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Improving your account for newbies

by terabithian


Improving your Neopet account you ask? What am I supposed to do, decorate it with pictures of Malkus Vile's face? Jump up and down screaming because I haven't yet been lent. Well you could do those things, but they will not get you very far. First of all, let's look at why you need to improve your account.

Now let's be honest. You do not HAVE to improve your account. You can just sit back, and do whatever you'd like to do. Whether it's flying to unknown worlds, or fighting Sloth in the Battledome. Everybody has their own likes and dislikes. However account improvement is useful for people who want to be lent big ticket avatar items. Because, if you are lending an item that costs a lot of Neopoints, of course you are going to want to ensure that it does not get scammed or stolen.

Account improvement is useful because it shows the lender or potential lender what you work on, and what you have to lose if your account gets sent to the igloo (first rule about ice club, we don't talk about ice club!). So now that you have an idea of why you might want to improve your account, let's take a look at ways you can improve it. You don't have to do all of them. And trust me, I am not asking you for anything insane like hopping on one leg, while wearing a bucket on your head and sliding along on two jellies. No, though I am sure some lenders would be in awe!

1. Collecting

Collecting is a great way of showing a lender that you care about what happens to your account. And not only that, but you can choose what to collect. If some stamps are too expensive for you, then you can save up for them or fill your album with the cheaper ones. Stamps are also fun to restock if you don't mind a little (okay a lot) of competition. Not to mention the stamps from the shop are usually cheaper! Try and fill your album with coins and shells, as well. Every little bit counts!

Not only can you improve your account on collecting stamps or shells, you can improve it by collecting items for your gallery and expanding your gallery. Starting a gallery is quite simple. The nice thing about creating a gallery is you do not have to always keep it the same. Since starting a gallery, my theme has changed significantly. I have collected plushies, asparagus and usukis. If you start a gallery and do not like the item after all, you can always change it later. There are many things to collect around Neopia, so put on your finding hat or get out your magnifying glass and go out there and find something to collect. It may seem strange, that potential lenders might look at a gallery, but believe me they do. Effort and creativity go a long way.

2. Improve your avatar count

Of course avatar item lenders are going to look at your avatar count. Collecting avatars is a great way of showing you put effort into your account. If you are not good at games, do not worry either. I was never very good at games, apart from a select few. But in order to get the avatar scores for games, I would practice and practice and practice. Practicing a game is a great way of improving your score. Bit by bit until you have enough to get those pesky avatars. Sometimes avatars come from all sorts of things. If you are absolutely new to avatars, there are clickables which mean you can go to a pet lookup or around Neopia. Afraid I can't say more! *shuffles avatar box out of the way*

3. Improve your pets

You may think your pets are okay as they are. That's totally fine. But some avatar lenders do take pets into consideration when looking at your account. You do not have to go out and buy a fancy paint brush if you do not want to,. Instead you can focus on other ways to make your pet look great. The first thing I suggest, if you do not have enough Neopoints for a paint brush is wearables. There are a lot of wearables around Neopia. Stop by Uni's Clothing for some fantastic options. If you want to paint your pet, then save up. You can even show the lender you are working towards the goal by stating it on your userlookup.

4. Get trophies

Even if you are not great at games, there is usually at least one game you are good at. There are several easy games around Neopia as well. Some games like Ugga Drop have a max score so everyone who gets that score, gets a trophy. Other games like Cheat! give you a trophy for completing certain levels. Look around the Neopets games board if you need advice!

There are other game trophies you can get, that take a bit more effort and time like Plushie Tycoon and Neoquest. These games are a bit more time consuming than others. Showing how much time and effort you put into getting the avatars and trophies which took a bit longer gives the lender an impression of how much time you are willing to put into your account.

There are also other types of things you can do to get a trophy, like visit the Kadoatery. Feeding kadoaties is hard and frustrating at times, but it is highly possible, even for new players. You do not have to feed an uber expensive item either. Kadoaties often ask for cheap food. Stop by the Kadoatery Feeding times board, on the Games board if you need help or have questions!

5. Spruce up your lookups

Why? Because the lender may want to see just what you are up to on Neopets. If you do not know any coding, there are helpful tools around which teach you how to make lookups, and pet pages. This is a good way to show off who you are as a person. Below is a list of suggested pages:

1. About me

Make an about me page. Who are you? What do you do? This shows the lender a bit of your personality. You can make it Neopets related, or put things about what you enjoy doing. Even if it's as crazy as watering Malkus Vile shaped plants. *hides watering can*

2. Goals Page

Of course a goals page is handy for showing a lender, just how much effort you are willing to put in. You can put whatever you like. Whether it's as simple as getting a trophy, or buying an expensive item.

Hopefully this guide has helped you a little bit and you are now ready to go off. And remember, never give up. Keep going. Eventually you will get lent, even if you didn't think it was possible before. Ah but I must go. *runs off carrying secret avatar box*

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