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The Morning Paper

by applefaerie99


      J eronie the blue Yurble was reading the large ad in the morning paper. Jeronie called over to her roommate, "Horeseay, listen to this, the grooming shop is having a hair stylist in their beauty salon next week for free consultations. If you decide to have it cut and styled like they recommend, it is all on sale. I have always wanted to have my hair styled by a specialist. Maybe I will get a whole new look." I went on, "what do you think?"

      Horeseay looked at me over the sports pages, "If that's what you want, go ahead. I hope it's nothing too far out."

      When I stopped by for an appointment, I found out they were filled up and had to settle for a place on the waiting list. I remembered back to another incident years ago when I received a free "hairdo" and it made me laugh thinking about it.

      At the time we had been in our new home in Neopia Central only a few years.

      My younger sister, Cami and her roommate had recently moved to Roo Island where she taught math. We really enjoyed being able to get together often.

      "Come over for the weekend," Cami had written in a note to me, "I found a great place where we can get our hair done on Saturday morning and it doesn't cost anything!"

      At that time having our hair done at a beauty salon was a special treat, reserved only for special events. So we were ready early Saturday morning when we walked to town for our free beauty services.

      The shop was a large beauty college and the services were free on a Saturday morning because the newer students were let loose that day to practice their new skills.

      It was something to see! The many customers sat in chairs along the walls and waited their turn to be called. "Next, next," the Neopet in charge called loudly, quickly handing each of us a towel as we filed by with our nervous student stylist. "Next, next," she repeated as she hurried everyone in. I thought of bolting for the door but since I wasn't having my hair cut, only styled, I decided to stay and see what happened. What could it hurt?

      I presented a real challenge for my shaky little student, with my rather long and thick hair. The bouffant hairstyle was "in" at that time, so that was my choice for the day.

      My sister, Cami waved to me and grinned as we passed each other coming back from the shampoo bowl. She had a very chatty, self-assured student and with Camis hair being thinner she should do well, I thought.

      My student operator could not figure out what to do with all my hair. It took so many rollers she had to borrow more from another student. Finally, they were all rolled and secured and I was under the dryer.

      Then for the comb out, another challenge! She brushed and teased my thick long hair. I soon began to look like a huge bobblehead. Spraying, brushing, and more teasing, she managed to complete her assignment and called the supervisor over for approval. The student had put in so much effort to carry out what she had thought was great. I had to answer, "very nice," as the supervisor looked it all over and asked how I liked it. Privately, I was thinking, "Where can I find a scarf to tie over the whole thing and pull it back down?" I was convinced the bouffant was not for me. Cami also had her hair teased, but nothing like mine.

      As I was leaving the beauty college, I had to bend down to get my hair through the door. As soon as we rounded the corner we both started laughing until we reached her house. Camis roommate also had a good laugh, as she said, "I didn't recognize you two, what happened?"

      We were all howling. "Quick, find me a scarf before I float away!"

      A scarf was located and the bouffant pulled in on all sides 4 to 6 inches, then anchored securely under my chin. Still, later that day while riding the merry-go-round, it felt like the wind would catch that pile of hair on top and carry me way up, up, and away. I hung on with both arms.

      All these many years later, it still makes me laugh!

      The next morning, I was again reading the morning paper. There was an ad from the clothing shop, they were having a surprise bag sale. For only 1000 Neopoints you get a grab bag with random items. Until you buy and open you don't know what you will get.

      I asked my roommate Horeseay, who was once again reading the sports pages, if he would be interested in joining me for a day of shopping. He grunted, but nothing I could understand came out of his mouth. I said, "there may be sports jerseys or something in one of them."

      Horeseay looked over the paper, "well maybe I could come along," he said.

      We purchased 4 bags. The first one was beach volleyball socks and blue summer Shoyru shoes. "Well, those won't look very good on me," laughed Horeseay.

      "Well, they will make a good present for someone," said Jeronie.

      The second bag contained both a vintage Darigan Altador Cup jersey and a vintage Haunted Woods Altador Cup jersey. Horeseay exclaimed, "I hit the jackpot!"

      The third bag held an Admiral Yurble hat and wig along with a 20% discount coupon to use on any or all the following matching items: Admiral Yurble jacket, Admiral Yurble shoes, Admiral Yurble telescope, and Admiral Yurble trousers. "I will definitely be taking advantage of that, and get a whole new set of clothes," said Jeronie.

      In the last one, there were dark faerie wings. I laughed out loud and Horeseay looked at me, and asked, "what is so funny?" I was thinking about the time my younger sister and I decided to attend the Faerie Festival. We had somehow gotten the idea that you were supposed to dress up as a Faerie. Cami was dressed up as the Fountain Faerie. We had died her hair with aqua color streaks. She had such a hard time walking in that outfit!

      I chose the Dark Faerie and my wings were so large they kept getting caught on people. I bumped into someone holding a Lupe snow cone. I thought for sure they would be mad at me for making them spill some of that yummy blue snow. They turned around annoyed, but then backed up wide-eyed and said, it is fine. I wonder if that was the Dark Faerie look that made their eyes so big! Amazingly, most Neopets were not laughing at us, but applauding us, even though we were quite embarrassed to be the only two dressed up.

      A thought came into my head and I said to Horeseay, "I can get my old Dark Faerie wings out of the closet, then both of us can have a pair, and we can go to the upcoming Faerie Festival both dressed up as the Dark Faerie."

      Horeseay said with a laugh, "You are crazy to want to do that again."

      When we finally got home that night, I started wondering what in the newspaper would make me start reminiscing tomorrow.


      The End.

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