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Throwing A Spooky Gourmet Party

by emberfusion


The time of year is upon us to see who can throw the spookiest, most bone chilling party of the year. You have sent the invitations, the decorations are ready to be put up, but what about food? Yikes! The food is the most important part, but don’t worry! We have scoured Neopia for the spookiest gourmet foods we could find and we have assembled the perfect menu to keep your party guests screaming for more!

    What better way to prepare for your spooky gourmet party than by using this menu we have already put together for you? It features a variety of spooky gourmet foods for every course! We have your appetizers, main dish, side dishes, beverages, and desserts already planned out!


What is that lovely, wonderful, and awesome smell coming from the kitchen? Tantalizing the senses and making one's mouth water. Could it be an appetizer to start the meal? We will start out with some roast lizard eggs to definitely whet the palette and get things going at the party. They’re crunchy yet slimy at the same time! Another way to get the stomach rumbling for the main dish is with some deep fried ghosts. We catch the ghosts using our patented ghost nets, batter them, and deep fry them for a hot, crispy treat! If it’s something green you’re after, try a bite of our blumaroo tail salad extravaganza! Made from only the finest blumaroo tails and carefully crafted to have loads flavor in every spooky bite. Are you hungry yet for the main dish? I sure hope you are because I am!

    Main Dish

The main dish is the star of the show, so why not treat yourself to a large serving of intesteen casserole? The cheesy classic has become a staple at spooky dinners all around Neopia. If you are looking for something with a little more protein, why not try out the stuff? Made from a top secret ingredient, the stuff has a mind of its own and is the epitome of spooky gourmet food. Or maybe our boiled lizard stew is just what you need to warm you up on a chilly night. Only the tastiest lizards are added to this stew, which are then boiled during the full moon; that combined with a myriad of herbs and spices makes for the most amazing stew you could imagine.

    Side Dishes

You can’t eat your main dish alone! Be sure to grab one of these spooky side dishes to go with it. Maybe you would like to feast upon a twice-baked spiked potato (be careful, it’s sharp!) or how about one of our apple lanterns? No? Then I suggest you grab a bit of the ever delicious cole slaughter. Crisp, cool, and eerie, the cole slaughter pairs well with any meal. If you are looking for something on the lighter side, apple lanterns are a good choice. Not only do they taste great and look positively menacing, but they also double as a fantastic light source.


After all that food, you really must be ready for something cold to go down the hatch! Beverages can also be hot, such as the coffee of the dead. It's a bit of a thick coffee, but it certainly does the job of perking one right up and aiding in the digestion of all the food you have been eating! Or perhaps you want something cold to go with you entire meal? Might I suggest the hovering haunted milk. It will give a nice 'chill' down your spine every time you take a drink from it (or make the hair stand on the back of your neck). If you’re looking for something a little fizzy, try out the fright pop! A favorite of many that really helps to wash down any gooey strands of food hanging about.


Dessert time is the last part of the meal, and in my opinion, the best. You have so many yummy, delicious, and sugary foods to choose from! For example, a personal favorite of mine are the spyder muffins. Chocolate, sugar, and freshly caught spyders all mixed into one? You honestly can not beat all that sweet, crunchy goodness in your mouth. Or better yet, the pink spooky floss. A scream is guaranteed in every bite. How do they get the screams you ask? They take screams from neopets and mix them in with pink cotton floss to make a lovely little treat that screams (don’t worry, it’s all voluntary).

    Following our menu is guaranteed to have your guests coming back every year. From roast lizard eggs all the way to spyder muffins, you can’t go wrong. There is nothing about this menu that your guests will not like!

If you want to change it up from year to year or if you just want to substitute a few of our menu items for something a little different, be sure to check out the list below of all the spooky gourmet foods Neopia has to offer (already sorted into appetizers, main dishes, side dishes, beverages, and desserts).


  • Bat Kebab
  • Blumaroo Tail Salad Extravaganza
  • Chilled Eyes with Clam Sauce
  • Crunchy Snotball
  • Deep Fried Ghosts
  • Grundo Toe Lint
  • Horror Doeuvres
  • Intestines and Marinara
  • Mouldy Cheese
  • Roast Lizard Eggs
  • Spooky Handwich
  • Wing of Korbat
Main Dish

  • Boiled Lizard Stew
  • Droolik Surprise
  • Gorerito
  • Hair Stuffed Maggot
  • Intesteen Casserole
  • Korbat Wing Soup
  • Lizarkagna
  • Meatloathe
  • Parts on a Pizza
  • Rest in Pea Soup
  • Rest in Peace of Chicken
  • Spaghetti and Brains
  • Spooky Ghostbeef
  • The Stuff
  • Turkey Monster
Side Dishes

  • Apple Lantern
  • Cannibalistic Pumpkin
  • Cole Slaughter
  • Deviled Eggs
  • Eerie Eggs
  • Crypt Crisps
  • Gnome Shroom
  • Pink Apple Lantern
  • Pumpkin Scoopings
  • Runny Snot
  • Spyder Eggs
  • Twice-Baked Spiked Potato

  • Cadaverous Cola
  • Coffee of the Dead
  • Fright Pop
  • Haunted Milk

  • Angry Marshmallows
  • Army of Undead Cupcakes
  • Bloopcream
  • Blooppop
  • Chocolate Coated Eye
  • Coco Pumpkin
  • Disgruntled Candy Corn
  • Ghost Marshmallows
  • Ghost Puff
  • Halloween Candy Cane
  • Jelly Finger
  • Jelly Spider Eyeball
  • Meerca Pie
  • Millipede Lollypop
  • Pink Spooky Floss
  • Pink Spooky Ice Cream
  • Pink Spooky Popcorn
  • Psimouse Cake
  • Quiggle Pie
  • Raspberry Ghostkerchief Jelly
  • Snorkle Pudding
  • Spoooky Muffin
  • Spyder Muffins
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