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Never Give Up!

by extreme_butterfly


      Ollie the blue Pteri loved the fact that he could fly. It was a trait that wasn't out of the ordinary around Neopia, because a lot of pets and of course the Faeries could fly. However, Ollie was different.

      When Ollie was a baby Pteri, he was really curious and liked exploring.His parents would often find him just randomly flying in circles around their Neogarden.

      Once he had learned to fly, he was unstoppable.

      A few days after he first learned to fly, Ollie grew bored of his same old flying route. He decided he would change it and explore a bit more. As he flew off, he noticed all the lovely scenery below him. It was beautiful!

      During his flying, he managed to fly into the Haunted woods. It was such a dark and spooky place. Every noise that he heard startled him. There was glowing eyes in every corner and he realized he was lost. He knew he had to keep flying to find his way back home.

      While he was flying, he wasn't paying attention when he heard a noise behind him, he turned to look behind him and he ran into a tree branch.

      Ollie fell to the ground and looked at his wing. He noticed that it was broken.

      Alone and scared, he crawled and sat against the tree that he had hit unsure of what he was going to do.

      Ollie was in pain but through his tears he managed to all asleep. When he opened his eyes, he was at the healing springs.

      "Good! You're awake!" The healing Faerie said.

      "How did I get here? My wings, are they ok?"

      "I did the best that I could. Unfortunately, I couldn't heal it all the way. It will still have a hole in it and you're flying will be slower, but you will be fine! You're parents are on their way to get you. Fyora knows them, and contacted them after she found you."

      "My flying will be slower?"

      "Yes, I'm sorry! I've used so much magic from the springs today from all the sick pets and those who were injured in the battledome. The magic hadn't fully restored and I used the last it had on you. If I didn't heal you when I did, you wouldn't have been able to fly at all"

      "Oh! Thank you so much!" Ollie said as he hugged the Faerie.

      They continued to chat until his parents arrived.

      A few years later, Ollie decided that he wanted to enter the Pteri flying competition that happens every year.

      One day, while he was training, a Darigan Pteri flew beside him and pointed at his wing.

      "What happened to you?"

      "It happened when I was baby."

      "Was a baby? You mean you're still not?" The Darigan Pteri laughed.

      "No, I'm training for the current race! It's my dream to win this race one day!"

      "Sorry, but you better keep on dreaming, because that is the only way you're going to beat me! I'm the six time champion!" He said.

      "That's great! Congratulations! Maybe, one day, I can have that many wins!"

      "I doubt it. In order for that to happen, I would have to lose. You're way to slow to ever beat me." The Darigan Pteri said as he flew away.

      Ollie stopped and watched as the Darigan flew away. He was quick, a lot faster than he was. He flew down onto the ground and began to cry.

      The words the Pteri with the perfect flawless wings had said to him, kept replaying in his head and he began to cry.

      Was he wrong for wanting to compete in a race against the others?

      Was he fast enough to even be considered for the race?

      Questions kept going through his mind as his sobbing got worse.

      Fyora was flying by when she heard sobbing. She noticed it was the young Pteri she saw a few years ago.

      "Hey, what's wrong?" She asked as she flew down beside him.

      "Nothing. It's nothing."

      "Well, it has to be something or you wouldn't be crying!"

      "It's just, I have this dream of winning the Pteri flying championship. However, due to my curiosity when I was a baby, my wing won't let me." Ollie sighed.

      "I remember that day. I was the one who took you to the healing springs."

      "Oh yeah! I don't remember you taking me, but I do remember the healing Faerie telling me you brought me there.

      "Thank you Fyora. I don't know how to repay you."

      "You know what I saw that day I found you?" Fyora asked.

      "A injured Pteri?"

      "No. Well, yes, but besides that. I saw a brave little Pteri who obviously loved to fly. I saw a bright future ahead of you and very ambitious Pteri who doesn't give up."

      "Wow, you saw all that?" Ollie asked shockingly.

      "Yes! Now, you get back up and continue your training. If you want to repay me, you go enter that race and you do the best you can. Because that is who you are!"

      Ollie continued training for months after the conversation with Fyora.

      On the day of the competition, Ollie started beside the Darigan Pteri.

      As the race began, the Darigan had a big lead on Ollie. He was calling back behind him calling Ollie names and teasing him about his wing. While he wasn't paying attention, he flew into a tree branch. The Darigan got knocked onto the ground.

      Ollie flew past the Darigan. He was finally in the lead! However, he heard the sobs coming from the injured Pteri and had a flashback of what happened to him. Ollie turned around and flew down to the Darigan.

      "What are you doing?" He asked confused.

      "You're injured. I want to help you." Ollie said concerned.

      "Why do you want to help me? I made fun of you!."

      "Because I've been in your shoes, except when I was injured, I was alone and scared. There will be other races, we have to get you help."

      Fyora flew down beside them.

      "It's ok, I got him! You go finish the race!" Fyora said.

      "No, I want to make sure he is ok."

      "Thank you, and I'm sorry for being so mean to you. I was jealous because you are so much braver and ambitious than me. I want you to go back and win this race! You can still catch up! Go! I'm ok, this is your dream!"

      "I don't think I can. My wing will not let me catch up. I can finish the race,but winning it is out."

      "No it's not! Go! You can do this! Go!"

      Ollie hugged Fyora and the Darigan and flew back up to continue the race.

      He flew as fast as his wings could carry him. He heard the crowd cheering his name, along with Fyora and his new found friend, the Darigan Pteri.

      Ollie ended up winning the race. He won so much more than that, he learned to never give up. no matter what his flaws were. There were those who believed in him and that made winning the race and the trophy that much meaningful.

      The End.

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