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The 10 Most Challenging Neopets

by eleventh_muse


Have you ever wondered what type of pets might be the most challenging in Neopia to own?

Whether you are new and looking to conquer the challenge of challenges or an old hand at Neopets who wants to tackle the unique troubles of living with a truly difficult Neopet, this list is sure to provide you some excellent ideas of pets which fit the bill. Bear in mind that these pets do take an experienced, or at least brave, hand; therefore, I, the writer, can take no personal responsibility for what happens if you should choose to bring home one of these top ten toughest pets in Neopia.

I will add, though, that though these pets may be challenging, they certainly have their fans — and rightfully so! Challenging though they may be, each pet on this list also has plenty of excellent characteristics that make them great pets as well. After all, there has to be a reason you’re here reading this article instead of doing a hundred other things in Neopia, right. So you must be looking for a challenge!

10. The Vandagyre

You might be surprised to learn that Neopia’s most recent addition actually makes this list. After all, Vandagyres are cute, right? I’ve always thought they looked like a grown up version of a petpet, and I liked that because it was unique. However, the newness and uniqueness poses a challenge for some Vandagyre owners in the way of fashion. Since outfits are not made retroactive, Vandagyres, like unconverted pets and certain painted pets, can be difficult to cloth and accessorize. Imagine finding just the right look for your pet and realizing one or more of those items are too old and can’t be worn by a Vandyre! As someone who loves customizing my pets, this can be a real challenge. However, dedicated owners need not be afraid, because there are some beautiful pieces of clothing available that do fit!

9. The Peophin

How on Neopia could the Peophin make the list of most challenging pets, you ask. If you’re scratching your head right now, you only need to refer to the information about Peophins to understand why they have rightfully earned a place on this list. While Peophins are sweet creatures, their shyness can make it very difficult to integrate them into an already extant neopet family. (And if you don’t already have a neopet family, what are you doing reading this article? Check out the create-a-pet or the Neopian Pound to bring home a new baby right away!) It can also be difficult if you choose a Peophin as your first pet because they often interact best with their own kind. Your Peophin may find himself or herself left out of the fun and antics of the rest of your Neopian family unless you bring home a second Peophin for him or her to play with. The necessity of either owning two Peophins or, alternatively, spending considerable time helping your Peophin integrate into your family means they can be challenging pets. Nevertheless, Peophins are sweet and lovable if you are prepared for a time-consuming pet.

8. The Meerca

These little long tailed bits of fluff and naughtiness come in at number eight on the list because they are fast, agile, and extremely had to keep ahold of. Turn your head away for a second and your Meerca is up and out of its current location. Many a Neopian has lost a valuable Meerca and taken days to find them because of this. Likewise, Meercas are rather small, making them the ultimate champions of hide-and-go-seek. When a Meerca doesn’t want to be found, any Neopian will have a hard time keeping up with them, let alone grabbing them! Your Meerca will be an energetic pet as well and require a commitment to exercising and providing lots of different outlets for all of that energy. Don’t forget about the constant supervision either; a bored Meerca is all the more likely to head for the trees at the first sign of something interesting. Meercas, however, are of a handy size and, if you are a very active Neopian, they might be the right pet for you.

7. The Bori

Reader, you do know what the word bore means, right? No, I’m not talking about the feeling I hope you aren’t feeling reading this article! I’m talking about to make holes in something. Doesn’t that word suspiciously sound like Bori? Well, that isn’t an accident. Bori are Neopets that absolutely love to dig. They have sharp claws, strong paws, and a body meant to be able to dig quick holes in a short period of time. Now, if your goal is to dig a hole to Shenkuu, then this is an ideal pet. However if you — oh dear — was that a bottomless pit which just appeared in your Neogarden? I’ll try to retrieve the little guy. I will say, if you can provide a Bori with ample space to dig that isn’t digging up all of your plants, he or she may be the perfect pet.

