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Edna's Cosplay

by krispykritter6


Edna the Witch. Oh Edna. Whether you love or hate her, Edna is a well-known character around Neopia. She is most famous for her quests, and also commonly associated with Halloween because of the way she looks and where she lives. Even though, as the Neopedia says, she’s “older than mouldy cheese”, she deserves to have some fun once in a while and act like a young Neopian again. Naturally, Edna’s favourite holiday is Halloween. And what does everyone do on Halloween? Dress up in their favourite costume, of course! But there is one small dilemma: what does someone who looks like it’s Halloween all year round, wear on Halloween? Doesn’t the poor ol’ witch deserve to have a costume too?

We know she deals in ‘magic spells and potions’ so maybe she can just whip up a potion that changes her into a fabulous costume! We also know that her spells don’t always work out as planned. Edna could try to gain access to ‘The Laboratory’ ray for one day and hope for one lucky zap to change her into something spectacular. But we have a feeling that when she sees the large ray pointing at her and firing up, she will realize there are better ways to go about it.

Since she’s not feeling brave enough to give the lab ray a try, there are thousands of possible costume ideas in Neopia for her to use. She seems to have cast a spell on her Quick-Change Costume Chest and there appears to be a never ending supply of ‘any item in Neopia’ for her to choose from! This should be fun – let’s see what creative ideas we can come up with. Here is a list of our thirteen favourite costume ideas for our favourite witch in all of Neopia. Why 13? Because it’s the spookiest number, of course!

    1. A super model. Yes that’s right. The Neopedia claims that Edna “hopes to be a super model, as soon as she finds the right ingredients for that potion”. Halloween is the perfect opportunity for her to test it out for a day and see what life would be like. Since she still hasn’t mastered her magic potion, she should pick up a copy of How to be a Model to get some tips on how to act the part. She can put on a pair of Fashionable Magenta Trousers with a Sparkly Golden Shirt, topped off with a pair of new Sparkly Bow Shoes. When she heads out for Halloween night in Neopia she will look and feel totally glam!

2. A ghost. What’s funnier than a witch dressed as a ghost? If she’s lucky maybe she can find a Ghostly Sheet Costume to wear. That costume will give anyone a good scare! If the Pant Devil somehow steals it, she can always use the sheets from her Sheet Covered Sofa or Sheet Covered Table. Simply cut out two holes out for her eyes, and voila! Either one would really provide Edna with a memorable experience. Think of all the Neopians she could trick! Nobody would ever suspect a witch was under there.

3. A mummy. A classic traditional costume. Edna can achieve this look by getting several Mummy Bandage Balls and unravelling them to wrap around her body, until she’s fully covered up beyond recognition. That sounds like a whole lot of work, but the results would be so worth it. If she runs out of bandage balls, there is always plenty of spare toilet paper wrapped around her house left by Neopians angry that she hasn’t given them her secret avatar.

4. Dr. Sloth Halloween Costume. Okay, so there isn’t a lot of effort needed for this costume, Edna just slips it on and becomes the evil Dr. Sloth. She should be careful though, as Sloth would not be too pleased to see someone impersonating him. Although, it might be really funny to see his reaction, as he would probably think he was looking in a mirror. She could have some fun with that! No, too risky. As long as Sloth himself doesn't find her, it should be a good night.

5. A clown. What a great idea! A witch is considered mean and evil, and a clown is the exact opposite…. making this a perfect costume choice for Edna. She must get her hands on a Chia Clown Wig to pull this off. She will need a few coats of White Face Powder, and lots of Red Lipstick on her nose. There are a few outfits to choose from, but we really like the way Clown Scorchio Trousers and Shoes look.

6. A doll. Edna can slip on a Koi Rag Doll Dress, Koi Rag Doll Apron, and Koi Rag Doll Wig. Once she pops in a set of Big Doll Eyes Contacts, she will be totally transformed. To further enhance the look she can slather on some Stitched Doll Face Paint. If she wants to spook it up, she should add some Nightmare Doll Face Paint instead.

7. A magician. Edna already knows how to cast spells, and that’s sort of magical, so this one isn’t a far stretch. She will have no trouble acting like a magician, she just needs help looking like one. To go with a more traditional look, we recommend the Eyrie Magician Hat and Cape. She just needs to wave around a magic wand all night and abracadabra – we have a magician!

8. A meepit. A very spooky petpet, the meepit is a great choice. It’s also an easy costume to pull together. The Meepit Costume Pack gives Edna a suit, shoes, headpiece and gloves to fully transform her. Those big staring eyes are so creepy!!

9. A faerie. The possible options are endless here, but we like the challenge of pulling off the opposite of her current ‘evil witch’ look, and turning Edna into the Faerie Queen. It might be hard to pull off, but the Lavender Faerietale Dress beautifully paired with Faerie Queen Wings will do just the trick. Finish off the look with some fancy Purple and Glitter Makeup. She can enjoy one night relaxing, smiling and being nice to everyone.

10. A skeleton. Edna already has old, bony hands. She can cover the rest of herself in Halloween Eyrie Skeleton Body Paint, and top it off with a Skeleton Mohawk for some extra pizzazz. She will be a hit! No bones about it.

11. A princess. An adorable Princess Hat would fit perfectly – Edna is already used to wearing something pointy on top of her head, so she’d be quite comfortable in this. She can get all decked out in a Shining Princess Dress and Shining Princess Shoes, but wait… it seems that a spell has been cast! When the clock strikes midnight, she will immediately look like a witch again.

12. A dancer. Edna can wear a Colourful Female Hissi Dancer Dress and use her spell-making powers to actually have a hissi follow her every command. That would be really convincing! If she feels like being a bit daintier for a day, she can put on a pair of Sparkly Rainbow Ballet Shoes instead.

13. A meowclops. What better for Edna to dress up as than her very own pet? This Halloween they can have matching outfits! How cute is that? Obviously a Meowclops Mask is a must for this costume. She also needs a pair of Meowclops Claws to go over her dark grey clothing. They will definitely turn heads together.

    If Halloween day arrives and she decides she’d just rather stay home, she can avoid being given a hard time by telling everyone she finally perfected her invisibility potion and went out dressed as an Invisible witch. How are they going to argue? They’ll be none the wiser.

Hopefully not though… as we all know, Edna spends way too much time hiding in her gloomy grey room trying to perfect her spells. It would be really great to see Edna all dressed up and out and about having fun, taking a break from giving out quests for once. She has given away a lot of items to her quest fans, so on this one night we hope she plays a lot of tricks and gets a lot of treats!

So, now that we have Edna sorted out, what are you and your pets going to wear this year?

Happy Halloween!

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