. Dubloons are the currency here, and residents all dress their plundering part in eyepatches, peg legs and accessories featuring the signature skull-bones!

The Lost Desert scheme comes with various clothing and accessories that differ from pet to pet, with some having more, and some having less. I chose the Krawk for the royal-looking desert headdress (with snake-like gold detail) it has on, as well as it’s fancy scepter, which all combine to make the pet look like a picture perfect recreation of some old Lost Desert pharaoh! A royal look comes with a royal price tag, however, and getting this brush will take you about 3 million to make your own. I’d recommend leaving this one for last, because it’s the priciest of this lot.

Mystery Island features some variety in its paint brush clothing as well, though less seems to be more here, as most pets only have a few accessories on instead. When the base colour is a fetching white dotted with beautiful swirling gold patterns, however, this is not necessarily a bad thing. Still, to most properly showcase all this tropical island has to offer, I chose an Island Moehog with a pretty grass skirt around its waist and grass bracelets on all its limbs, as well as a colourful flower in its appropriately grass green-coloured hair. This paint brush is cheaper than the Lost Desert, but it’s still quite expensive at around 1.5 million Neopoints on the Trading Post.

Clothing is a bit more of a rarity for the Tyrannian colour, as most pets favor a truly wild look, but when it’s used, it’s used quite well, as in the Tyrannian Gelert, who pulls off the camouflage green tattered look quite well. I love all the details here, from the bone claws on its paws to the fur on its ears, as well as the addition of wings on its back! Unlike other paint brushes in this set, the Tyrannian paint brush is quite a steal! It costs only about 95-100k, and can even be bought for less, if you happen to find it in a user shop via the Shop Wizard (this means it is not an “unbuyable”, exactly). This comparative cheapness is partly because you can also win this brush as a price of the Wheel of Monotony. So be patient and give that thing a whirl, because you never know what you might win.

For our last land and look, we have quite a motley Pirate crew on our hands. The various pets all look like they could be sailing the high seas at any moment, but I chose the Buzz (over the infamous Krawk, even) because I love the amount of clothing it is wearing and the rather fancy-look of it that makes the Buzz seem like the Captain of our imaginary (or maybe it’s more real than we think, who knows?) pirate ship. He’s got the signature eye-patch, and that red scarf tied onto its head, as well as the awesome silhouette of skull-bones on its wings, for a truly Arrghtistic effect! Like the Tyrannian Paint Brush, this is one of the cheaper ones in this themed set, costing you around 450-470k neopoints on the Trading Post. It still costs a chunk of cash, but at least you won’t need to be in the millionaire’s club to get it.

So, in conclusion, the great variety of colours TNT has given us means that we’ve got a great opportunity on our hands when it comes to matching our pets up with each other! While having some favorite colours is perfectly natural, why not try for a favorite theme and aim for paint brush colours based on that? Hopefully, this list of mine has given you some idea, and maybe you’ve been inspired to pick one from here. If you have more ideas for possible themes, feel free to send me a Neomail! I know that just looking through the Rainbow Pool selections is already making me consider a few ideas for a future article...

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