6. The Poogle

The first challenge in obtaining a Poogle for your very own is that these are limited edition pets. Nowadays, it may be easier to come by Poogle morphing potions than it once was, but it still takes more effort and dedication than obtaining a non-LE pet. Poogles are also said to be extremely stubborn, and they are right. I can personally weigh in on this issue; my Poogle is absolutely the most stubborn and outspoken of any of my pets. Because of their stubborn nature, Poogles can be difficult to train. Additionally, Poogles are known to have sharp teeth, and they will bite if they’re irritated enough. However, for experienced pet trainers or those who find stubbornness lovable, Poogles are perfect.

5. The Pteri

The cute little birdie is on the list? Absolutely! Pteris are known troublemakers. They enjoy playing tricks on anyone who happens to be passing by — which can include their owners and Neopet siblings! Often, because of their intelligence, Pteris are able to come up with positively genius pranks. If this delights you, a Pteri might be for you — just make sure the joke isn’t on you. One other thing to consider before choosing a Pteri is that they do tend to be rather noisy pets. If you live in a crowded building in Faerieland, for instance, your neighbors might not be endeared to your squawking pet. Albeit, plenty of treats, interactive toys, and other Neopets to play with can keep your Pteri under control.

4. The Kiko

Like the Poogle, the Kiko is another limited edition Neopet. However, Kikos are even harder to obtain. At present writing, only the green Kiko morphing potion is buyable from user shops; it falls in the range of eighty to ninety thousand neopoints. All other Kiko morphing potions are significantly more expensive. However, if you’re a determined saver or can visit the site on Kiko day, obtaining a Kiko may be doable for you. The other difficulty about owning a Kiko is that they are, by description, the only Neopet that requires a specific habitat. Kikos prefer an amphibious habitat, and being near water is vital to them when they are young. If you also love water, the Kiko is an ideal pet despite their unique challenges.

3. The Tonu

Neopian Lore tells us that Tonus hatched out of gigantic eggs of some unknown monster. That, in and of itself, is enough to make most sensible Neopians run for the hills. After all, if you don’t know what kind of thing laid the eggs… If that isn’t enough to earn the Tonu a place on the most challenging list, consider this: a Tonu’s favorite entertainment is to charge full speed ahead and cause mayhem by knocking over whatever gets in the way. You’ll need to plan on having a very study fence around your Neogarden if you intend on having a Tonu! However, many Neopians find the Tonus antics entertaining and cute and can overlook the challenges which come with having a small monster who likes crashing into things running about.

2. The Jetsam

By the descriptions of Neopets, we know that Jetsams are often not friendly. In fact, they can range from grumpy to downright vicious. Jetsams won’t put up with being treated in anything less than a dignified fashion. Additionally, because Jetsams can be grumpy, getting the chance to befriend one can be extremely difficult. However, if you’re patient enough to manage to befriend a Jetsam, you’ll have an extremely loyal friend for life. Jetsams are most certainly single Neopian pets who bond with just one person. Once a Jetsam has bonded with you, though, he or she will be outspoken in protecting you with both word and, if necessary, tooth.

1. The Grarrl

I’m sure you’ve been anxious to see what I consider to be the most difficult Neopet to own, and you need to wait no longer. The Grarrl has rightfully earned its place as the most difficult pet in Neopia. The Grarrl makes a sound just like its name — a very loud, long growl. They have extremely powerful mouths with jaws able to crunch extremely strong things — even metal and rocks. In fact, Grarrls have more bite pressure per square inch than any other pet. Those chompers are definitely something to look out for. Grarrls are extremely stubborn as well. Pets this large need considerable training to keep them from tearing things up inadvertently or harming other pets when they are angry or excited. However, one of the biggest challenges in owning a Grarrl is their tendency to eat just about anything. Between their insensitive taste palette and their extremely strong jaws, anything in your inventory might be fair game for your Grarrl’s lunch. However, if you can remember to keep your Grarrl full and your valuables locked away and you want the most challenging pet in Neopia, the Grarrl is most certainly the pet for you.

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