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Advanced Advert Attack Tips

by catwhisper1


BY CatWhisper1 AND Kittykastle2002

GAMES ROOM - A new avatar has been released!! In order to get it, you JUST need to play Advert Attack and get a score of 550 or better, and this avatar will be yours. Well, that task seems to be easy enough. Of course, the first thing you do is look for some reliable tips that will help you to get a decent score.

If you keep these tips in mind, it will help you to progress better in the game and perhaps have a better opportunity at getting a good score, and you’ll be sporting your new avatar in no time. Our article will focus on two areas of game hints. First, we will discuss the standard game hints. These are hints of which most people may be aware. However, we will also provide advanced game hints which many of you will be very thankful to receive. The advanced game hints will prove to be the hints for which you have been waiting and praying.


Standard Game Hints

1. Use full Screen mode. The reason this is important is because many times when trying to close a pop-up you may end up going off screen and losing your game window if you use any other screen size.

2. Ignore pop-ups that are not interfering with your GO buttons. Remember, the purpose of the pop ups is to slow you down, so you want to remember that it slows you down to close pop-ups. Hence, you don’t want to waste time closing pop-ups when you really don’t need to do so.

3. Where possible, try to close a pop-up that is in the same general area as your GO button but only if it has the potential to get in the way. Since it happens to be in the same area, it won’t take as much time to close that one while you’re clicking on the GO button right near it.

4. Click on NO where possible. Some of the pop-ups contain YES and NO buttons. Depending on the placement of the pop-up, it may be quicker to click the NO button rather than clicking on the X.

5. Close 2 or more windows at the same time if possible. Sometimes the GO button stays visible long enough for two or more of the larger pop-ups to open. If this happens, when you go to click on the X, click multiple times quickly. This will close them all at one time, and much quicker, I might add.

6. You may want to just move the pop-up. Sometimes it’s quicker to just move the pop-up to the side or the bottom as quickly as possible, rather than trying to seek out the X. Try to always keep in mind that your goal is to get back to the GO buttons as quickly as possible, otherwise you’ll see the game over all too soon.


Now we will change our focus to the more advanced game hints. These are the hints you just can’t live without. I can just hear the cries of “Thank you!” now.

The Standard game hints really didn’t take much thought. They are pretty well known and pretty much common sense. Although we tend to think the advanced hints are common sense also, these hints are those which may not come to your mind quite so easily. Please take a moment to consider the following advanced game hints for Advert Attack:


1) Do NOT play Advert Attack if you have high blood pressure. This game can, and will, send your blood pressure through the roof.

2) Remove all breakable objects from your home prior to playing Advert Attack. (Especially if you are in anger management)

3) Send the children to grandma’s for a week prior to playing Advert Attack. This will help your children to avoid the hazards of YOU playing this game.

4) Remove all sharp kitchen objects and hunting gear from your home prior to playing this game. You may want to be sure they are locked up and you do NOT have the key. This will help your computer to avoid ….. er accidents??

5) Have plenty of comfort foods handy. (MMmmm chocolate)

6) Have a pillow handy, into which you may scream when necessary. (People have been known to need a back-up pillow due to overuse)

7) Do NOT have any pets within throwing or kicking distance. Afterall, we do not condone animal abuse.

8) Have your psychiatrist’s number on speed dial. This particular game hint is of utmost importance. We find that many people use this one.

9) Refrain from the use of bad words. You may want to keep a bar of soap handy so you can wash your mouth out when you slip.

10) Replace your current wallpaper with rubber padding. Do I really need to explain why this is important?


If all else fails, the following formula will guarantee success.

a) Visit the Neopets office

b) Duct tape Adam to a chair

c) Beat Adam with a wet noodle

d) Make HIM play Advert Attack for 24 straight hours


If you have not realized this yet, the advanced tips will NOT help you get the avatar. However, they may help you to retain your sanity and at the very least, relieve the stress of playing it. Especially that last tip (hehehe).

In summary, it is our (kittykastle2002 and myself) belief that Advert Attack should carry the following warning:

WARNING: This game may be hazardous to your mental health. There are ways to plan ahead. Such as, join an anger management group, get on a well known diet (this will help with those prone to comfort foods), have a fresh roll of duct tape handy and also plenty of good soundproof pillows, or start your own Advert Attack survivors group. Since it has been known to raise blood pressure, those with high blood pressure should not play Advert Attack. However if you feel compelled to play it, be sure to have plenty of your BP prescription on hand. You may also want to invest in the book Quitting Advert Attack.

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